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Date: july 15-23,1999
Place: Providence, RI
Sport organizer: Dennis McCoy.

$18.000 for first place in each event. Ryan Nyquist won $18.000 for his first place in dirt, $10.000 for second in street and $2.000 for seventh in vert ! ... Biggest payout in the history of a freestyle event.
Butler probably went higher than anybody in the contest .big giant table 360's over the first set and he tried a superman seat grab 360 over the last set but crashed it. He also did some weird stuff where he would land in a can-can and then take off of the next set in a can-can and x-up out.... Foster did the typical Foster stuff .all kinds of gigantic transfers, big turndown 360's and for his last trick he crashed a 720 which isn't something he normally attempts.... Walkowiak was doing a lot of tech variations on every single set and had four solid runs.... Duncan was doing huge flips over the first set to start out each run.... Doyle pulled a couple of clean double truckdrivers over the last set.... Lavin did a giant superman seat grab from the middle of the first set over to the left and then transferred back to the right doing a tire grab to x-up. He also tailwhipped the road gap and barspun into the corner and then crashed his tailwhip 360 at the end.... Erickson also crashed a tailwhip 360 and was doing superman seat grabs over the first set while looking at the crowd and pulled a decade jump into the turn.... Nyquist was riding awesome. His lowest scoring run of the day included a barspin backflip and a double truckdriver. He also pulled a 720 and just about every other big trick you can think of. dirt course

Gold .Ryan Nyquist
Silver .Todd Walkowiak
Bronze .TJ Lavin

4.Shaun Butler 5.Brian Foster 6.Chris Doyle 7.Chris Duncan 8.Chad Kagy 9.Jerry Bagley 10.Reuel Erickson 11.Andre Ellison 12.Tim "Fuzzy" Hall 13.Josh Stricker 14.Adam Aloise 15.Ryan Brennan 16.Pat Juliff 17.Joey Garcia 18.Scott Wirch 19.Cory Nastazio 20.Mike Parenti
The smorgasborg included hips, a spine, a box, subs, wedges, walls, rails, grind boxes, a bowl and a variety of other elements that make for a good course. Styles as varied as Rooftop's, Mirra's, Nolli's, McMurray's, Kimler's, etc., were all emphasized by the course's seemingly endless options. It made the comp interesting because you could see the riders take their own lines and mix it up as they saw fit. THE RIDING
Osato was so dialed in his first run that it looked like he could hold the lead but his 2nd run kinda fell apart towards the end. He pulled both a 540 nosepick and a tailwhip tailtap... Kimler had some cool original lines including a transfer from the backside of the sub to a short manual over the corner of the sub into the wedge ramp below.... McCoy 360'd off the sub to the wedge and pulled all sorts of stuff on the giant sub: barspin tailtap, fufanu, 540 tailtap, Canadian nosepick, and a 270 revert to headslap rollback ....Escamilla also 360'd off the sub box and fufanued the giant sub and pulled a perfect abubaca on it as well. He also manualed a small rail, and pulled a 180 to fakie down a ledge.... Miron had an awesome first run that included a tailwhip 360 over the spine, invert foot plant on the wall, 540 on the 1/4, and held the lead all the way until his 2nd run where his average score dropped slightly, leaving Dave and Ryan ,who were now tied for the lead, no room for error....Nyquist was Nyquist, jumping everything and doing the most tech jumping variations, flipped the spine, grinded the small rail and manualed the sub box. He also did a barspin to no-handed flip and a 720 over the box....Mirra did a barspin bunny hop transfer over a rail into the wall ride transition. He 360 tail whipped the box and got tons of air over the spine with tricks like a double truckdriver, no handed 360, and a can-can flip.
bmx plus
Dave Voelker
BMX Plus february 2000

Gold .Dave Mirra
Silver .Ryan Nyquist
Bronze .Jay Miron

4.Mike Escamilla 5.Rob Nolli 6.Dennis McCoy 7.Ron Kimler 8.Dave Osato 9.Josh Heino 10.Colin Winkelmann 11.Colin MacKay 12.Chad Kagy 13.Ruben Alcantara 14.Mike Daly 15.Mike Ardelean 16.Chris Shellkopf 17.Tom Haugen 18.Troy McMurray 19.Mike Laird 20.Dave Voelker Shellkopf replaced injured Joey Garcia
Simon knocked the wind out of himself during his 2nd run and his time expired while recovering, but elected to try a 900 anyway and pulled it clean. Thorne didn't ride as well as he had in Prelims (both runs were clean) but still pulled a lot of his tricks..... Nyquist did a ton of barspin variations including a 540..... Nolli rode solid and pulled a burly new lip trick .nosewheelie to barspin in..... Mirra dropped to 6th after a 2nd run that fell apart, but his 1st run was incredible with typical Mirra flow and a barspin 540 thrown in the mix..... DMC cut his eye crashing a 900 in his second run, but got back on to end his run with a flair. Robinson rode two good runs crashing a flair in his first run but pulling it clean in his 2nd run. He had a huge fan club for support..... Parker rode awesome pulling a no-handed 540 and an alley-oop tailwhip, and then came damn close to landing his body varial. He got the Bronze with variations at height... Miron took silver by riding fast and doing burly tricks. His tailwhip 540 looked ridiculously dialed. Bestwick was going huge and doing all sorts of alley-oop variations including a 540. He's added some burliness to his riding with a big tailwhip, double barspins, and a no-handed 540. Both of his runs were really clean and he took the gold. video

Gold .Jamie Bestwick
Silver .Jay Miron
Bronze .John Parker

4. Kevin Robinson 5. Dennis McCoy 6. Dave Mirra 7. Ryan Nyquist 8. Rob Nolli 9. Rick Thorne 10. Simon Tabron 11. Jay Eggleston 12. Jimmy Walker 13. Pat Miller 14. Josh Heino 15. Dave Osato 16. Jim Burgess 17. Zach Shaw 18. Seiji Saito 19. Kevin Gutierrez 20. Jason Davies Shaw replaced injured Leigh Ramsdell and Saito replaced injured Matt Hoffman