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Freedom est un magazine allemand.
Ralph Maier, Kay Clauberg et Klaus Dyba donnent naissance au premier numéro pendant l'été 1993.
Le tirage est de 15000 exemplaires en 1995.
lars gforer freedom bmx summer 1993 issue 1 - summer 1993 (1)
Lars Gförer on the cover.
Backyard Jam 1993.
KOD in Slagharen.
Bike test: Standard Shorty.
Sequences: 360° canadian nosepick by Stephan Prantl, Peg-decade by Chase Gouin, Barspin 270° to smith stop, Icepick to fakie.
Peter Jandt interview.
40 pages noir et blanc.
Tiré à 1000 exemplaires et distribué sur les contests.
jerry galley freedom bmx autumn 1993 issue 2 - autumn 1993 (1)
Jerry Galley en tabletoped 360 on the cover.
1993 Deutcsche Meisterschaft.
Marc Matter and Boris Vnuk interviews.
Fat Jam.
Worlds à Limoges, France.
China roadtrip and interviews with Day Smith and Rob Nolli.
Sequences: front flip, Todd Lyons' flip.
60 pages noir et blanc.

2000 copies. 40% sold to shops, 40% subs, promotion, ... 20% sold at contests/jams.
axel reichertz freedom bmx winter 1993 issue 3 - winter 1993 1994
Axel Reichertz on the cover.
Christmas Jam.
Albert Retey Interview.
Darmstadt Contest.
BS Final Chicago.
Axel Reichertz Interview.
karl-heinz arnoldy freedom bmx spring 1994 issue 4 - spring 1994
Cover: Karl-Heinz Arnoldy.
Mönchengladbach, USA und Hamburg Contests, Thomas Grundheber, Ralf Pozar und Marco Meisborn Interview, das ist meine Cola!
lionel cardoso freedom bmx summer 1994 issue 5 - summer 1994 (1)
Lionel Cardoso on the cover.
1994 Backyard jam.
Interviews with Stephan Prantl (Canadian nosepick sur une barrière de mini), Thomas Fritscher and John Parker.
DM Nürnberg.
KJP Contest.
München Jam.
Road Trip England und Ungarn.
72 pages noir et blanc
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK, october 1994: The new issue of Freedom magazine is now out and it's bigger than ever. Even though it's all b/w, there's 72 pages of great German BMX stuff, quality photos and quality layout. It's totally rad, and even though it's produced on a "lame PC" it's well worth talking about. Not generally available over here but if you do bump into one of thethree editors hand over £1.50 and buy an issue - even if you don't speak german.
julia kraft freedom bmx autumn 1994 issue 6 - autumn 1994
Cover: Julia Kraft.
Worlds 1994 Northbrigade Cologne.
Trier Contest.
BS Contest Oklahoma City.
München Contest.
Paul Osicka Interview.
Alex Bender Interview.
York Jam.
Fat Jam.
martin drost freedom bmx winter 1994 issue 7 - winter 1994/95
Martin Drost truckdriver over a spine on the cover.
Christmas Jam Kopenhagen
Chicago BS Finals.
Leif Valin.
Wolfgang Penzler
jay miron freedom bmx june 1995 issue 8 - june july august 1995
Jay Miron on the cover.
Luzern Contest
Kaiserslautern Contest
Jay Miron interview.
Andreas Kittel
Eduardo Terreros Interview.
München Jam.
New logo.
chad degroot freedom bmx september 1995 issue 9 - september october november 1995
Chad DeGroot on Dave David Freimuth's bike on the cover.
KJP Contest
Chemnitz Jam
1995 Backyard Jam.
Hamburg Contest
Interviews: Taj Mihelich, Steffen Tamme.
Road Trip USA.
andreas kittel freedom bmx december 1995 issue 10 - december 1995 january february 1996
Andreas Kittel superman on the cover.
Nürnberg + München Contest.
DM Köln.
Beerfelden Jam.
Interview: Richie Rich, Standard Army (Kurt Schmidt, Dave Freimuth und Chad Degroot), Pat Miller.