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www.aspirebmx.com: Aspire has changed the way we look at BMX contests !
No more riding overcrowded skateparks to enter a contest. This is your opportunity to shine on your own time. Two contests are held each year. The rider and filmer have four months to ride, film and edit a video part. After Aspire receives all entries for that round, the video entries are then sent to be judged. The judging is split up in two categories, riding and filming/editing. Well known Pro riders judge the riders video section on overall riding, style and originality, The filming/editing is judged by top BMX video producers who are judging on the originality and quality of the filming and editing of the video section. The winners will be announced by the following month of that rounds deadline.
Dig Magazine: Aspires concept is unique, and hopefully it will continue to flourish.
Ride BMX: Aspire is a positive thing for BMX.
BMX rider: This is the best contest idea around.
www.fatbmx.com: The Aspire video contest is the best shit.
ASPIRE round 1
Available nov 2003.
The judges on riding: the riders are being judged on overall riding, style, and originality by Dave Freimuth, Chad Degroot, Paul Osicka, John Luc-e Englebert.
Judges on filming and editing: You will be judged separately on your filming and editing. You will be judged on the originality and quality of filming and editing by Chris Rye, Glenn PP Milligan, Chad Shook, Mark Losey.

rastacosta, www.bmx-test.com, 01-02-2004: "Aspire Video Contest" is a chance for riders to show off both riding ability, and video/digital editing skills, and in the end win some cash or pretty cool prizes. You send your video, which you have ridden in and edited, to Aspire, and a bunch of pro riders judge it based on style, ability, editing, all that good stuff. If you come out in the top five ( or 2 in flatland) you win prize packages or money.
The first DVD out of this contest series, called Round One, is an awesome display of all the undiscovered talent around the United States. Split up into three classes (amateur, pro flat, and pro overall) you have the opportunity to see riding on every level, from guys that are 16 to 30 years old. And the best part is that every one of these guys kills it.
The Amateur section has ten rider's parts (in the DVD at least...), the top 5 receiving some killer clothing and parts packages. A few of the videos seems really poor in editing and I'm not totally sure how they made it - I suppose it was that their riding was just so good it levelled out. Worth noting is Andrew Clinkscales, 1st place, who not only has a unique and awesome, burly and tech style, but also has the best editing out of all the amateurs, hence, first place. Also second place, Nick Lucas is just flat out amazing - backflip to manual? He also has one of the tightest editing techniques of the whole movie with a 360 degree view of his backflip... pretty good looking stuff.
The flatland is... well flatland. I don't know much about it, but the two sections of Pro Flatland look pretty good. Yeah, sorry, that's all I can say. I usually just skip over them. No offense flatlanders.
Pro overall section is nothing short of awesome. My favorite rider out of the five is Jason Levy, fourth place. This guy has the absolute craziest style - 180 roof gaps, crazy barspin stuff, huge bunnyhops - I've never seen a rider with that kind of style. He only does a few tricks though... it's unique to say the least. 1st place, Tony Mortenson deserved the $2000 he won, with some pretty nice editing, and huge riding.
Overall, this DVD is well worth it. Some of the clips are hard to see because of (what I think is) poor editing and video quality, but everyone's riding totally makes it worthwhile. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity and send in videos of themselves. There's nothing to lose, a shitload to gain. - Oh yeah, get this video... at Albes.com... as soon as possible. 9 outta 10.

Pro flatland: 1.Trevor Meyer $500 2.Andy Cooper $300

Am street and park
1.Andrew Clinkscales 2.Nick Lucas 3.Billy Schneider 4.Mark Pappas 5.Kenny Horton 6.CJ Davis 7.Taylor Trygstad 8.Pat Boyle 9.Devin Feil 10.Hershal Lynn 11.David Advent

Pro street and park 1.Tony Mortenson 2.Benny Polaschek 3.Lucas Hastey 4.Jason Levy 5.Karl Hinkley
aspire bmx round 1

Billy Schneider Aspire one video part.
ASPIRE round 2
The 2nd round of the Aspire BMX video contest is going from Nov 1st, 2003 to March 1st, 2004.

Sponsors: Standard bikes, UGP, Demolition, C4BMX, Inopia, Stolen clothing, Harvest, Square one, Good times superstore, Shadow conspiracy.

The video premiere for the 2nd round will take place at Area 51 Skate Park in Appleton Wisc. (June 5th). Also a second premiere party has been added, Chenga 2 on the 11th of June.

DVD only, 2 and 1/2 hours long: 50 minute video, 1 /12 hours of bonus footage. Bonus footage includes all riders that entered the contest ( 51 entries), Commercials from Baco (so dam funny youll piss your self), Primo, Inopia, Limitless films, and stolen clothing, Highlights from Round One, Intro, Andrew Clinkscales, Jason Levy, Tony Mortenson and extended video part from 1st place flatland Terry Adams (10 minutes long,  it's going to change the way people look at flatland)

Amateur overall1.Ben Hittle (Primo) 2.Zack Warden (Demolition) 3.John Devlin (Shadow) 4.Eric Holley (Standard) 5.Kenny Horton (Demolition) 6.Mike Corts 7.Kyle Stark  8.Anthony Larocca 9.Albert Carlson 10.Eric Caauwe 11.David Seavey 12.Tom Kerchinski 13.Taylor Trygstad 14.Billy Schneider 15.Ben Griswold 16.Will Keister 17.Jesse Hapka 18.Brenton Lindenberge 19.John Dunlap 20.Brian Eidet 21.Reed Stark 22.Jon Nothem 23.Jason Minor 24.David Guthrie 25.Josh Zumdahl 26.Neil Sollenberger 27.Dallas Weimer

Pro flatland 1.Terry Adams ($600.00) 2.Scott Powell ($300.00) 3.Trevor Meyer ($150.00)

Pro overall 1.Brian Kachinsky ($2000.00) 2.Jason Levy ($1000.00) 3.Brandon Hoerres ($750.00) 4.Bryon Striker ($500.00) 5.Dustin Griess ($250.00) 6.Cole Todorovich 7.Tom Haugen 8.Jordan Stewart 9.Eric Marlis 10.Chris Dachel/John Gains 11.Landon Anderson 12.Justin Simpson 13.Sequoyah Faulk 14.John Saxton 15.Mark Murphy 16.Karl Hinkley 17.James Lukas 18.CJ Davis 19.Sean Logan 20.Frank Stewart 21.Russell Wadlin

www.bmxunion.com, january 2013: Brian Kachinky’s part consists of footage from the streets of Madison, Wisconsin and some of the legendary Midwest skateparks that are no longer around like Undercover, 4Seasons Madison and Area 51. This was definitely one of the parts that really put Brian on the map, even though at the time of this he was already riding for UGP and Standard.
thecomeup.com, january 2013: Can you believe that first crash? Can you believe that was the first ever pegs to hanger down a rail, setting the stage for thousands of imitators to totally ruin that trick by doing it without a kink? Amazing section from an amazing guy.


Brian Kachinky’s part.

Jason Levy.

Dustin Griess. Aspire BMX Video Contest. Spring 2004. 5th Place Pro. $250. Mailbox Shot? I didn't want training wheels, I balanced fine, my steering wasn't too great. 1989.
ASPIRE round 3
Round three starts MAY1st, 2004 to Sept 1st, 2004.
Something new for round three: Beginner class $25 entry fee, Up to 1 minutes in length, top winner will be in the Aspire video, Prize package for top 3 winners, All Beginners that enter will receive a Aspire video.

Pro overall: 1.Ben Snowden/Walter Pieringer $2000.00 (Best Edited video-Walter Pieringer $500.00) 2.Eric Holley/Kyle Stark $1000.00 3.Chris Gerber/ Ryan Meyer $750.00 4.Kevin Clark/Lee Sherman $500.00 5.Mike Saavedra/Lee Sherman $250.00 6.Mark Mulville/ Pat Gaeraghty 7.Bryon Striker/Scott Powell 8.Nick Anderson/Kyle Stark 9.Jason Perz/James Gull

Pro Flatland: 1.Scott Powell

Amateur Overall: 1.Mark Pappas/Ryan Meyer 2.Cody Bowers 3.Ryan Flesch/ Brian Macaione 4.Quinten Carston/Taylor Trygstad, Eric Holley, Seth Peterson 5.Jovanny Benitez/Dustin Waits 6.Johnny Stevens/Finley Richey 7.John Proppe/ Nick Fern, Dustin Maddocks 8.Baily Newbrey/Matt Larson 9.Rickey Bates 10.Billy Shnidier 11.Seth Peterson/Quinten Carston, Taylor Trygstad 12.Eric Caauwe/Eric Caauwe 13.Jeremy Krants/Jeremy Krants 14.Jake Seeley/Jason Morris 15.Nigel Sylvester/Nigel, Pat O, Riely 16.Cody Cole/ 17.Taylor Trygstad/Taylor, Quinten Carston 18.Reed Stark/Kyle Stark 19.Mickey Elias 20.Chris Bates/Michael Rothschild 21.George Boyd 22.Jason Minor/Justin Downey 23.Trey Jones/Johnny Devlin 24.Charlie Crumlish/Matt Kopracki 25.Dan Viktora

Beginner: 1.Dallas Weimer/Billy Shnidier 2.Chris Pollack

Enjoy this fantastic trailer of the movie Aspire BMX Round 3. Music by J. Ralph.