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1974 SKIP HESS founded Mongoose and BMX Products in 1974 in a So Cal garage. First product: cast-magnesium MotoMag wheels.

In 1975, Skip was the first to produce a complete BMX-specific bike, equipped with Moto-Mag.
1975 Mongoose catalog: B.M.X. Products proudly introduces the Mongoose. Built with the same precision workmanship and highest quality materials that you would expect from the makers of Motomag.
mongoose motomag
76-77 BMX Products Catalog.
bmx products 1976 catalog
Ad in BMX Action october 1977: Lighter weight, new rigid design for added control. It not only shines, it practically glows. And still the same old price.
1978 In 1978, the hot bike was a Mongoose. Tinker Juarez, Brian Curnell, Jeff Kosmala, Kenny Knachman, and Dan Oakley were the Factory 'Goose squad. All of those guys ripped. It wasn't unusual to see four or five Mongoose riders on the gate for a main. Bobby Encinas (Shimano) and Stanley Robinson (Kings BMX track in Modesto -soon to be factory 'Goose) had been Mongoose mounted for the last couple of years, too.

BMX Action, August 1978: More major races will be won this year on a Mongoose than on any other single brand.

Stu Thomsen and Perry Kramer, both on SE, rode on Mongooses until SE came out with some production bikes
Bike test in BMX Plus! december 1979.
1983 Bicross magazine juillet 1983: Mongoose a choisi Motobécane pour fabriquer sous licence et distribuer ses merveilleuses bécanes volantes.
Supergoose bike test in Super BMX january 1984.
The year 1986 was Mongoose's first in the world of freestyle.

After making the Mongoose line one of the largest names in the bike industry, Skip sold the company in 1986.

Mongoose redesigns an idea popular in the 50's -scooters. Soon scooters will become the rage.
1988 Skip says goodbye to Mongoose.
Skip Hess, the man who started BMX Products, is ready to make a new start in the bicycle world. Skip recently left BMX Products due to differences with the upper management at Service Cycle, the company that bought BMX Products from Skip three years ago, then hired him to run the bicycle business. The word is that Skip has lined up a partner and is planning to start a new bike company to compete with Service Cycle. He's going to call the new company Blue Max, a name he used on at inexpensive line of bikes at BMX Products a few years ago. The word is that Skip's first new bike is going to be an F-1, available around Christmas.
1989 Mongoose kept its freestyle bikes unchanged for 1989, with their Stylist, Decade and Decade Pro carrying the company banner.
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK: The 1991 Hooligan was an instant success, one of the hottest bikes of the year: light, good geometry, good graphics, and strong. It was a joint design project between industry mogul Harold McGoo McGruther and all round top rider Dennis McCoy, and it was built right. Small top tube platform, peg hole mounts in the forks, beefy tubing all round, and even a double ovalised down tube. A black paint job finished off the bike.
1991 mongoose hooligan
The Mongoose Bicycles "Unity Tour" is snaking through California in august, bringing along 1990 King of Street rider Dennis McCoy and 1990 King of Dirt champion Tim "Fuzzy" Hall for shows at select bike shops. Pete Kearney is announcing.
mongoose bmx 1991 catalog
1997 Ride BMX UK october 1996: MONGOOSE have a ton of new bikes for 1997. The freestyle range will now be extended to six bikes, starting from the new SNIPER bike at £209.95 right up to the revamped DMC [£TBA]. The popular VILLAINS are tweaked for '97, as is the HOOLIGAN, and there is another whole new bike in between the Villain and Hooligan called the ROGUE. Also from Mongoose is a brand new jumping bike designed by their long-time racer/jumper FUZZY HALL. The new bike is built from cromoly, has AD lags, fat tubes, and wraparound gussetts at the headtube and BB shell, and it's also got an Aheadset.

Mongoose est de retour en France grâce à l'importateur Eurobell.
1998 TOYS R US.
Mongoose décide de pénétrer le marché grand public et est désormais implanté chez Wal-Mart, grande surface US, ainsi que Toys R Us. Ceci ne fait pas le bonheur des distributeurs classiques.
Ruben Alcantara's pro model.
2007 2007 BMX BIKES
Brawler, Expect, Fraction, Legion, Menace, Mischief, Motivator, Pit, Rogue, Shield, Subject, Supergoose, Villain.
2008 bmx.transworld.net, october 2008: We just got a call from Stevie McCann informing us that he and Simon Tabron were both just let go from their positions on the Mongoose team and TJ Lavin was dropped from Schwinn. It looks like Mongoose may be getting away from having the big contest rider team and could be looking to mix things up with this move.

www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: After Mongoose dropped Steve McCann and Simon Tabron, they picked up JJ Palmere and Mike Rogoish. They are going in a different direction there. Let's see how much TV time these two riders will get them.
Keith Mulligan, http://bmx.transworld.net, february 2012: Another major BMX history lesson via Mark “Lungmustard” Eaton and Bang! Pictures and DH Productions. Any fan of Joe Kid On A Sting-Ray or Stompin’ Stu will enjoy this. And anyone who cares about BMX’s roots and earlier days, and wants to know more about the iconic brands of BMX, will gain knowledge from it. “The true history of Mongoose as told by the people who built it into one of the bike industry’s most iconic brands.”
Byron Friday .... - 1997
Pete Dylewski 1997 - ....
Eric Rupe 1998
Travis Chipres 2000

Ruben Alcantara january 2000: Ruben switched from Huffy to Mongoose - january 2001: Ruben Alcantara has left Mongoose to ride for Jay Miron's company, MacNeil Bikes.

Steve Broderson .... - 1988, Steve left the freestyle team and moved to Oregon to work in a bike shop.

Jason Davies december 1998 - ....

Tim Fuzzy Hall dec89; Fuzzy is definitely off Robinson and now riding for Mongoose

Chris Lashua Mongoose picked up Chris Lashua in 1987.

Steve McCann (.... - october 2008)

Dennis McCoy 1989, DMC is now riding for Mongoose. He negociated whith McGoo immediately following the AFA Masters Finals and is now their one-man team. 1989 - end of 1997

Trevor Meyer 2001 - ....

Karl Rothe 1986 - ....

Simon Tabron (december 2000 - october 2008)

Todd Walkowiak july 2000 Todd quit DK and is now riding for Mongoose.