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harry leary bmx action 01 82 january 1982 (shared by Simon 0910 - download)
Harry Leary all kicked out in Pontiac on the cover. Photo by Osborn.
Racing from the NBL Grands in St.Louis, Mo.
IBMXF International Championships from the Pontiac Silverdome.
Kuwahara KZ-2 bike test.
High tech wheel lacing.
Trick How To: X-up kick turn.
harry leary bmx action 02 82 february 1982
greg hill bob woods bmx action 03 82 march 1982
Cover has GT Greg Hill and Mongoose Bob Woods. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Kuwahara/ABA Grand Nationals.
Pepsi/Mongoose Grand Championships.
Testing Mongoongoose Two/Four.
SE/NBA Grand Nationals.
rl osborn bmx action 04 82 april 1982 (scanned by Simon 0603 - download)
One-footed x-up kick turn by RL Osborn on the cover. Photo taken by Oz during filming for "That's Incredible".
Sekai-Premier/ABA Northwest Nationals in Seattle.
Testing Patterson kit.
Coca-Cola/Jag World Championships.
Two-speed trickery.
Top pros speak out: Scott Clark, Greg Hill, Harry Leary, Kevin McNeal, Brent Patterson, Eric Rupe and Stu Thomsen.
BMX Politics 1981.
540 ramp spinner.
Hot shots.
R.L. Osborn and the fearsome fire hoop.

This issue was the first to appear on the newsstands of America blatantly showing off the new BMX Action logo.
scott clark bmx action 05 82 may 1982 (scanned by Allen K and shared by Simon 0902 - download)
Scott Clark exploding out of semi-obscurity, first turn Chandler Winternationals on the cover.
The Corna kid Keven McNeal Tryin' to fegure out what makes his motor run.
Racing: A'me/ABA Winternationals.
Pictorial: Steve Bennett insanity in a skateboard park.
Getting started in Racing.
Freestyle BMX: The flipper by Mike Buff (180 pivot on the front wheel).
Testing: SE Floval Flyer.
Hot shots geriatrics in action.
Turbo Harry Leary team Diamond Back super interview with pictures and center fold.
Bob Haro tells it all and draws all.
Bike test: RED LINE BMX Racing.
Odds and endo: Mike Buff roof drop.
98 pages.
bmx action 06 82 june 1982
Schwinn Sting 20" test, The Houston Superbowl of BMX, Team Diamondback interview.
scott clark rl osborn bmx action 07 82 july 1982 (scanned by Simon 0906 - download)
Scott Clark and R.L. Osborn testing the new Murray X20C on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Racing: Memphis, Miami.
Exclusive test: new Murray X20C.
Greg Hill on training and psyching.
eddie fiola bmx action 08 82 august 1982 (scanned by Simon 0610 - download)
The newly crowned King of Skateparks Eddie Fiola at Lakewood on the cover. From left to right in the background: Bob Morales (in Haro jersey), Denise Barter (sitting in the chair with a nice tan), Woody Itson (the skinny/wimpy lookin' kid with no shirt on), R.L. Osborn (leaning on the judges stand, hidden in Eddie's rear Tuff), Mike Dominguez (hiding behind the announcer's stand), Steve Bennett (MFM shirt), and Fred Blood (the announcer). Photo by Bob Osborn.
Dear Wiz: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and BMX history.
The newly crowned king of skateparks showing you how he won the title.
BMX World Contest: 3rd. annual.
How to build Freestyle ramps.
Testing: Team Mongoose, GT-BMX 24 kit, Profile cranks.
Racing: Vans/NBL war of the stars/ Tucson ect...
98 pages.
toby henderson bmx action 09 82 september 1982 (scanned by Simon 0702 - download)
Toby Henderson and his trusty Hutch 24 on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Dear Wiz. The letter that brought six stars on the cover.
Racing from the NBL World Cup in Knoxville TN.
Looking at all the angles. Frames.
Hot shots with Jeffrey Bottema and Clint Miller.
ABA Springnationals from Morgan Hill, CA.
An interview of Toby Henderson and a test of his Hutch XL24.
A look at a JMC Black Shadow mini that is all tricked out.
Test of a Diamond Back Turbo. Harry Leary replica racer.
How to ramp endo with Mike Buff.
Greg Grubbs.
Handlebar shootout. Handlebar positioning basics.
On the road with team Terrible.
Ads. Vans, Shimano DX, Oakley F1 grip, Sugino, Suzue, Champion, Kuwahara, Supergoose by Mongoose, Vector, Profile, Ukai, Haro, Tioga Comp 3, ...
stu thomsen andy patterson jeff ruminer bmx action 10 82 october 1982 (scanned by Simon 0710 - download)
Stompin Stu Thomsen, Andy Patterson and Jammin Jeff Ruminer on the cover.
It has the ballot for one of the first Nora Cup awards including pictures of some of the sports tops Pros.
NBL Narler Nationals, at Narler Park in Long Beach, sponsored by SE Racing.
Bob Haro drawing.
The test bike is none other than the ET version of the Kuwahara BMX Bike.
1982 Annual Buyers Guide.
Scorpion Super team.
Hot shots: Harry Leary.
108 pages.
greg hill bmx action 11 82 november 1982 (scanned by Simon 0704 - download)
Greg Hill leading a race on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Bike test. Huffy Pro Lightning and Torker 280X.
How to tabletop with Bob Medrano.
Face mask mods.
Tragedy. Dana Duke, Kyle Fleming, Bruce Bunce and Ricky Hemme.
Training tips. Stretching.
IBMXF Huffy World Championships, Dayton, Ohio.
ABA Great Lakes National (Michigan).
Bob Haro bunny hop drawing.
How to hole shot.
Ads. ACS Z-rims, Schwinn Predator, Shimano DX, Redline 600a, Oakley grip, Mongoose, Champion racing products, Sun rims, Suzue, GT, Hutch, Vector bars, Kuwahara ET, JT racing, Team Murray X20R, Profile, Vans, Ukai, Zeronine, Haro, Kashimax, Robinson, Thun, Tioga Comp 3, ...
greg grubbs bmx action 12 82 december 1982 (scanned by Allen K. and shared by Simon 0812 - download)
Greg Grubbs team Redline on cover.
Racing tips for beginners.
Freestyle how to's
Trick Team summer tour.
Redline MX-111 600A test.
NBL grand nationals Pittsburgh, PA.
NBL war of stars Ascot, CA.