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1963 DOB: august 28, 1963
Woody Itson, Freestylin july 1987: My real name as it reads on my birth certificate is Joseph Derwood Itson. But all my credit cards end everything else says Woody. My brother for some reason started calling me Woody after some detective movie or something. And when I grew up I didn't want to be a Joe, so.
early years Mike Collins, Super BMX&Freestyle, june 1986: Freestyle began for Itson in 1980. Like most of the early freestylers his involvement first came on the BMX track and then to the skateboard ramps and skateparks. While guys like Eddie Fiola stuck to the ramps and to the parks, Woody turned his attention to the ground and finally completely quit talking his bike to the air. Woody was doing ground tricks when it still wasn't real fashionable to just be a flatlander -back in the not-to-distant past when a freestyle show really only featured ramp riders.

Pool riding.
Gene, november 2005: Woody is riding a Bassett and the pool he's riding was part of the BIG O skatepark, it's closed down when one of the water park slide tubes ruptured and horrible things happened. Woody and I were racing at the Orange YMCA BMX track when it happened.

Woody Itson, Freestylin july 1987: I used to just jump and street ride all the time. Then I started racing. After I raced for about two years I heard about the BMX ACTION Trick Team with Haro and R.L. and I went to see them at Anaheim Stadium back in 1983, I said, "Hey, that's for me, I can do some of that stuff." So I just started practicing after that -riding all the time. About six months later I met up with Brian Scura when he owned B.S. Bikes, and I started riding ramps and getting into freestyle more. That was when I started riding at a place called Big O skatepark. Then I got kinds tired of racing so I just started freestylin' and Brian had me do shows every once in a while so after that I got sponsored by Vans and the rest is history. One thing led to another. It was something I liked to do:
woody itson 1981
Pool riding 1981.
1983 December 1983, Woody is riding for Hutch.
BMX Plus! february 1984: Hutch recently announced the signing of two new freestylists -Woody itson (who will continue to ride with the Vans Trick Team) and Mike Buff (who will continue to ride with the BMX Action Trick Team).
Woody: Richard Hutchins was very good to me for all those years I rode for Hutch.  He treated me like family back then and I will always be greatful for the things he did for me. I felt very lucky to be the first sponsored rider on Hutch for Freestyle.
woody itson 1983
1984 Woody Itson designed the Hutch Trick Star
Woody: The Trick Star was my frame, I designed it.  It won the Nora Cup as well, I think that's pretty good.  That bike still rides good by today's standards.  For a while Hutch even did a signature series release in the states, a "Woody Itson" signature edition if you will-it was pink.

Interview: Freestylin' #1 summer 1984
1985 Cover: Freestylin may 1985

Around October 1985 Hutch offered the Trick Star in two special models fot fans of ground specialist Woody Itson and ramp specialist Mike Dominguez.
The Woody Itson Pink Signature Series feature a pink frame and modefied fork, pink Z-rims, Woody Itson freestyle bars, pink A'ME grips, ACS rotor brake modification, SST Woody Itson hubs, and assorted other goodies.
woody itson freestylin bmx 05 1985
1986 Jeff Carroll, Fred Blood, Ron Wilkerson and Woody Itson (bottom right) are on the first issue of Freestyle Spectacular, april 1986.

Hutch's Woody Itson on the steps of the Treasury Building in Washington on the cover of Super BMX and Freestyle april 1986. Photo by Steve Giberson.

BMX Action june 1986 on his gold Hutch Trick Star,

BMX Action july 1986 downhilling with Martin Aparijo.

Interview in Super BMX and Freestyle june1986.

2nd place pro flatland @ 1986 World Championships, Vancouver, Canada.
Woody: I got second at the World Championships this year (as they sponsored the event, everyone on Skyway won).

Woody is Hutch Trick Team manager.

woody itson super bmx 04 1986

woody itson bmx action 06 1986

woody itson bmx action 07 1986

woody itson 1986 porsche
1987 Woody broke his foot in march.

Interview in Freestylin july 1987.

Woody: Hutch had filed for bankruptcy and I was owed some money and had bills to pay and Mike Dominguez was on Diamond Back at the time and he asked me if I wanted to ride with him again, this time on DB, I said yes (1987), and spent my last sponsored years there.
1988 Roule avec pour Tioga. wheel chair

1990 Woody: When my deal with DB ended, I took a year off and rode for myself, no contests or photo shoots, just rode.  The next year I started going to college, and that really took most of my time, I had to study a lot to do well, so I didn't ride much.  I made the right choice for myself-no regrets.
1991 Woody: I decided to back off riding when I got into college.
1994 Woody is working for GT as freestyle manager, ramp builder, announcer for the shows, ... He's highly involved in all the bikes designs and products.

Interview: Fat #29.
1998 GT team manager.
2002 Woody: I finally got married on November 2nd, 2002.
2003 Woody: I own and operate the Giant Bicycles Stunt Team/Racing Teams with two other semi-retired riders (Todd Corbitt-Auburn & Todd Huffman-SE).  We all still ride once in a while, but we get tired faster these days.  We started this team so we wouldn't be at the mercy of a company that was run by people that didn't know who the riders on the team were or what they did.  Giant Bicycles (Skip Hess & Russ Okawa) played a huge part in helping us out to do our own thing.  Without them, not sure where I would be right now.  As for my personal life,
2005 Robert Castillo's house party after the Joe Kid on a Stingray video premiere in L.A., april 2005. Photo by Xavier Mendez. woody 2005