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1969 Born in Cologne, Germany, february 20, 1969.
early years
1985 1985 Skyway Tour in Germany.
1987 2nd place vert 17 ans @ 1987 BMX Freestyle Worlds, UK, august 14-22, 1987.

3rd place master ramp @ 1987 Holeshot, UK.
1989 2nd place master ramp @ 1989 Worlds, St Ouen, France.
Francis de Fouchier, Shredder: Stephan Prantl assure du côté de la plate-forme: abubaca, abubaca to acid drop, pedal picker drop-in, 360° dropin mais aussi big fakie, gay air et gay air one foot.

Interview in Fat zine #11.
Stephan Prantl turning down on his March bike in Aarle-Rixtel on the cover of the Fat zine #19.

7th place pro flat and 2nd place pro ramp @ 1990 Worlds, Kenn, Germany.
stephan prantl fat zine bmx 19
1991 WTP.
Stephan Prantl founded WeThePeople.
1993 5th place stuntmen dirt and 5th place stuntmen mini @ 1993 BS round 1 "Death in the Desert 2", january 23-24, 1993, Thrasherland Skatepark, Glendale, Arizona.
Mike Daily, BMX Plus! may 1993: Stephan Prantl of GT rode with great style, inserting tricks like tabletops to abubaca to tabletops back in and bar-spinning variations for fifth.


360° canadian nosepick sequence by Stephan Prantl in Freedom magazine summer 1993.

July, Stephan is doing shows in China with Bart de Jong, John Parker, Day Smith, Rob Nolli, Chris Young, Todd Seligman and Pat Miller.
1994 4th place stuntmen mini @ 1994 BS round 1, february 26-27, 1994, Moreno Valley, California.
James Shepherd, Ride BMX UK june 1994: Stephan Prantl is from Germany and is one of the most flowing riders around, 270 nosepick to 50/50 stall over the seven foot spine, manuals to lawnmower, and a huge abubaca on the railing at the back of the 7ft mini - 4th place.


Interview with Stephan Prantl (Canadian nosepick sur une barrière de mini) in Freedom summer 1994.


5th place pro street and 2nd place pro mini ramp @ 1994 worlds, Cologne, Germany, august 8-14, 1994.
1997 WORLDS.
4th place pro dirt @ 1997 Worlds, Eindhoven, Holland, july 17-20, 1997.
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: Stefan Prantl was pulling the hugest and smoothest flips.
stephan prantl bmx worlds 1997
1997 Worlds. Photo by Mark Noble.
1999 30er Ausgabe: interview in Freedom december 1999.
2000 Interview in Ride BMX UK december 2000.
2003 WTP.
Stephan Prantl has left WeThePeople.
Stephan Prantl, www.fatbmx.com, april 2003: I founded We The People in 1991 by printing our logo on T-shirts. In 1996 I started using the name We The People to fill the demand in the German bike market for a small, rider-owned and ?managed BMX brand. Interest and support for my young company grew even faster than I could have dreamed, and by 1999, We The People BMX bikes and accessories had gained a loyal following throughout Europe. By this time, running We The People had become more than I could handle alone, so I asked my friends Harry Schmid and Klaus Dyba to help me grow the brand. For their efforts I gave each member of We The People's new executive team a one-third share in the small-but-growing company, and the three of us set our sights on taking We The People global. With the help of some very hard-working, dedicated and loyal friends, riders and International distributors in Asia, the United States and throughout Europe, We The People became the first German BMX brand to enjoy truly global appeal. To everyone who worked so hard to make my dream a reality, thanks for all your support. Today I must announce with more than a little sadness that I am no longer involved with We The People. My partners Harry and Klaus made this decision for me, but I do not hold any hard feelings against them for the way things transpired. In recent months, we have shared different goals and philosophies for the brand. Frankly speaking, I would rather leave the company than lose Harry and Klaus as my friends. I wish the new Partnership at We The People the best of luck in their future endeavors. Regarding my future in the bike industry, I have several opportunities that I will be able to tell you more about as time moves on. In the meanwhile, I plan to use my time wisely by getting reacquainted with my bike, by spending time with my friends and family, and by visiting my closest friends and business associates around the world, and Work on bmx events as I always have. Thank you for your cherished friendship and continued generous support.

Stephan Prantl on the cover of Freedom BMX 53 october 2003.
freedom bmx 53
2008 Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, february 1st, 2008: Stephan Prantl is now the proud father of a little boy which was born on Wednesday. Stephan & his wife Tazalika called their new addition Frantz Michael. Good job.