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American Muscle
A forty minutes long Props production (Chris Rye and Marco Massei) released in 1997.
Starring: Allan Foster, Brian Foster (big 360), Pat Dehme, Timmy Strelecky, Dave Osato (downside icepick ou toothpick, toothpick over the spine and back), Joey Garcia (long manuals), Pat Miller, Sean Peters (spastic forward karl kruzer on the pedal), Jay Miron (720 full barspin and double flip on Woodward's "safe landing" jump, 540 turndown, tailwhips, boomerang air, 900 on vert, 540 tailtap and high 360 spine).
Locations: US East Coast, Canada, Woodward, Spain (Madrid)

Ride BMX UK june 1997: We've been waiting to see this video for a long while, basically because the Schwinn American team is about as stacked as it gets, with possibly the most stylish riders on the scene. We're talking about the Foster brothers, Joey Gercia, Matt Pohlkamp, Pat Miller, and even Jay Miron - and there's more too. Each rider gets a section, it all kicks off with Brian Foster ruling at Sheep Hills; the 40 minute tape busts out with the Schwinn team hitting up locations all over the US. Definitely watch out for Jay Miron, 'cause his section will blow your skull: his vert riding at Woodward Camp is boggling, tailwhip airs 9ft out, stuck variations, and a pulled 900 [mind you, he was doing these back in 1989 on a Bully with Tuffs]. Then he hits the Woodward jumpbox - the biggest 360s ever, including one-footed-to-barspin 360 [yes...], tweaked indian 360s, a 720 with a barspin thrown in [yes...], and yes indeed - pulled double backflip jumps. Pulled. Smooth. Twice. The Schwinn video is fairly well put together in the usual Props style, and it's well worth it. Priced £19.00 from Schwinn shops, or about £28 from Props dealers [hmm...]

Chapman, www.ewirezine.com: American Muscle was a disappointment. I had expected so much more -maybe not the best video I'd even seen, but definitely more interesting than this. You'd guess that the Schwinn riders -which includes Jay Miron, Dave Osato, Sean Peters, and Joey Garcia -coupled with Props production would result in a can't-miss video. The review in Ride would make you think so, but the whole feeling of American Muscle is rushed. It seems like they wanted a video done quickly, so they filmed like mad for a two weeks and scrounged together some other footage -the end result is a video with a lack of heart. Almost all the ramp footage was shot at Woodward (a good place to ride, indeed), and the dirt sections seem like they're all at the same trails. Which brings me to my next complaint: there's too much dirt jumping. Hey, dirt's cool as shit and I have total respect for those riders, but exactly how many tables, turndowns and rhythm sections do I need to see in a single videos? (And by EVERY rider, for that matter.) You dirt jumpers will love it, but I'd rather have seen more variety. Another thing you jumpers will love: the flatland section in American Muscle is minuscule. I was watching the video and thought "Here we go" when Sean Peters' section started. Three tricks later, it was over. No lie: THREE tricks! Yee-ha! Luckily, Sean does a few more strings at the end of the video. And speaking of the end of the video, the last half seemed like total filler. The first 20 minutes featured individual sections for each rider. After that, it seemed like someone said "This isn't long enough to justify charging $25 -toss in some more stuff." So they tacked on basically more of what you've already seen. Music-wise, the soundtrack's okay, but whoever made the decision to use "Hotel California" should be have their testicles put in a vise.
Now that I've totally trashed American Muscle (oh yeah, two of the best riders in this video are Canadian), let me make sure you know that it really is a good video. Although the filming seems rushed, the editing is very well done. Some of the jumping is amazing (Joey Garcia's section -which also includes most of the street stuff in the video- is great), the few tricks by Sean are cool (especially his spastic forward karl kruzer on the pedal), and Dave Osato is helping to bring lip tricks to a new level. And of course Jay Miron's section (which starts off with a song from the movie Rad -hilarious!) has some of the most amazing riding ever done: everything he does is SO high, stretched and fast! From technical lip tricks (fakie whip nosepick, decade tailtap) to HUGE airs on vert (540 turndown tailwhips, boomerang air, 900). And the stuff he does on Woodward's "safe landing" jump is insane, including a 360 with a tailwhip, 720 with a barspin, and a double backflip!
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