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osborn buff bmx action 01 83 january 1983 (scanned by Simon 0903 - download)
RL Osborn and Mike Buff on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
SE Quadangle bike test and a jump off a house into a pool with Scott Breithaupt.
Bob Beckering.
Interview with Tinker Juarez.
Hot shots: Tracer Finn, John Piant.
Racing in New Jersey.
How to front wheel 360
ABA East Coast National.
Racing tactics.
Readership survey results.
miller bmx action 02 83 volume 8 number 2 - february 1983 (scanned by Simon 0706 - download)
Miller the Driller on the cover. Westminster Elks. Photo by Steve Giberson.
Dia Compe/ABA Fall Nationals.
Hot shots. Mike Buff tabletoppin' a 20-incher during a BMXA Trick Team show.
BMX Bike guide part 1. Champion C-2, Diamond Back Silver Streak, GT Pro, Hutch Pro Racer, Kuwahara Lazer Lite, Mongoose Pro Class, Procraft, Profile Champ Pro, Redline 600a, Ross MX-Time, Torker 280.
Word contest results and dictionnary.
Pedlin' Lee Medlin.
Freestyle advanced kick turns.
Mongoose/NBL IBMXF U.S. Grand Prix.
Odds and endos. Martin Aparijo.
eddie king bmx action 03 83 march 1983 (scanned by Simon 0708 - download)
Eddie King Factory Diamond Back on the cover. Photo by Osborn.
Huffy-ABA Grands, Oklamhoma.
1982 Nora Cup Awards: No1 rider Greg Hill, No1 team Diamond Back and No1 bicycle GT.
BMX bike guide: Bassett Pro, CW ZX, Cycle Pro Bonzai Pro, Huffy Pro-Lightning, Murra X20C, Puch Trak-Pro, Raleigh R600, Scwinn Predator Cr-Mo, Scorpion Chrome SX, SE Racing Quadangle, Traker Pro.
Monoogse Pro Class bike test.
brent patterson toby henderson bmx action 04 83 april 1983 (scanned by Simon 0808 - download)
Brent Patterson and Toby Henderson on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Special feature: BMXA Trick Team.
1982 ABA/JAG World Championships
BIKE TEST: Profile BMX Racing Super Pro and Schwinn Team Predator
SUPER PROFILE: Eddie Fiola, King of the Skateparks.
HOT SHOTS with Tim Tracy (18 years old) doing a 360° BUNNY HOP!
eddie fiola bmx action 05 83 may 1983 (scanned by Simon 0905 - download)
Eddie Fiola workin' out on the Vans half-pipe at the Elsinore race on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Race: ABA Supernationals Elsinore.
Testing: Redline PL-24 AND GT-Pro.
Sidebar: Greg Hill's Machine (A run down of how he has his own GT set up).
Product analysis: MKS Grafight-X Pedals.
Freestylin': Ground Front Wheel 360 by R.L. Osborn.
Profile: Turbo Harry Leary.
Buns Quiz (photo quiz of which racer has what written on their butt).
mike dominguez bmx action 06 83 june 1983 (scanned by Simon - download)
14 year old Michael Domiguez at the skate park on the cover.
Articles include: Official Test for the full-race Kuwahara Lazer Lite - Product Analysis of the first production freestyle frame set from Haro - Profile of the aluminum 24 inch cruiser from Race Inc. - Race article from A'me-ABA Winternational in Chandler, AZ with Greg Hill swooping the Pro Class - Racer Profile of Tommy Brackens - Great coverage of the top pro freestylers - Hot Shot photos of the Mighty Stu.

Scott Freeman, www.vintagebmx.com, september 2007: I started riding when I was 11 years old. It was Summer 1983 and that issue w/ Mike D's one hand one footer had just hit the stands and was SO cool to me. That was and still remains my all time favorite cover ever.
toby henderson bmx action 07 83 july 1983 (scanned by Simon 0807 - download)
Toby Henderson in Memphis on the cover.
Test of the Raleigh R6000, Profile of the innovative Skinner Descender, a custom rear suspension fireroad racer ! Frame review of Vector Components Mark II w/double downtube ! Race articles from Holiday Inn/NBL War of the Stars in Memphis, Interview with Brent and Brian Patterson, How To feature, Build a practice start gate and How to do a rock walk (with Mike Buff on a SE Quadrangle).
harry leary bmx action 08 83 august 1983 (scanned by Simon 0704 - download)
Diamond Back's Harry Leary at Miami on the cover. Photo by Oz.
Huffy NBL "War of the Stars" at Azusa CA.
Bike test of the Hutch Pro Star.
Hutch NBL "War of the Stars" at Miami.
Interview: worlds top amateur, Diamond Back Star Doug Davis.
Freestylin' how to: Front wheel hop with R.L. Osborn.
How to build your upper body.
Hot shots: Billy Griggs.
Products: Mini-goose, Suntour XC pedals, BMXA helmet visor, ...
Finish line: Mike Dominguez.
Ads. ACS, Ukai, Haro, Redline Carrera II, Vector, MKS pedals, Robinson, GJS, Hyper, Pro Craft, CW Racing, Profile, Schwinn Predator, Tuf Neck, AME, Vans, GT, Torker 280, MT Racing Aeropro, Mongoose Pro Class, Hutch, Kuwahara, Sugino, Shimano DX, ...
stu thomsen bmx action 09 83 september 1983 (scanned by Simon 0907 - download)
Stu Thomsen on the cover. Photo by Osborn.
Official test of the Mongoose Californian, Expert and Minigoose.
Analysis of the very trick Mini Diamond Back Turbo Lite Transit System.
NBL-ESPN Pro Series-Miami with Brian Patterson taking honors.
Torker/NBL War of the Stars with Clarence Perry winning Pro Money in Bakersfield, CA.
Interview with Hutchs' Timmy Judge and a "How to do a Judge".
Freestylin': Bunny Hop 360 by Mike Buff.
rich sigur bmx action 10 83 october 1983 - 132 pages (scanned by Simon 0801 - download)
Rich Sigur at Del Mar on the cover. Photo by Oz.
ESPN Pro series in So.Cal - Photos and desciptions of 40 complete bikes, many framesets, forks, stems, cranks, hubs, pedals, grips, clothing, shoes, and more - 84' NORA CUP Ballot with pixs of the top 25 racers of the day - NBL War of the Stars, Carson City with Clint Miller taking A Pro - Kuwahara / ASPA King of the Skate Parks at Del Mar with Eddie Fiola - Murray World Cup in Nashville, Brian Patterson takes the biggest purse to date, 10 G!

Rich Sigur, www.facebook.com, january 2009: I was working at a bike shop at the time when this mag came out. I walked passed it several times before I saw it I flipped to the article to see if I had any pictures inside and saw the black in white. I was so happy I didn't think to look at the cover until some people in the shop pointed it out. I could'nt ride home fast enough that night...
rl osborn bmx action 11 83 november 1983 (scanned by Simon 0701 - download)
R.L. Osborn on the cover. Camera clickery by Bob Osborn.
Official Test for the very sweet Robinson 24 inch Pro Racer.
Product Analysis of the MT Aeropro frameset.
Race articles from GT-NBL War of the Stars, Conroe Texas with Greg Hill taking Pro Money/Pro Trophy.
How To feature, prep your bike to race.
Hutch ad showing all their 84' framesets.
SE Racing's Bubba Hayes interview.

Drawing Contest Results: Andy Jenkins wins the magazine's annual art contest.
S.Brothers, bmxsociety.com, march 2010: This is the winning drawing that got Andy's foot in the door at Wizard. He wrote a letter to Oz after he received the 24" Race Inc. cruiser that was the first place prize and charmed Mr. Osborn's socks off. They offered him the Editor position at Freestylin'. Not bad.
toby henderson lake jump bmx action 12 83 december 1983 (scanned by Simon 0811 - download)
Water jump with Toby Henderson on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Racing from the ESPN Pro Series in Johnstown, PA., Greg Hill era, Complete guide to getting started in racing, Reviews of entry level scoots, Trick Team coverage (Buff & RL), Test feature of the CW Cameretta (very cool lightning downtube), NBL National from South Park in Pittsburgh. test on a Redline BB and ACS cantilever brakes for BMX, Stompin' Stu swoops Pro Cruiser.