Sources: Maurice Meyer, www.ebay.com, Shogun, Josh Marsele, Andy jenkins, Mark Noble, Brett Downs, www.vintagebmx.com, www.ajkbikes.com, Simon John, ...
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eddie fiola mike dominguez freestylin 01 87 issue 20 - january 1987
Eddie Fiola and Mike Dominguez on the cover.
freestylin 02 87 issue 21 - february 1987
Parkes and Magnusson on cover, Todd Anderson, Hutch Exel, AFA Masters Long Island, Robert Peterson.
mat hoffman freestylin 03 87 issue 22 - march 1987
Matt Hoffman busting a double can-can on a Skyway Street Beat and skater Rob Maggi popping an ollie on the cover.
The General 'Fred Blood Pro Series' and Torker 540 Air gets tested. 2-Hip King of Vert Contest from Minnesota and AFA Masters in Alabama. Skate and BMX pics galore. CW's Back to School Bash article - featuring Dizz and Ceppie.
craig grasso freestylin bmx 04 1987 issue 23 - april 1987
Craig Grasso on the cover.
1987 Mongoose Decade, Test
1987 Dyno Pro Compe, Test
AFA Masters round 6 and Finals, Compton (Velodrome), CA.
Special: Meet the Street, Streetstyle.
How-to's: Scurfer with Brian Scurra, Flail Boomerang.
dmc freestylin 05 87 issue 24 - may 1987 - 116 pages.
Dennis McCoy on the cover.
1987 Diamondback Hot Streak and CW California Flyer scoots tests.
2Hip King of Vert, San Diego, CA at Ron Wilkerson's ramp.
Golden Gate Park Flatland (great story w/ sequences of norcal riders).
BMX Zines
Gary Pollak Speaks
How to grind (skate sequences), ...
brian blyther freestylin 06 87 issue 25 - june 1987
Brian Blyther on the cover.
AFA Masters, Round 1, Florida.
Instructional: How to build a launch ramp?
Dennis McCoy interview.
AFA masters round one in Florida
Little giants: Scott Freeman and Matt Hoffman at age 15.
Undergrounders with Paul Mackles and Carl Marquardt.
116 pages.
dave voelker freestylin bmx 08 1987 issue 26 - july 1987 (scanned by Simon 0707 - download)
Dave Voelker on the cover. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Street talk. Mark Eaton's letter.
Air issue at Pipeline and backyard ramps. Dave Voelker, Mike Dominguez, Josh White, Anderson, Brian Blyther, Chad Higgins, Marc McGlynn, ...
Woody Itson interview.
PRO-FILE: Chris Lashua.
Undergrouders: Bruce King and Marc McKee.
Official Scoot review: Haro Master.
Dave Nourie.
Four SWEET trick pages(sequences). The Ferrillo spin by Robert Peterson, Backside walkaround by Fred Blood, Frank Garrido does the Cyclone, Karl Rothe's Karl kruser.
Jason Parkes interview.
1987: Spike Jonze is hired as an editorial assistant. He brings a camera with him to California.
pete kearney gary pollack freestylin bmx 08 1987 issue 27 (volume 4 issue 8) - august 1987 (1)
Pete Kearney(General Bikes) and Gary Pollak(CW Bikes) dual backwards wheelies (the backyard) somewhere off Melrose in Hollywood on the cover. Photo by Windy.
PRO-FILE: Rich Sigur.
NOISE- the pros fave records
AFA Masters Round 2, Portland.
2-Hip KOV round 1 in Houston, Texas.
freestylin 09 87 issue 28 - september 1987
On the cover is Marty Schlesinger and Chris Miller.
Marty Schlesinger, facebook.com, december 2010: The guys at the Freestylin' sent a few photo options to Mongoose to pick from. I wanted this great one footed invert shot. Instead it got shot down because you couldn't see the new "Decade" frame clearly. The powers that be at Mongoose opted for the product shot over a well executed trick. The guys at Freestylin' even questioned their choice. I remember overhearing on the speaker phone "Are you SURE" a couple times. I was bummed at the picture that was published, but stoked to have made the cover.
SPAM-FILE: Eddie Roman, Martin A, Eddie Fiola, and the new GT Pro Freestyle Tour test.
Spike on Spike (Jonze)
AFA Masters round III in Austin, TX.
Reader's Survey Results
Curb Manipulation part one
GT Demo Tape.
Back to school: pictorial issue.
New recruit: Spike Jonze.
BMX Action, october 1987: One/eighth of the original Rockville gang and part-time Haro roadie, Spike Jonze is now a resident Wizard staff guy. He will be helping out both mags-BMX ACTION and FREESTYLIN' and'll probably head up any special projects we come up with in the near future.
mark eaton freestylin 10 87 issue 29 - october 1987 (1) (scanned by Simon 0712 - download)
Mark Eaton on the cover. Photo by Spike Jonze borrowing Bob Stukey's camera.
Brett Downs, www.vintagebmx.com, february 2005: My favorite cover would have to be Eaton's because he is riding in front of a Rutter's convienence store where we rode. A couple months after the shot was taken, I was buying the mag in that very store. The girl at the register looked at the mag, then at Eaton, then at the mag, then at Eaton, then at the mag, then realized that she was working in the store on the cover. She looked so confused. It was great.
Friends: Kenneth Evans and Denny Howell.
1988 NORA Cup awards.
Stoke (skate photos)
Spam-file: Craig Grasso, The Plywood Hoods.
Trick Page: helicopter variations
2-Hip King Of Vert Round II.
124 pages.
nathan shimizu freestylin 11 87 issue 30 - november 1987 (1)
Nathan Shimizu stretching a perverted boomerang and Mark Lewman doing the 50/50 on the cover.
Undergounders: Sean Wilkerson.
Curb Manipulation part two
5 tricks pages; Funky Chicken with Bret Hernandez, Whiplash with Mark Eaton, ...
Converse Pro Freestyle Championship
Craig Campbell and Jess Dyrenforth in SoCal.
166 pages.
chris lashua freestylin 12 87 issue 31 - december 1987 (1)
Chris Lashua on the cover.
2-Hip king of vert #3: (Colorado Springs Gets a Taste of Vertical) with great full page photos
Street page
Profile: Rick Demontrond (spidey)
Sacred tile (great pool article w/color glossies)
How to build a lip ramp
Kuwahara bike review
Trick tips: the caboose by Aaron Dull and the corkscrew by Chris Day,
Ron Wilkerson interview.
138 pages.