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1974 DOB: november 7, 1974.
Place of Birth: Goettingen Germany
early years Markus: The first thing we'd do was just ride around with our friends in the woods, kinda like racing ! We'd build jumps and berms and stuff. They were really small, just a hump of dirt to fly over. Then all my friends stopped riding. I had to ride by myself so I came more into contact with american magazines, saw flatland and started riding flat.

Team Soultown

Laber zine
markus wilke
1993 Street world champion @ 1993 Worlds, Limoges, France.
1994 Interview: FAT #29 july 1994

4th place pro street @ 1994 Worlds, Koln, Germany.
markus wilke koc
King of Concrete
Toothpick fakie.
1996 Cover: Freedom #12 markus wilke freedom bmx
1998 Video Ride Generation.

Interview: Ride BMX UK august september 1998.

Interview in the Frame Premiere video.
1999 Interview: BMXup #18 fevrier 1999
2000 Silver medal finish in Park at X Games 2000
Markus pulls all his tricks when it matters. Two solid street oriented runs, using the obstacles all over the course, resulted in a second place finish and a whole lot of cash in the pocket of a stoked German.

Markus Left Dragonfly and joined the Mosh team.
Markus, Transworld BMX march 2004: I was still going to school when I got the call from Mosh. I had met Sam Arellano (Mosh Product Manager) and Mike Ardelean at the 2000 X Games and chatted with them for a little, but never would I have thought that they wanted me on the team. The offer was very good–in fact, too good to pass up. It was like a life-long dream of mine had come true. Here was the perfect opportunity to live in the U.S. and get paid to do what I did anyway: ride my bicycle.
The downfalls struck me pretty much right away, once I stepped off the airplane at LAX. I missed my girl, my family, and my usual environment. I figured those were sacrifices I had to make, but it turned out that I could not function right for months. The ramps felt weird, the bike was different, the air more polluted. I was not used to sitting in traffic when I wanted to go ride. I did not have to deal with security guards before, let alone magazine deadlines or flight delays. I started to stress out!
All I was back home was just another kid on a BMX, but now I was in the spotlight. Riding became more than just a pastime to me–it became a job. Autograph-signings, contests, and photo shoots became my daily routine. That's probably the biggest compromise I had to make; in my mind, it took away the innocence that riding once possessed for me. It really made my head spin!

Interview: Cream september october 2000.

Cover: Ride BMX UK #49

Interview: Ride BMX US december 2000

Props Road Fools Europe
markus wilke ride bmx uk 10 2000
2001 10th place pro park @ X-Games 2001

Mosh UK road trip. Ride BMX UK december 2001.
2002 Interview: Ride BMX UK #57 february march 2002.

Cover: Ride BMX US july 2002

Video Ride Momentum october 2002
Markus Wilke is a great pegless rider who takes sub box/back rail tricks to a new level.
markus wilke ride bmx us 07 2002
2003 Interview: 20/20 issue 9