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Freestylin' magazine was combined with BMX Action to become "Go: the rider's manual" in 1989.
Exerpt from the Editor that can be found in issue 1 explaining the first covers: We wanted to make sure everyone would recognize us on the newstands, so until the february 1990 issue, you'll be seeing both the FREESTYLIN' and BMX ACTION logs on the front. If you currently subscribe to FREESTYLIN' or BMXA, you will now be receiving GO.

Editors: Mark Lewman, Mike Daily.
Photography: Spike Jonze.
Contributors: Chris Moeller, Craig gork Barette, Ken Paul, ...
Publisher: Bob Osborn, Wizard Publications.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK, december 1993: The cocktail of BMX A and Freestylin' although the previous editorial people had flown the nest ; Mike Daily was now in charge, Brad McDonald was shooting, and Jeff Tremaine was art director [before moving on to Big Brother]. Plenty of soul and good stuff inside, and indeed things looked good for the skeleton that remained from Wizard's original staff list. GO continued to fuel on the fire, only the industry didn't get it and pulled their money, hence it's now dead.
tim fuzzy hall go bmx 11 1989 issue 1 of Freestylin'/BMX Action - november 1989 (scanned by darwin 0903 - download)
Tim Fuzzy Hall cancan seat grab on the cover. Photo by Spike Jonze.
Matt Hoffman interview and pictorial.
North Coast Freestyle/NBL War of the Stars in Rochester, NY.
KOD and lake jumping.
Pull-out mini poster of Craig Campbell.
Spring Nationals ABA race in Roseville, CA
NBL race at Woodward.
Features articles by Lew, Scott Towne, Daily, Andy Jenkins, photos by Spike and more.
100 pages
mat hoffman go bmx 12 1989 volume 1 issue 2 - december 1989
Matt Hoffman snapping the shot from about 8 feet out on the cover.
KOV in Colorado Springs.
Greg Hill interview. greg goes through every year of his career in detail.
IBMX world cup in Australia.
Summer tour coverage.
100 pages.
eric emerson go bmx 01 1990 volume 1 issue 3 - january 1990 (1)
Eric Emerson on the cover.
NBL Grands Kentucky,
2Hip Meet The Street round 3,
2Hip KOV.
go bmx february 1990 volume 1 issue 4 - february 1990 - 84 pages (1)
This is the premiere issue of "GO" BMX Action and Freestylin' magazine combined 3 issues before this one, but this is the first issue to carry the "GO" logo.
Aggroman ad, ABA fall nationals, Rapping with the pros: Dave Voelker, Chris Potts, Chris Moeller, Matt Hoffman, RL Osborn, Ron Wilkerson, Dennis McCoy, Craig Grasso, ...
Coal canyon
Matt Hoffman sequence: six feet air to disaster.
RL. Osborn's Bully.
How to Lookback by Dave Voelker.
trent chavez go bmx march 1990 volume 1 issue 5 - march 1990 (1) (shared by Simon 1409 - download)
Trent Chavez on the cover, Dennis McCoy in the box.
2-Hip Meet The Street finals, Oregon.
Go west young man
Tim fuzzy Hall poster
AFA Masters finals, LA, CA.
80 pages.
gary ellis go bmx 04 1990 volume 1 issue 6 - april 1990 (1)
Gary Ellis on the cover. Matt Hoffman in the box.
Perry's Doom: an interview with Perry Mervar
8 page robinson gatalog
Gary Ellis
Tribute to BMXA.
12th annual ABA Grands
dmc dennis mccoy go bmx 05 1990 volume 1 issue 7 - may 1990 (1) (scanned by Simon 0608 - download)
Dennis McCoy pulling air at the Dominguez ramp on the cover. Photo by Spike Jonze.
Mark Losey letter.
Ad with GT Team rider Dave Mirra.
Dog bites: the Industry.
2-Hip King of Vert Finals.
Directions: Boomerang and Cornering.
NBL Christmas National, Colombus, Ohio.
80 pages.
greg hill brad blanchard go bmx june 1990 volume 1 issue 8 - june 1990 (1)
Greg Hill and Brad Blanchard on the cover. Box contains Perry Mervar. 80 pages.
Uncovered: Greg Hill interview.
Dog bites by Chris Moeller.
ABA WinterNationals: Chandler, AZ.
Dino DeLuca's Dyno Slammer.
Dino DeLuca poster.
Enchanted House
Directions: How to Fufanu by Dennis McCoy, Nose wheelie by Rick Moliterno.
Soul. Expression is the Only Definition
mat hoffman backflip go bmx 07 1990 volume 1 issue 9 - july 1990 (1) (scanned by Simon 0712 - download)
Matt Hoffman backflip in Paris on the cover. Photo by Spike Jonze.
ABA So.Cal Nationals
French connection (Bercy VI)
Road Trip Rick Moliterno's Rampage,
A day in the life of Brian Blyther
Trevor Meyer riding a pool ?
Backward Deathtruck par Chad Johnston
10 volume 1 issue 10 - august 1990 (1)
Billy Griggs at Eric Carter's backyard on the cover. Photo by Spike Jonze.
Incoming (letters), Approved credit. Mit Yaled, GO august 1990: Dear Go, I often wonder whilst visions of Drob Meyer and Joe Johnson cascade through my mind, if we as riders really give ourselves enough credit. The next time you get bummed trying to learn a new trick or are having a bad day, just take time and realize what you can do and realize how incredible it is. I mean, it's not every human who con balance, coast scratch, sprague, kick, and glide a bicycle in tight circies or fly down a hill in a hang five at warp 40. Yes, we who ride are superhuman... or have I been reading too much Bloom County ? Lew: I don t know how about being superhuman but I will say that there are things being done on bikes these days that the average person couldn t even dream of doing. Things a lot of riders take for granted. And like you said Mit the key is realizing what you can do not what you can't.
NBL Easter Classic, Sarasota, FL.
Inspection. Tioga Competition VIII tires, Kastan Uni-Blade strut, Vision Street Wear 15010 shoes and All-terrain Jive handles.
Trend Ironman contest, Austin, Texas.
ABA/Redline U.S. Nationals, Lemoore, CA.
10th NORA Cup results: Gary Ellis number one rider
Accidental environment. Parisian bike banks. Mat Hoffman, Kevin Jones, Jose Delgado, ...
Spring Break GT clinic tour.
Stop. Tim Fuzzy Hall 360.
rick moliterno halfpacker go bmx 11 volume 1 issue 11 - september 1990 (1) (scanned by Simon 0810 - download)
Rick Moliterno halfpacker on the cover. Gary Ellis in the box. Photos by Spike Jonze.
Then and now: John Ker.
Dog Bites: Chris Moeller about summer tours.
Uncovered: Rick Moliterno.
A day in the life of Dave Voelker.
How to Roly Poly (rolling catapulte) by Dennis McCoy.
ABA/GT Spring Nationals Stockton, CA.
New kids on the block: Matt Hadan, Steve Veltman and Kenny May.
Steve Goates and Eric Abbadessa bios,
matt hadan go bmx 12 volume 1 issue 12 - october 1990 (1) (scanned by Simon - download)
Matt Hadan one footed and flat in Huntington Beach on the cover.
Carl Marquardt letter where he promised $100 to the first person who can do what he had come to think of as a flair -an aerial with a backflip thrown in.
Brad Blanchard and Kiyomi Waller bios.
1990 product exposé.
Wall paper: Jay Miron, Dennis McCoy, Kevin Jones, Eric Carter, Tony Hillhouse, Brad Blanchard, John Paul Roger, ...
Directions: No-footed straddle roni by Eric Emerson and Kickout with Dave Cullinan.
go bmx 11 1990 volume 2 issue 1 - november 1990 (1)
Cover: AA Pro racing, Rockford. John Paul Rogers in the box.
Perry Mervar standing on the rear pegs straight to grip stand sequence.
ABA Midwest Nationals Rockford, Illinois.
Bio: Pete Brandt.
Bio: Bo Olson.
How to Alley oop lookback by Tony Hillhouse
95 spoke wheels.
Trend/2hip KOV 1990 round 1 Indianapolis.
Tim Hall's Mongoose Solution XL.
brian blyther go bmx 12 1990 volume 2 issue 2 - december 1990 (1) (scanned by Simon 0802 - download)
Brian Blyther can-canning at Jake's ramp in Hermosa beach, California on the cover.
Random disruptive sequence: pulled 900° by Jay Miron.
ABA Great Northwest Nationals
2-Hip Meet The Street.
Directions: No hander by Jon Byers.
Bios: Sean Leslie and Ryner Matthews.
The Dirt Brothers.
76 pages.