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Event: B3 round 3, X-Trials
Date: May 19-21, 2000
Place: St Petersburg, Florida.
The prelims took place the day before and a lot of the people who usually qualify had trouble staying on their bike. This left room for some new names in Saturday's finals.
Simon O'Brien, from Australia, got 9th place with some of the most original switches around. He also did a circle K with his foot under the down tube, standing on the opposite pedal. I think we will have to call that one the "down-under." I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more from Simon in the future.
Canada's Cory Stratychuk dropped all of his smooth rolling switches in his first BS comp of the year for 7th place.
The two X Games spots went to Alex Jumelin and Takashi Ito.
Alex Jumelin did a sweet hang 5 to tomahawk on the grip and a triple decade along with his unique high speed action for 4th place.
Takashi Ito got 3rd with a really consistent run full of tricks like a time machine turbined to inside gliding junk yard back to time machine multiple times.
The top two riders both rode awesome. Trevor Meyer started out with a sick front wheel link that had his turbined crackpacker in the middle. He was also doing a killer new back wheel link, but he wasn't able to nail it in his run.
Nathan Penonzek won his second BS comp in a row and his fifth comp of the year! Nate is a contest machine. He flowed all over the parking lot on his sparkly blue Quamen with stuff like crossfooted hitchhiker whips and a crazy turbined around the bike maneuver. It looks like the year end title is going to be down to the wire between Nathan and Trevor.
STUNTMEN FLAT RESULTS 1-Penonzek Nathan 2-Meyer Trevor 3-Ito Takashi 4-Jumelin Alex 5-Catlow Effraim 6-Rigby Daniel 7-Stratychuk Cory 8-Faris Andrew 9-O'Brien Simon 10-Degroot Chad 11-Smith Day 12-Wilhelm Matt 13-Uno York 14-Tanaka Kotaro 15-Powel Scott 16-Behnke Aaron 17-Cerra Stephen 18-Castillo Ruben 19-Okamura Akira 20-Thomason Art 21-Huffman Bryan 22-Tunney Brian 23-Valin Leif 24-Anderson Patrick 25-King Keith 26-Peters Sean
They changed the vert ramp up a little for the X Trials. Now the roll-in is in the middle of the ramp instead on the side. It allowed for all sorts of gnarly channel tricks. The two vert X Games spots were grabbed by Jay Eggleston and Germany's Stephan Geisler.
Jay Eggleston blasted some huge 540s for 7th place.
Stephen "One Big German" Geisler finished off his final run with a 540 to tailwhip and ended with a toothpick 360 barspin out. He got 6th place.
Dave Mirra was on fire at this contest. His first run was easily the best run of the day. He did superman seat grab over the channel into manual, a huge 540 to no-handed 540 just as high on the other side. Just a few airs later he did a tailwhip to flair to tailwhip! Unfortunately, Dave crashed early in his second run and injured his knee; hopefully it is not serious. However, his first run was so good that he still ended up in 4th place.
The UK's Jamie Bestwick got 3rd place with moves like an un-lookback, a sweet turndown 540, an alley-oop 540, and a superman seat grab.
Simon Tabron rode awesome. He pulled a clean no-handed 540 (which he just learned in Louisville), an alley-oop 540 over the channel, and a perfect 900 ! Simon got a well deserved 2nd place.
Mat Hoffman qualified first and he didn't have any trouble holding on to the lead in the finals. He did a huge front peg grab no-hander, a rocket double bar spin (just making it back on in time), a no-handed to no-footed 540, and double tailwhip! The Condor went for a flair at the end of his run, but he landed flat bottom and blew out his tire. It didn't matter though, Mat took the win hands down and moved into first place on BS year end points. In case you didn't know already, the Condor is back!
STUNTMEN VERT RESULTS 1.Mat Hoffman 2.Simon Tabron 3-Bestwick, Jamie 4-Mirra, Dave 5-McCoy, Dennis 6-Geisler, Stephan 7-Eggleston, Jay 8-Walker, Jimmy 9-Parker, John 10-Thorne, Rick 11-Nolli, Rob 12-Davies, Jason 13-Fanberg, Jeremy 14-Siato, Seiji 15-Kagy, Chad 16-Laird, Mike 17-Miller, Thad 18-Miller, Pat 19-Eglington, Shaun 20-Parks, Danny 21-Brumlow, Dave 22-Gutierrez, Kevin
The two X Games spots in street went to Colin Mackay and Tom Haugen. Colin Mackay qualified in 1st place, but ended up with 5th place after it was all said and done. Colin did a nice whip over the hip, a huge superman seat grab over the box, and a tailwhip tail tap on the mini.
Tom Haugen is what 20 inch bike riding is all about. After he finished his runs in the prelims he rode over to the flatland area and rode flatland until practice for the finals began. Tom went off in the finals. He landed a perfect 360 tailwhip to X-up over the box, a truckdriver over the spine, and a 360 tailwhip over the spine. Mr. Haugen got a well deserved 3rd place.
2nd place went to Dave Osato. Dave had some really original lines. He manualed the hip and then did a bunny hop tailwhip off into the transition. Osato did a nice tailwhip nose pick on the mini and almost pulled a double tailwhip at the end of his run.
Going into this comp, Rob Nolli had two CFB win under his belt and now he has a BS win too. Rob went huge over everything. He did a big tailwhip from the quarter over the gap to the wedge, a no-handed loop on the box, a decade jump, and a 360 tailwhip over the spine. Osato is in the lead for the street title, but it is still going to come down to the finals in Nashville, TN.
STUNTMEN STREET RESULTS 1-Nolli, Rob 2-Osato, Dave 3-Haugen, Tom 4-McCoy, Dennis 5-Mackay, Colin 6-Kimbrough, Seth 7-Bestwick, Jamie 8-Laird, Mike 9-Kimler, Ron 10-Kagy, Chad 11-Wirch, Scott 12-Crisman, Bruce 13-Harrington, Jeff 14-Escamilla, Mike 15-Daly, Mike 16-Alcantara, Ruben 17-Robinson, Kevin 18-Santalucia, Alvaro 19-Fanberg, Jeremy 20-McMurray, Troy 21-Shelkopf, Chris 22-Walker, Jimmy 23-Winklemann, Colin 24-Mirra, Dave 25-Thorne, Rick 26-Ramsdell, Leigh 27-Gutierrez, Kevin