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Sources: Ride BMX UK, server.byke.org/ukflat, Cream, Soul, 23mag, www.global-flat.com, www.theflatlander.com, fatboy972, ...
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1972 Date of birth: august 2, 1972.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA.
early years 2nd place 16-17 expert flatland @ 1989 AFA Masters finals, Los Angeles, California.
1992 Interview in Ride BMX US october 1992.
Day Smith: I ride everyday, and I work at a bike shop, Bellflower Bike shop. I hope Standard sponsors me.
1993 July, Day is doing shows in China with Bart de Jong, Stephan Prantl, John Parker, Rob Nolli, Chris Young, Todd Seligman and Pat Miller.

Interview in BMX Plus! september 1993.

2nd place stuntmen flat @ 1993 BS round 3, Oklahoma City, september 1993.
After the contest, Hoffman Bikes hooked Day Smith up with a quick sponsorship.
day smith

day smith
1994 1st place stuntmen flat @ 1994 BS round 2 Kansas
Day Smith took the first place in stuntmen flat for the first time. His run included a steamroller to 'round the side of the bars' to half packer to rolling wheelchair back to halfpacker to jump to cross (and one) footed halfpacker along with unbelievably contorted catapults and a backward catapult.

Poor Boy Heavy Metal Thunder video.

Baco 5 Homosexuals video.

Poor Boy Heavy Metal Thunder.
1995 Interview in Props #8 may 1995.

Sean McKinney, Nate Hanson and Day Smith were working in the Primo warehouse to help them getting into the freestyle side of the sport. They were just a race component company at the time.
Sean McKinney, Ride BMX UK april 1997: It all started with that V-Monster tyre. Me and Day Smith approached the owner of Primo, told him all of his imitation BMX components are lame, they suck and nobody wanted it, why are they fooling themselves, let's do something with freestyle.

2nd place pro flatland @ 1995 BS round 2, Hampton, Virginia, july 1995.
Steamroller to halfpacker.

Madd Matt video.

Day Smith's clip from Madd Matt.
1996 3rd place pro flatland @ 1996 BS round 1, South Padre Island, march 1996.
Day Smith took third. Pinky squeaks to cross footed mccircles.

Interview de Day Smith dans BMXicos numéro 0, juin 1996.

2nd place pro flat @ 1996 Freestyle Worlds, Cologne, Germany.

2nd place pro flatland @ 1996 BS round 3, Chicago, august 1996.
Day rode most of the day without a shirt, but put a Split one on for the contest. His cross footed hitchhiker links looked especially nice with this shirt.

3rd place pro flatland @ 1996 BS finals, San Diego, California, september 1996.
Day Smith now rides for Split clothing. Day also rode amazingly, did a lot of one kick tricks, and took third.

Interview de Day Smith dans Power octobre 1996.

Day Smith is designing a flatland tyre for Odyssey called the Bermuda Signature.
1997 8th place pro flatland @ 1997 BS round 1, Providence, RI, march 1997.

Until Monkeys Fly video.

10th place pro flat @ 1997 X-Games.

2nd place pro flat @ 1997 KOC.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: Hoffman -or was it Odyssey? flew Day over for the contest, and to be honest he didn't looked as dialled as I expected. Day touched a few times, but did have some damned hard moves along the way. His style is solid and fast, what do you expect from someone who rides with the Fugitives all the time back home?

2nd place pro flatland @ 1996 BS round 4, Seal Beach, California, august 29-31, 1997.
Second place went to Day Smith, who had some of the best runs l've seen him turn in. Day glided cross-footed stick bitches, foward rope-a-ronis to upside down decades, hang 5s to wheelchairs to hitchhikers... Day was on. Word up, yo...

Sax's Final Orbit.
day smith koc 1997
1997 KOC.
1998 Day Smith en couverture du premier BMXicos en kiosques, mars 1998.

3rd place pro flatland @ 1998 BS round 1, St Petersburg, Florida.
Day Smith snapped a brake cable in the middle of his run and just kept riding anyway pulling everything for third.

1st place flat A @ Championnat de France FFC, Cavaillon, mai 1998.
Day Smith casse sa selle sur un upside down decade et gagne un cadre Mongoose grâce à sa première place.

10th place pro flat @ 1998 X-Games.

Interview de Day Smith dans le 23mag numéro 2.

2nd place pro flatland @ 1998 BS round 4 and finals, Oceanside, California, august 1998.
Day Smith pulled a crossfooted hitchiker to hop over to regular hitchiker to hop off to avoid an ESPN cameraman in the middle of the course.

3rd place pro flat @ 1998 Freestyle Worlds, Portimao, september 1998.

1st place pro flat @ 1998 2Hip Burning bike Festival, november 1998.
Day Smith hit his upside down decade (on the seat) perfectly. He put together two pretty clean runs filled with his powerful, quick front and back wheel links. He also came really close to hitting a crossfooted jump to regular footed hitchhiker.
day smith bmxicos

day smith 23mag 2

day smith 1998 worlds
1998 Worlds. Photo by Kay Clauberg
1999 22th place pro flatland @ 1999 BS round 1, KY.

3st place pro flatland @ 1999 BS round 2, Richmond, VA, may 1999.

Art Thomason, www.theflatlander.com: Day Smith made the biggest come back in BS history. He went from 22nd in KY to 1st in VA! He was on fire! His first trick was a hang 5 to backpacker to crackpacker to hitchhiker. He also pulled a one handed hang nothing (with his knee on the frame) to a circle K in the same position. He didn't forget to bust his upside down decade on the seat either. This was his first time to win an ESPN comp (I think) and it was definitely well deserved.

6th place pro flat @ 1999 X-Games.

in Ride BMX US november 1999
day smith
Photo by Brad McDonald.
2000 16th place pro flat @ 2000 Freestyle Worlds, Cologne, Germany.
Day Smith foire tout son run et part dégouté avant la fin.

Intrikat Connect video.
Lee Musselwhite, server.byke.org/ukflat: Day smith busts out with al his mighty power, back packer to crackpacker stepped out to steamroller shuvit to sw steamroller to sw blender 180 pivot to hitchiker brought down on the other side, and of course his x hitchiker jump to regular hitchiker.

NORA Cup #1 flatland rider.
2001 day smith
2002 Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2.

Testimony video.

Interview in Soul #21 august 2002.

Hoffman Bikes Testimony.
2005 Long Beach flatland jam.
Effraim Catlow, www.fatbmx.com: I was especially stoked to see Day Smith busting, like many others I had seen the coverage of him in Ride BMX UK doing the no hand no foot hang five, well that combo is ridiculous, rolling for at least 30 feet in circles, add no footed elbow glides in spastic circles, and a crazy one handed pedal steam in straight line to spinning (not like Desroche before you think that) rides in one handed, Day proved that he’s back, although I think he probably never went away it was inspiring to see. Day ruled the jam.
2006 Day Smith’s Quamen G6 setup is revealed in the Pro bike check of Ride BMX UK january 2006.

Interview de Day Smith dans Soul juin 2006. Le retour.
2007 Smith began riding for hitmanbikes in summer of 2007. He helped design the Hitman Judas frame. 
2008 www.agoride.com, october 2008: Day smith, roule désormais pour la marque Hitman sur son nouveau cadre le Judas; 100% sanko chromoly. 1,8kg. Top tube 19 ''. Angle direction 75°. Angle tube de selle 71,75°. Longueur arrière 12,75''. BB height 11,75''.

www.streetmafiabmx.com worldwide co sponsored Day Smith him and featured him on main webpage.  
2009 Summer 2009, he began designing Day Smith hand knitted beanies being sold thru www.streetmafiabmx.com to fund his bmx lifestyle as well as school shows (the roots of bmx) & catching up on web edits. 
Day Smith HITMAN EDIT from matt leviege on Vimeo, september 2009.
2010 Due 2010 a new signature version flatland frame is due out by Hitman Bikes.
dejouner, www.youtube.com, august 2010: Day smith flatland.