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"Poor Boy was my nickname in college. Jay Miron changed it to rich boy though - if he only new how broke I was ..."
Loose Change
First release from Poorboy in 1993. 24 minutes long. Features lots of local Texas footage, plus Joe Rich, Chad Degroot and Stuart King at the Hoffman Bikepark contest.

Eric, www.23mag.com, december 2003: Merci à la famille Dehove qui m'a envoyé cette vidéo qui vient tout droit du creux de la vague. Le contenu est un joyeux mélange d'images amateurs prises sur les contests avec des sections de riders auxquelles ont été ajouté quelques extraits du meilleur de la télévision américaine. Le montage et le doublage son sont faits de magnétoscope à magnétoscope. On retrouve dans cette vidéo de bons passages des BS contests de l'époque et notamment celui d'Oklahoma City où Matt Hoffman s'envole sur son quarter de 21 pieds et où Jay Miron s'explose en flip spine. Chad Degroot est au sommet avec ses darksides et autres enchaînements bien à lui. La section de Joe Rich se limite à des images au Hoffman bikepark mais reste agréable à regarder. La musique est elle aussi d'époque et très rock'n roll: Rage against the Machine, Descendents, Pennywise, Pegboy, Green Day, Helmet/House of Pain: Judgement Night, Beasty Boys. A voir.
poorboy loosechange
Heavy Metal Thunder
Released in 1994. 26 minutes.

Poorboy's 2nd video. Riding by Ed Koenning, Steve Roy, Day Smith, Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich, Chad DeGroot and Luc-E. Footage from Austin, SCRAP, Rampage & various Hoffman contests.

Taj Mihelich, taj.transworld.net, january 2009: To be entirely honest I was always a little embarrassed by this video part. It was one of those parts where my friends just got kind of scabbed it together out of footage from us riding and contests. Not a very serious part since I rode for UGP instead of Poorboy. Pretty funny clip of me falling on the deck of a ramp and mashing poor Mel Cody’s groceries though.
poorboy heavy metal thunder

Day Smith.

Steve Roy.
Released in 1995.

Ride BMX US june 1995: Every one of Poor Boys videos gets better. Their latest s titled 500 Miles and its a virtual cornucopia of different riders and different riding styles.
FLAT: The majority of the flatland in 500 Miles is taken care of by Canadian pro Steve Roy and the ever lovable Chad Degroot. A Texan named Matt Gipson also rides flat.
DIRT/STREET: Big street and dirt sessions are handled by Austin locals Ed Koenning and Ron Kimler. Both of these guys deserve this coverage.
RAMP: The real star of 500 Miles is the UK's Stuart King. Stu gets crit at the skatepark in Dallas, plus provides plenty of trickery in his native land of England. Other UK footage is pretty plentiful including the King of Concrete and other random spots. Like every bike video these days, there is some BS footage, but original shots make up the majority. As I said before, this is Poor Boys best video yet.
poorboy 500 miles

Chad Degroot's brakeless part.
Released in 1996.
Riders: Dave Osato, Steve Roy, Ed Koenning, Ron Kimler, Steve Swope, Stuart King and many more.

BMX Plus! september 1996: Poor Boy's new video, "BMX-Men" () is out, and it's ripping. There is a lot of good vert, flatland, street and mini ramp riding in the video, but the best parts in the video come from Mike Escamilla and dave Osato. Rooftop goes crazy with street moves in San francisco while Osato rules his local mini ramp up in Canada.
poorboy bmxmen

Claybom24, www.youtube.com, february 2012: 1996 - Poorboy - BMX-Men (full movie)