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Sources: Ride BMX US #7 october 1993, BMX Plus! january 1994, Ride BMX UK #8 december 1993, ...
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Date: september 24-25, 1993
Place: The site of the comp was the new Hoffman Bike Park, Oklahoma City.
Demonstration de Matt Hoffman sur son quarter de 21 pieds.
Steve Swope towed him by rope from his dirtbike.
Aerial à 26 pieds
No Hand à 20 pieds
5 TableTop dans le même aerial.

Dave Voelker, www.facebook.com, august 2012: I can remember watching him shoot out at about 30mph from the deck come to a stop floating sky high then hauling ass back down and disappearing behind the coping then shooting back down the wooden plank runway. My heart was racing and that was when I knew he was way different then all of us :)
1993 bs oklahoma mat hoffman
Jason Cox, www.facebook.com, august 2012: This is a picture I found in some of my old photo's of Mat. This is the same air that is one of Mat's most famous photo's. This is also the day that Mat showed the BMX world nothing is impossible.
Chad Degroot UpsideDown Wheelie to Backpacker (Darkside Stuff)
After the contest, Hoffman Bikes hooked Day Smith up with a quick sponsorship.

STUNTMEN FLAT: 1.Edgar Placensia 2.Day Smith 3.Chad Degroot 4.Chris Young 5.Bill Neuman 6.Gabe Weed 7.Scott Powell 8.Jay Miron
Dave Mirra flip fakie attempt, close double tailwhip attempt
John Parker perfect flairs.

STUNTMEN VERT: 1.Dennis McCoy $400 2.Dave Mirra $300 3.Jim Burgess $200 4.Steve Swope $100 5.Dave Brumlow 6.Leigh Ramsdell
1993 bs oklahoma dmc
George Teneyck: On the next set of airs, Dennis dis-located his shoulder and collided full speed with the person standing next to me, off the ramp!! Missed me by about a foot, that was intense.
DMC tailwhip to tailtap
Stuart King surprised everyone with big no handed airs over the box landed no handed.
Taj Mihelich nacnac 360.
Jay Miron double barspin over the box, hard crash flipping over the spine.
Dave Mirra cancan loops over the box.

STUNTMEN STREET: 1.Jay Miron 2.Dave Mirra 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Rob Nolli 5.Bill Nitshke 6.Keith Treanor 7.Leigh Ramsdell 8.John Taylor
joe rich ride bmx us
Joe Rich on the cover of Ride BMX US october 1993.

Colin Winkleman.

joe rich 1993 bs round 3 superman
Joe Rich superman.