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josh white freestylin 01 88 issue 32 - january 1988 (scanned by Simon 0805 - download)
On the cover is Josh White in France. Photo by Shawn Buckley.
Virginia Beach Ramp Session Pictorial
1987 Tours: GT, Dyno, Redline, CW, Skyway.
AFA Masters Round 4 Columbus Ohio.
rick moliterno freestylin 02 88 issue 33 - february 1988 (1)
Rick Moliterno on Haro on cover.
Undergrounder: Sergie Ventura.
The UK Underground: Lee Reynolds, Greg Guillotte, Craig Campbell, Mike Canning, ...
Spam-file: Dino DeLuca interview.
Mark Losey letter.
Skyway Street Scene bike test with Kevin Jones and Eddie Roman.
AFA Masters round V from New Jersey.
118 pages.
grasso freestylin 03 88 issue 34 - march 1988 (1)
Grasso bank to fence in Hermosa on the cover. Photo: Windy Osborn.
Nora Cup results, DMC took number one rider award.
SPAM-FILE: Joe Gruttola,
PRO-FILE: Rick Allison.
PRO-FILE: Rick Moliterno. Elbow glide to Steam roller to Funky chicken to Locomotive sequence.
Sampling: Hutch Trick Styler Limited AND R.L. Signature Hustler Pro by General
Curb Manipulation with John Lucero.
2-Hip King Of Vert round 4 in DC.
1988 GT bicycles catalog.
chris lashua freestylin 04 88 issue 35 - april 1988 - 140 pages
Chris Lashua on the cover.
AFA Masters Finals: Carson, California
2Hip King Of Vert finals
Sampling: Dyno '88 Pro Compe.
terry jenkins freestylin 05 88 issue 36 - may 1988 (1)
England's Terry Jenkins at the Holeshot event on cover,
Matt Hoffman's warehouse and new ramp,
Sick street Bike sequences,
Lips: ...an exercise in coping,
Sampling: Mongoose Decade,
Holeshot: chaos in the UK,
Undergrounders: Tyler Bollhorn, Doug Nachtigall, Wayne Stacy, Robert and Ruben Castillo, Derek Schott, Clive Noctchaw, and Park Carter,
AFA Masters round 1 in Florida,
Craig Campbell early dirt jump.
chris moeller freestylin 06 88 issue 37 - june 1988 - 172 pages
Chris Moeller on the cover.
Curb Manipulation w/ Eric Dressen, SPAM_FILE: Gary Pollak, UNDERGROUNDERS: Dave Fox and Kris Ketchum, PRO-FILE: Lee Ralph, 2-HIP KOV OPENER, SPAM-FILE: Jim Johnson, Undergrounder: Buster Halterman, Sampling: Diamond Back Woody Itson STRIKE ZONE, THREE Trick Page sequences, ABA Velodrome.
rel osborn freestylin 07 88 issue 38 - july 1988 - 156 pages
RL Osborn on General on cover,
Undergrounder: Leo "Animal" Chen,
Scan: Nick Philip, Greg Flowers.
Dave Voelker interview with full page photos,
Dennis McCoy interview,
Sampling: Redline RL-20 II.
3 trick pages,
Sampling: Ozone Method-1.
2-pages Club Homeboy ad (stickered VW). Last Bite: Burly Madonna at Fallbrook by Joe Johnson.
todd anderson freestylin 08 88 issue 39 - august 1988 - 146 pages (scanned by Simon 0709 - download)
Todd Anderson in Arizona on the cover. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Matt Pingel and Josh Marsele's letters.
Tucson Arizona AFA Masters round 3.
Product review: GT Pro Freestyle Tour team model and Schwinn Predator free-form pro.
Bristol Connecticut contest.
Pictorial section: Brian Blyther, Pete Kearney, Craig Campbell, 13 years old Dany Way, Tony Hawk at fallbrook, Lee Reynolds, Spike Jonze, Ron Wilkerson nothing, Brett Hernandez, Josh White, Trevor Hernandez, Jess Dyrenforth, Brian Blyther.
Shooting tips.
Stonehenge: the first funbox.
eddie roman freestylin 09 88 issue 40 - september 1988
Eddie Roman on the cover.
McGoo interview, Lip manipulation with Mark Partain, 2-hip Meet the street with 11 pages of photos!!! UNDERGROUNDER: Glenn Goldrad. AFA Masters Series ROUND IV in Austin, TX. SAMPLING: Peregrine B-1. UNDERGROUNDER: Phil E. SAMPLING: Skyway Street Styler. TRICK PAGE: foreward rope-a-roni.
kevin slaten freestylin 10 88 issue 41 - october 1988 (1)
Kevin Slaten on the cover.
Huntington Beach, Stonehenge street Jam
2Hip KOV, Rnd 2, Flint, Michigan
How-to's: The Building Block Tricks Curb manipulation
1989 NORA cup awards
98 pages
josh white freestylin 11 88 issue 42 - november 1988 - 122 pages
Josh White on the cover,
2Hip King of Vert, Austin, TX
Camarillo Ramp Session, pictorial
Interviews with Mike Dominguez and Brian Blyther.
1988 Freestylin Buyer's Guide
Video reviews, ...
martin aparijo freestylin 12 88 issue 43 - december 1988 (1) (scanned by buissonrouge 0511 - download)
Martin Aparijo riding shot by Bob Stukey and RL Osborn young on the cover.
Mr. Moliterno with a perfect look back on the table on contents page.
1988 summer tours.
RL Osborn interview. edwardkoenning.blogspot.com: Things were definitely changing. And old El Cid was right in the middle of it all. This was about the time of Hammer(not the MC), and crazy shin pad/knee pad combos. I think every rider at one time had a set of those pads.
1988 summer tours.
The complete 1988 GT bmx product catalog.
114 pages.

Tod Miller, www.facebook.com, february 2016: Martin Aparijo caught in the midst of a coasting Locomotive. One of my favorite aspects of Freestylin' was its superb photography. In my opinion, it not only captured the "action", but also the artistic side of "free"style. Freestylin' was always so much more than the just the bike riding and skateboarding. The "blur" in this photo conveyed motion and speed. Bob Stukey photo.