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1967 DOB: March 22, 1967.
1983 One hand one foot at Del Mar on the cover of BMX Action october 1983.
Rich Sigur, www.facebook.com, january 2009: I was working at a bike shop at the time when this mag came out. I walked passed it several times before I saw it I flipped to the article to see if I had any pictures inside and saw the black in white. I was so happy I didn't think to look at the cover until some people in the shop pointed it out. I could'nt ride home fast enough that night...
Pete Augustin, www.facebook.com, june 2009: I was at this contest and Rich was killing it. One of the best styles ever!!

Riding for Haro.
Rich, www.notfreestylin.com: I started riding for Haro in late 1983 on a product sponsorship, the original freestyler frame was the first product they sent me in the mail so an hour later it was bolted together and out to the quarter pipe I went. The Haro was a full inch shorter than the Supergoose(bmx products) bike I had ridden up until this point.
rich sigur bmx action 10 1983
1984 Table on the cover of BMX Plus! may1984.
Rich Sigur, www.facebook.com, january 2009: The white oakleys fit my hands great. It was happy to be getting them for free. They never should have stopped making them.

Rich, www.notfreestylin.com: My sponsor would always get mad at me because I had this habit of painting my bike some weird color like neon green or aqua right before a contest. A few weeks later, Haro got so many letters from kids that wanted bike the same color I had that they had to start producing them. Sometimes the best inventions happen by chance. So I guess you can say I'm sort of the catalyst for the color craze that went on during those years.
rich sigur bmx plus! 05 1984
1985 Rich Sigur on the cover of Freestylin march 1985.

Le 24 novembre 1985, Ron Wilkerson et Rich Sigur assurent la démonstration freestyle du 2ème Bicross International de Paris Bercy.

Interview de Rich Sigur dans le Bicross Magazine #38 de novembre 1985.

1st place 17 and over experts @ 1985 King Of the Skateparks finals.
rich sigur freestylin 03 85
1986 1st place pro ramps @ 1986 AFA Masters round 2, Oklahoma.
Rich Sigur, www.facebook.com, march 2009: Tulsa Oklahoma AFA first time out in the Pro Class and won! Happy days.

8th place pro ramp and 12th place pro flat @ 1986 AFA Masters round 4, june 29, 1986, Madison Square Garden, NYC.

6th place pro flatland and 6th place pro ramp@
1986 AFA Masters finals, Compton, CA.

1986 AFA Masters round 4 from krts on Vimeo.
1987 Rich Sigur on the cover of BMX Plus! february 1987.

Rich Sigur profile in Freestylin august 1987.
rich sigur bmx plus! 02 87