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Right Guard Open
Second stop, Denver, Pepsi Center, July 7-10, 2005.      
press release, july 2005: Ryan Guettler, 21, from Brisbane, AUS, wowed the crowd at the Pepsi Center Friday evening with a flawless run during BMX park finals.  Guettler executed some of the most technical tricks BMX has ever seen and nailed them to perfection. Guettler completed two astounding runs and was in first place after his first run.  He sealed his lead as he improved upon his own leading score.  The trick that cemented his win was a perfect front flip 720 across the box jump backwards. ”This [victory] proves to everyone who thought my win in Louisville was a fluke,” said Guettler.  “Everyone’s been much more hungry for this Tour than other events.  Since I was hurt just last week, I came into this contest just wanting to chill out, but I was so motivated to continue what I had achieved at the first event.” Guettler won with a score of 93.75, proving his domination of the park course. Not only did he finish first at the Right Guard Open, he also was the first place winner at the Panasonic Open in Louisville.  He now leads the Dew Action Sports Tour’s Dew Cup standings with 200 total points through two events.
Finishing in second was Allan Cooke, 23, of Greenville NC, with a score of 89.75.   Cooke finished in seventh place at the Panasonic Open.  He now has a total of 118 points, putting him in second place in the Dew Action Sports Tour’s Dew Cup standings.
Rob Darden, 24, also of Greenville, NC rounds out the top three with a score of 88.75.  Darden finished ninth at the Panasonic Open.  His finish in Denver has moved his current Dew Action Sports Tour standing to fifth place with 102 overall Dew Cup points.
press release: Ryan Guettler, 21 (Brisbane, AUS), won the BMX Dirt competition, just two nights after winning BMX Park, becoming the first Dew Action Sports Tour double discipline winner.  Guettler’s dazzling first run included a backflip, a double tailwhip and finally a 720.  In Guettler’s second run he completed a perfect front flip.  His total score, an average of the best two out of three runs, was 94.88.
“This is unbelievable,” said Guettler.  “I won BMX Park at the Panasonic Open, BMX Park here and now this.  I feel like Superman.  There are so many more events left to go, I am psyched and just need to keep my momentum and stay healthy.”
The BMX Dirt Australian invasion continued with Cameron White, 21 (Canberra, AUS) placing second in the finals with a score of 90.50.  He also was the second place finisher at the Panasonic Open and is currently in second place in the Dew Cup points standings with 150 total points. 
“I am stoked, second in Louisville, second here - what more can you ask for,” said White.  “I am working on my triple tailwhip for Portland and hopefully will nail it there.”
Rounding out the top three was Chris Doyle, 24 (Pittsburgh, PA).  Doyle finished fifth in BMX Dirt at the Panasonic Open, and currently sits in fourth place in the overall Dew Cup points standings with 112 overall points.

Dirt finals results: 1. Guettler Ryan 2. White Cameron 3. Doyle Chris 4. Aitken Mike 5. Bohan Corey 6. Lavin T.J. 7. Gerber Chris 8. Wade Morgan 9. McCann Steven 10. Foster James
press release: Jamie Bestwick, 33, Nottingham, GBR, took first place in the BMX Vert competition Saturday night, to beat out BMX icon Dave Mirra at the Dew Action Sports Tour’s Right Guard Open. Bestwick’s first run included a huge downside flare tailwhip over the channel followed by a 540.  His first-run score of 96.00 allowed Bestwick to bypass his second run and win the competition.  “This is my first Dew Tour stop and I am going to have to win the next three,” said Bestwick.  “I want to win the Dew Cup.  I missed the first event because I had a baby, but I won’t be missing the next three.  This is the first time we have had a legitimate series for fans to follow.  An over-all champion is what we have been missing in our sport.” Bestwick currently sits in fifth place in the overall Dew Cup BMX Vert standings with 100 total points.
Second place finisher, Dave Mirra, 31, Greenville, NC, has dominated the BMX world for years.  Mirra scored a 94.25 in his first run, the higher of his two runs, and the score that would count.  He finished fourth at the Panasonic Open last month, and currently sits in third in the Dew Cup points standings with 130 total points after two events.
Chad Kagy, 26, Gilroy, CA  placed third with a score of 92.75.  Kagy came out of the Panasonic Open with a number two finish.  He currently is in second place in the Dew Cup standings with 138 points.
After two events the top three points holders are separated by only 15 points heading into the Vans Invitational in Portland, OR next month: Kevin Robinson, 145; Chad Kagy, 138; Dave Mirra, 130.

Vert finals results: 1.Jamie Bestwick 2.Dave Mirra 3.Chad Kagy 4.Simon Tabron 5.Dennis McCoy 6.Kevin Robinson 7.John Parker 8.Jay Eggleston 9.Jimmy Walker 10.Jay Miron

Simon Tabron, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: I have just had a pretty crazy week. I tried a turndown 5 into a no handed 5 into a 9 at the Dew tour and overspun a little on the 9. I crashed really hard onto my side and my head breaking a rib in 4 places and breaking my helmet. For some reason, the paramedics at the contest decided that I was stupid because I had hit my head and they ignored everything I told them. Instead of just letting me get my breath back, they strapped me on my back to a spinal recovery board and the broken rib punctured my lung. After a trip in the ambulance and another 30 minutes of being ignored by their medics because I was being ' irrational and aggressive', my lung collapsed. Luckily the doctor at the emergency room listened to me. I begged her to unstrap me from the stretcher because I believed that my ribs were broken and they had punctured my lung and I would die if they didn't fix it quickly. Lucky for me the doctor trusted my judgement, checked it out and realised I was right. She got me off the stretcher and onto life support and, over-night, managed to reinflate my lung with oxygen. I spent a few days in the hospital in Denver and right now I'm recovering in Utah with my friend Chuck Fallon. I am not allowed to fly until next week in case the lung collapses again under the pressure. Also, I have made a serious complaint about the Dew tour medics, supported by my sponsors and some other riders, as I feel they completely mis-handled me. I have been over-whelmed this week by the kindness of my friends when I needed them and would like to thank them for that. When you get seriously hurt, you really find out who your friends are: I want to give my deepest thanks to Chuck and Lindsay Fallon, Peter Geys, Travis Chipres, Jamie Bestwick, Jay Eggleston, Bruno Maier, Sarah Ostermeier, Mo Moorman, Dennis McCoy, Zach Shaw, Jay Miron, Steve Swope, Jason Burkhart, Achim Kujawski, Stephan Prantl all of my sponsors who have supported and been calling (everyone at Mongoose/ Pacific, Andy and John at Ogio, Kevin at X-Balm) and, of course, Pippa for holding the whole thing together. I am going to need another 6 or 7 weeks to recover fully (no X Games for me this year) but promise to come back brighter.
Simon Tabron, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: Since I wrote this, I flew home and have been recovering pretty well. I am still in agony after 4 weeks but I rode a little last weekend which felt great until afterwards! ,A guy called Wade Martin who is director of the Dew Tour called me last week to answer the complaint that I made. He told me that I was completely wrong about what happened and that the medical team did their job just fine. He told me they care about the athletes very much and are taking the matter very seriously. As far as I can see, all he cared about was making sure that I didn't sue. Basically, they refused to take any responsibility, refused to say sorry and refused to pay my medical bills. After all these years, I kind of thought that the corporate US machine may have just a little respect for us but I guess I am wrong again.