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1972 DOB: 29 juin 1972
early years FREESTYLIN.
Rob Nolli: I got into riding in 1984, when I got the first issue of Freestylin' magazine for my birthday. I already had a bike, and I just wanted to try everything I saw the pros doing in the magazines. Everything. I mostly rode flatland, but I had built a dirt jump in my back yard, a wedge ramp in my driveway, and a quarter pipe in the back of the house. The only aspect I never really got into was racing. There was not a track around were I lived.

Rob Nolli: My first sponsor was in '88 a local bike shop in Stuart, FL. They paid for me to enter all of the local AFA contests.
1991 GO.
Photo dans Go september 1991.
1992 Poster & interview: Ride BMX US #2 december 1992
Do you want to learn flips ? No.

4th place stuntmen street @ 1992 BS round 5, september 5-6, 1992, Stone Edge Skatepark, Daytona, FLORIDA.
1993 UGP.
Rob Nolli: UGP was my first real sponsor. Ron Bonner gave me clothes and helped me with entry tees for all of the early Hoffman contest. It was a one hundred dollar entry fees and you had to at least place fourth to get your money back.

Rob Nolli: April 1993, I was at the Hoffman contest in Shimmersville PA, and was introduced to Woody Itson, the new team manager for GT. I spoke with him at the contest and immediately sent him a resume and video. It started out by getting bikes, and then in the summer of '94 he called me and asked me to go on an 18-day tour in China with Bart de Jong, Stephan Prantl, John Parker, Day Smith, Chris Young, Todd Seligman and Pat Miller.

Interview in Freedom #2 autumn 1993.
Rob Nolli: I went on summer tour with Dave Voelker, and Billy Newman. Summer tour was always something I had heard stories about, wanted to do, and finally got the chance to.

Interview with Rob Nolli in 20inch issue 4 video.

3rd place stuntmen street @ 1994 BS round 3, September 3-4, 1994, Hoffman Bikepark, Oklahoma City, OK.
BMX Plus! january 1995: Rob Nolli pulled 720s, no foot to tailwhip, 540 over the spine pulled clean. (...) Rob Nolli has been ripping all year long in the Stunt Men mini/street class and his third-place finish at this contest helped to put him in close contention for the year-end title. Will Nolli be able to win the class? Will he start riding vert to go for the overall title? Can we possibly run any more photos of him doing tailwhips? Stay tuned.
rob nolli tailwhip bs bmx oklahoma
1995 PROPS.
Rob Nolli interview and superman on the cover of Props video magazine march april 1995.

Rob Nolli busts a flip over a spine on the page of contents of BMX Plus! june 1995.

1st place stuntmen street @ 1995 BS round 2, july 8-9, 1995, Hampton, Virginia. First place went to Rob Nolli tailtap to nosepick to busdriver, nose manual to barflip, a flip over the box and a 540 busdriver out of a nosepick over the spine.

UGP, Superstitious video.
Ride BMX US october 1995: If you like Rob Nolli, then you'll love Superstitious.(...) Nolli tailwhips, barflips, and even flatlands enough to satisfy any GT riding, UGP wearing, stunt riding enthusiast.

The "table of contents" page of BMX Plus! december 1995 went to Rob Nolli with a clicked turndown.
rob nolli superman props bmx 7
1996 VIDEO.
Highroller 5: Beer, sex, BMX video.

3rd place street @ 1996 X-Games, Newport, Rhode Island.
Mark Losey, BMX Plus! october 1996: Rob Nolli made GT proud by staying consistent (i.e., going to the top tube on tailwhips), ending his last run by pulling the flip transfer into the spine that broke his leg at the last contest. Third place and $1600 for Nolli. (...) Rob Nolli was on fire during his street runs, and to help put out the fire, Rob was planning to jump from the box jump into the water next to it for his last trick. ESPN said that anyone hitting the water would be kicked out for the week, but then TonyHawk did it on a skateboard and ESPN Ioved it. Go figure.
rob nolli 1996 x-games park
1997 VIDEO.
UGP Face Value video.

GT Dead Sailor video.
5th place pro street and 8th place pro vert @ 1999 Gravity games, july 15-23,1999, Providence, RI.
Nolli rode solid in the vert finals and pulled a burly new lip trick; nosewheelie to barspin in.
1st place pro @ 2000 UGP Roots jam, Orlando, Florida.
Glenn, www.ridebmx.com, april 2000: Rob Nolli took first in pro with 360 tailwhips and boomerang airs, plus a lot more.

Rob Nolli dealt with numerous stitches in his thigh from a double tailwhip gone wrong in Vert prelims.

No footed toothpick on the cover of BMX Plus! september 2000.
bmx plus rob nolli
2nd place pro @ 2001 UGP Roots jam, Orlando, Florida, april 11th-12th, 2001.

www.fatbmx.com, october 2001: All people at Schwinn/GT got fired after Pacific Cycles bought the company.
Interview in BMX Rider UK may 2004.
2014 100+ TRICKS.
1 Skate Park 2 sessions 100+ park tricks by Rob Nolli. Bmxtrickstars Floridas first traveling Bmx stunt team Bmxtrickstars.com filmed by Dave Brumlow.