Sources: Maurice Meyer, www.ebay.com, Shogun, Josh Marsele, Andy jenkins, Mark Noble, Brett Downs, www.vintagebmx.com, www.ajkbikes.com, Simon John, ...
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rich sigur freestylin 03 85 issue 4 - march 1985 (scanned by Simon 0802 - download)
Rich Sigur on the cover.
Street Talk: Communication from the masses.
Graffiti: Read and memorize.
The World According to Gork: The CW California Freestyle and the Gork boyz.
The Art of Settin' Up a Freestyle Show: Now nothing is holding you back.
First Annual Freestylin' Readers' Survey and Mind-Blowin' Giveaway: Vee haff vays to get zee info-mation vee vant.
SE Racing's Quadangle Freestyle: Checkin' out the mod Quad
Critical Contortion: King of the Skateparks Final Round/ Upland - Beyond reality.
Attaining Air: So you wanna do aerials, huh?
Last Bite: Here we Hugo again
Freestylin' Pullout Poster: Surprise, surprise!

Donnovan Ritter, www.kingoftheskateparks.com, july 2013: On the Cover again Rich Sigur all decked out with his bright pink socks on. I still am baffled by the photos that Bob puts in Freestylin. Rich does some pretty high airs, so this makes me wonder why he would put a picture of Rich only foot out of the pool.

Donnovan Ritter, www.kingoftheskateparks.com, july 2013: The table of contents page has a shot of some guy named Donovan Ritter doing a one-hander one-footer. Crazy to think this is my best picture in the magazines. I wonder why pictures like this are made tiny and black and white.
woody itson freestylin 05 85 issue 5 - may 1985 (scanned by Simon 0705 - download)
Woody Itson appears on the cover street riding and wearing full gear. Photo by Steve Giberson.
Editorial. Attack of the killer photos, by Andy Jenkins.
Graffiti: Rumors, gossip, and more rumors. GT World tour dates, sponsors, freestyle fanzines, hot spots, ...
Objective rad. Redline forklifter system bar and Diacompe caliper.
The great NorCal ramp series.
France Bercy 1.
PTR trick team, Stuttgart, Germany.
San Francisco. Golden Gate boys make good.
U.K. London calling.
Freestylin magazine's rider, bike and team of the year awards. Pick your favorites.
Style: Rags, shades, and haircuts.
Last Bite: This guy is flipped out, a shot of Jose Yanez incredible backflip.
Ads. Schwinn Predator, Hutch Trick Star, DK, Vuarnet, CW, Skyway, GT Performer, Rockville BMX, ...
hugo gonzales scotty freeman freestylin 07 85 issue 6 - july 1985 (compiled by Simon - download)
Hugo Gonzales and Scotty Freeman on the cover. Photos by Steve Giberson.
Graffiti: The tour schedules, the tour schedule!
Objective Rad: Only the best.
Noise, a Music Column: The masters of mystical metal captured live.
Del Mar round 1: Who'll be king THIS year ?
The Keyhole Jam: Giving rad a whole new meaning.
Canada, eh!: Aggro Canucks and a warehouse full of vert.
Local Vert: Checkin' out Jim Robertson's Paradise ramp.
Test: Schwinn Predator Free-form EX, a lotta machine for a little money.
Tony Murray pull out poster
Last Bike: What a ham.
nathan bryan freestylin 09 85 issue 7 - september 1985
Back to the streets issue.

On the cover is Nathan Bryan on a '84 Haro Master.
Street Talk: Back again.
Graffiti: More poop
Noise: Vinyl recommendations.
The Combi-pool: Round two of the KOS at the Pipeline.
Environmental Impact: Using the street to the fullest.
Hot Spot: Rockville, Maryland - Checkin' out some killer East Coast action.
Freestylin' official scoot review: Testing the new/improved Haro Master, and chatting with the Outlaw.
Readership Survey Results: Joe Average and his 99 buddies.
Off the Deep End: The search for the meaning of aggro.
How to do a wilkerwhip,
Reader survey results.
Last Bite: More last page lunacy.
mike dominguez freestylin 11 85 issue 8 - november 1985
The cover features Michael Dominguez with the latest aerial development, the can-can air.
Street Talk: For the mere price of a stamp...
Chaos at Venice Beach: The current state of competition.
Style II: Mode and the latest French cuts.
The Great Freestylin' Seek and Expose Product Guide: More goodies than you'll know what to do with.
Presenting the Freestylin' Rider, Bike, and Team of the Year: Who go "The Bowl"?
The GT World Tour: Blazin a trail of aggroness and insanity with Eddie, Dave and Shawn.
Last Bite: Self Explanatory.
David Lee Roth and his female "bodyguard" appear in a photo on page 19. Also appearing in photos are Woody Itson, Ceppie Maes, Dave Vanderspek, Christian Hosol, Rich Sigur, Paul Delaiarro, Josh White, John "Dizz" Hicks, Bob Haro, Marc McGlynn, Craig "Gork" Barrette, and others. This magazine contains 74 pages.