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Scott Freeman: I started riding originally with Eddie Fiola in 1983. Gale Webb (America's Sports Mom) lived across the street from me, and Eddie Fiola, Fred Blood, & other riders would come over to practice on her half pipe. Eddie started teaching me some ground moves and one thing led to another. I found a greater interest in ground at that time and rode less vert.

Scott Freeman: My first BMX bike was a A DG (Dan Gurney)  - I broke it in half while bunnyhopping.
Kenny Weaver, march 2012: I remember that exact day when Scott broke that frame in half, it was an old white color beat up frame, but he got a lot of practice on it before he got a Skyway frame. I remember Scot was really mad at first when he snapped it in half, but look where it got him. Scott was such a cool dude, I lived down the street from him. We lived in Westminster Ca. in a urban area named Indian Village, Scott lived on Modoc st. and I lived on Commanche st. both streets met right where we lived, I had some awesome times with Scott and Gail Webb as my neighbors...miss those days!
Scott Freeman: My first contest in Huntington Beach I took 1st place and was picked up by Skyway shortly thereafter.

Scott Freeman, www.vintagebmx.com, november 2004: I was discovered at the first AFA contest in Huntington Beach in 1984. I had been riding with Gale Webb's stunt show with Eddie Fiola as a "neighborhood kid" that could do a few tricks. I didn't even want to compete because I had only been riding for less than a year but Eddie and my parents talked me into it and I won my class (13underX) and was approached by several companies. I wanted to ride for Skyway because that was my first decent bmx bike, plus Mike Dominguez was riding one at that time and I idolized that guy back then. I had befriended Dave Vanderspek in 1984. He gave my info to Ken Costner and they called me. Skyway paid me $800.00 a month at 13 years old, plus the TV commercials and photo endorsements at $200.00 a pop. That wasn't making me rich, but way more money than a 13 year-old needs at that time. When all the money was gone and I was flat broke during college I had serious regrets about how I had handled things financially back then - mainly because I needed that money for books and tuition and it was ALL gone, every penny. Hello student loan program!

Scotty Freeman competes in his first ever BMX competition in 1984. He stuns the California crowd with his balance and tricks. Taking 1st in his class. Produced by Richard Christiansen and FirstOnBoard.com.
1985 AFA.
1985 AFA New Hampshire 12/28 (1st flat and ramp)

BMX Plus! Freestyle Raddest Tricks video.

Hugo Gonzales and Scotty Freeman on the cover of Freestylin #6 july 1985.

Supertour Bicross in France.

Interview de Scott Freeman dans Bicross Magazine #36 septembre 1985.

Scott Freeman at Southsea UK 1985 on the cover of the BMX Moves book.
scott freeman freestylin

scott freeman bmx moves
1st place 13 and under expert flatland @ 1986 AFA Masters round 2 Oklahoma City.
Scott Freeman: Oklahoma City 1986 was the first contest where my entire family was present - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - and I won that event. I learned "quick-spins" that morning and tried it in my run and pulled it as my last trick. My family still brings that event up when we see each other.

1st place 14-15 expert flatland @ AFA Masters round 4, 1986, NYC.

4th place 14-15 expert flatland @ AFA Masters finals, 1986, Dominguez Hills Velodrome, CA.

World champion in Vancouver, BC in 1986.

Scottie Freeman was featured in the Disney movies "Brat Patrol", "Ask Max" and commercials for Ovaltine and Rice Krispies Bars.
3rd place 15 expert flatland @ AFA Masters round 1, february 1987, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Little giants: Scott Freeman and Matt Hoffman at age 15 in Freestylin #25 june 1987.

AFA Masters #3 Austin, TX (1st place)

AFA MAsters round 5, Wayne, New Jersey.
1988 12th place 14-15 expert flatland @ AFA Masters round 1, january 1988, Palmetto, Florida.

5th place 15 expert flatland @ AFA Masters round 2, march 1988, Portland, Oregon.

4th place 16 expert flatland @ AFA Masters round 3, april 1988, Austin, Texas.

Spring 1988, Scott is dropped from Skyway and riding for Dyno.
Il a été remercié pour cause de grasse matinée le matin d'un contest.
Scott Freeman: I had travelled the world three times over by the time I was 15, as a result of being on Skyway. That was an invaluable life experience. So yes, they gave great support. The only caveat to that period was the pressure to win comps. In the end, I was glad to just ride for fun. Between the pressure from Skyway, coupled with the fact that I personally loved winning, the constant pressure internally and externally eventually got old. I was burning the candle at both ends by the time I was 16. Plus Hollywood was calling and that was becoming a big part of my life - auditions and such. In 1988 I missed my competition run at the Veledrome (AFA) in L.A. and was dropped from the team. Nearly everyone was dropped or quit shortly after that. The sport was nose-diving in the following year. I would have been off Skyway regardless.
After being kicked off Skyway in 1988, I rode for Dyno team for one year and then moved to Atlanta with my family and rode unsponsored.

Scott Freeman: I only rode vert in my later years on a 20". I have a picture in my living room from 88 bustin about 7' on my Dyno.

Scott Freeman: I spent 8 weeks straight in Hawaii and Tahiti with Local Motion (my clothing sponsor), summer of 1988.
1989 Aggroman video.
1990 Riding for Vans/Bully and touring with Eddie Fiola and Josh White.
Scott Freeman: In 1990 Eddie Fiola, Josh White, and I rode for R.L. (Bully) and Vans for about two years. In fact, that Bully was my favorite bike over Skyway and Dyno.

Scott was featured in Beverly Hills 90210 (stunts/student) and Swing Kids (movie/stunts - German soldier portrayed).
Commercials for Minolta Cameras and Frito Lay.

Scott Freeman: Summer 1991 and Fiola, Josh White and I were on tour with VANS.
1994 Scott Freeman: I got heavily into Mountain Biking in 1994 and rode a Cannondale M-800 for many years.
1996 BS round 2 Seal Beach, Los Angeles.
1997 Scott Freeman: Graduated from CalState University Dominguez Hills in healthcare administration (where the veledrome contests were held - irony?)
2002 Scott Freeman: I am a product manager (sales & marketing) for a large healthcare information systems vendor and travel quite a bit with the company. My career has become very rewarding over the last several years, despite the difficult road to get here.
2004 Scott Freeman: Bought a house. I freeride and ride street (same thing?) on a Santa Cruz suspension mountain bike. Its set up like a bmx bike - no clips for me, not even when Im trail-riding. I dirt jump at this place near Seattle called greenlake, and you can often find me launching off some steps somewhere in downtown Seattle (when its not raining).
2005 Robert Castillo's house party after the Joe Kid on a Stingray video premiere in L.A., april 2005.