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eddie fiola rl osborn bmx action 01 86 january 1986 (scanned by Simon John 0801 - download)
Eddie Fiola and R.L. Osborn on the cover. Photo by Windy.
Schwinn-Levi's/NBL Grandnationals at Louisville.
Freestyle How-To: Back Wheel Hops.
Several 24-inch cruisers tested.
The Making of Rad (BMX movie).
billy griggs bmx action 02 86 february 1986 (scanned by Simon John 0605 - download)
The cover is Billy Griggs on his RedLine. Photo by Windy Osborn.
USBA Grandnationals at Dallas, Texas.
How-To: Signature Jumps. The Henderson, the Leary, the Judge.
The End of an Era (BMXA Trick Team disbands)
Action Not Words Pictorial Section. Todd Blaser, Darrell Young, John Hicks, Charles Townsend, Ron Wilkerson, Scott Clark, Chad Henderson, Eddy King, Kevin Hull, Cheri Elliott.
Outtakes. The legend of crazy Nick.
Plus Dear Gork, D.I.R.T, The 'Toon, ...
Ads. Haro Group 1, Odyssey Flying Wedge, GT, CW, Dyno, Redline, Schwinn Predator, Kuwahara, Anlun, ACS, Tioga Comp III, ...
dave cullinan bmx action 03 86 march 1986 (scanned by Simon John 1011 - download)
Dave Cullinan ("Cull'nan the Destroyer") on the cover.
Mongoose/ABA Grandnationals and Pro Spectacular Finals at Oklahoma City.
Testing Haro RS-1 and Schwinn 1/4 Flash.
Plus D.I.R.T. (News and Notes).
'86 NORA Results: NORA goes to Hollywood,
Freestyle How-To's by Martin Aparijo: Cross-Footed Nose Endo and Hip Whip.
george seevers bmx action 04 1986 april 1986 (shared by Simon John 1102 - download)
On the front cover is 11 yr. old "Chicken George" Seevers.
Mind blowing freestyle how to.
How you can get started in racing.
Testing Kuwahara.
mike king bmx action 05 86 may 1986
The cover is Mike King riding for Huffy. The table of contents, Dear Gork, Racing: Hutch-ABA Supernationals/Ascot Raceway, The annual spring equipment, roundup & almanac, Freestyle How to: Arial Lookback, The terrible ten Part II, The Toon, Test: CW Z-750, Exclusive Talk: Greg Hill, Outtakes.
woody itson bmx action 06 86 june 1986 (scanned by Simon John 0711 - download)
On the cover is Woody Itson on his 24 carat gold Hutch Trickstar. Photo by Windy.
Freestyle how-to: small ramp stylin', the Flipper (front wheel 180) by Rich Sigur.
Redline 800p bike test.
ABA Winternationals Scottsdale Arizona.
Local thrashing with SoCal scene. Honda hills, Paks, Lucky's.
Hot shots: Woody Itson.
woody itson martin aparijo bmx action 07 86 july 1986 (scanned by Simon John 0612 - download)
On the cover is Woody Itson and Martin Aparijo. Photo by Windy.
Freestyle tour dates.
Profile NBL War of the Stars Orlando Florida.
GT Interceptor test.
Freestyle How To: the Fingerflip. Ceppie Maes interview.
Gravity Fest IV.
Pete Loncarevich interview.
darrell young bmx action 08 86 august 1986 (scanned by Simon John 0804 - download)
Front cover shows Darrell Young on a Kuwahara.
Feature articles are: USBA Las Vegas, Test Hutch Jr and Lil' Holeshot, Local thrashing Zellwood, Freestyle how to: backwards wheelying made easy.
toby henderson bmx action 09 86 september 1986 (scanned by Simon John 0609 - download)
On the front cover is Toby Henderson the tested Super Viper. Photo by Windy.
Glove shootout: which ones are best for you ?
New breed pros: Todd Slavik, Travis Chipres, Todd Blaser, Richard Fleming, Cody Smart, Spanky Campbell.
ABA Norcal Nationals Stockton.
New Breed Pros,
Diamond Back Super Viper test.
kevin hull bmx action 10 86 october 1986 (scanned by Simon John 0907 - download)
Kevin Hull getting big air off Balboa big curbs on the cover. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Inside, a full color ad for Rad, coverage of the NBL Murray World Cup in Nashville Tennessee, the 1986 Equipment Guide featuring tons of bikes, frames, and accessories, a great collection of full color Dyno ads, an Exclusive Interview with Shawn Texas, ...
glen pavlovsky bmx action 11 1986 november 1986 (scanned by Matt P. and shared by Simon John 0911 - download)
Glenn Pavlovsky of Elf shot by Windy at the Irvine track on the cover.
NBL Southpark.
Raleigh Pro Reflex test with Chris Moeller.
Hot shots: Brian Lopes, Eric Carter.
War of the Stars in Southpark, PA.
Freestyle How To: The SideWinder by Chris Lashua.
bmx action 12 86 december 1986 (scanned by Steven Mitchell 0709 - download)
This is an epic issue. This was the 10th anniversary issue. One highlight is cover, which folds out to reveal ALL the covers of Bicycle Motocross Action to date of publication. Inside there is year-by-year coverage of the sport, an excellent chronology and history. This is probably the best overview of the early years of BMX... all the legendary riders are in here from Stompin' Stu Thompson to Harry Leary to Greg Hill to all the guys and gals who pioneered the sport.