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1971 DOB: november 9, 1971.
early years Dave started riding in his parents' basement in Appleton, Wisconsin—soon progressing to wedge-ramps and eight-foot quarterpipes.
Dave Freimuth, Transworld BMX february 2004: I honestly got a BMX bike way later than most people. My brother and I had ten-speeds to ride back and forth to the little league baseball. The park where we played ball was the firt place I saw guys doing tricks on BMX bikes. That was 1985; I've been hooked since.

Indoor nosepick pic.
Dave Freimuth, www.colonybmx.com.au, december 2007: Me practicing my nosepicks (they were called “endo’s” back then) already in 1985 wearing my brand new AirJordan rip-offs, and my mothers jeans! Yep, I rocked girls jeans all the way back in 85. And then you know what… I got over it! You should too! Oh, and yes, that’s my first bike, a chrome Hutch Wind Styler. I actually wanted a white Hutch Trick Star. And I really wanted real AirJordans too. Also, it would have been nice to have a real “NO FEAR” sticker so I didn’t have to write it on the back of my number plate with a marker.

Trips to the Rampage park in Iowa heavily influenced Dave's direction toward mini-ramp-riding. He entered sponsored life with Gear n' Up Bike Shop in Neenah, Wisconsin, followed later by Shuvit, Standard and Baco.

Dave Freimuth, undergroundproducts.com: My first clip in a video was Baco 3. I just happened to be home from college for the summer and rode with the Baco guys all the time. Later that year I ended up having a small part in “A Few Good Men”. I didn’t even know I was going to be in it until I saw the finished copy.
dave freimuth 1989
1992 Dave: The first contest I ever won was a mini-ramp contest at Rampage in 1992 or so.
1994 1st place stuntboys street @ 1994 BS round 2, Kansas, may 1994
In stuntboys street Dave Freimuth mixed tech and big tricks together very nicely. One example was his incredible no footed toothpick on the ten foot vert wall. First place.
1996 Mike Rooftop Escamilla asked Dave to join the Etnies fold at the South Padre BS contest in march 1996. He was getting free shoes from Vision at the time, but jumped at the chance to ride for Etnies.
1997 DK.
During summer 1997, Dave switched from Standard to ride for DK.

Canadian nosepick on the cover of Props #20 july august 1997

UGP Face Value video.
dave freimuth props 20
Wallride on the cover of Ride BMX UK #37 october november 1998

DK Damn Kids video.
dave freimuth ride bmx uk 10 1998
2001 Interview: Ride BMX US april 2001

Cover: Ride BMX US may 2001

1st place pro park @ Primo La Revolution Contest, East Coast Terminal, Binghamton, NY, may 26-27 2001.
Dave: La Revolution contest at Binghamton was the first pro contest I've ever won.

6th place pro street @ FISE 2001, France.

UGP Mission of nonsense video.

October 2001, Dave Freimuth is back in Wisconsin and getting his park ready for the yearly Baco contest/party. Lots of people will be there for that and the La Revolution contest the following weekend. It should be a week of mayhem up there.
dave freimuth ride bmx us 05 2001

dave freimuth 2001
2002 SNAFU.
Dave Freimuth is riding for SNAFU.
dave freimuth worlds
worlds 2002
2003 www.macneilbmx.com, march 2003: Dave Freimuth is back in Appleton after a quick trip to California. Other than that, Dave’s just been keeping busy doing some demos and testing his New Signature Frame that will be available soon. Expect a 21” frame that is light and really strong.

Dave Friemuth is getting married.
2004 Dear pro with Dave Freimuth in Transworld BMX february 2004.
2005 Now and then with Dave Freimuth in Ride BMX US june 2005.

Dave, www.macneilbmx.com, december 2005: Area 51 skatepark in Appleton will be closing for good as of December 31st 2005. The entire mall that houses the skatepark has been sold, and will be torn down for condos early this spring. There will be a final farewell BMX jam on New Year's eve, followed by a new years party at the Philing Station in downtown appleton.
2006 Interview in Ride BMX UK february 2006.

Dave Freimuth, www.fatbmx.com, september 2006: As of the end of November I will no longer be riding for Macneil bikes. Due to financial issues Macneil had to make a few cutbacks and I happen to be one of them, Tony Mortenson was another. Everything with Jay Miron and I is as cool as the day he first asked me to ride for Macneil nearly 6 years ago. I wish Jay, Macneil, and all the boys at Ten Pack the best and had a great time working with them all. Even Alistair! I'm already working out details with a possible new bike sponsor so hopefully I'll have some more news for you very soon.

October 2006, after departing the Macneil camp, Dave's found a new home on Clint Millar's Colony BMX team.