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lindsay brown 2020 bmx 10 issue 10 - winter 2003
Issue 10, has a flame enveloped Lindsay Brown fuf'n his local, Knox bowl. He scores the major interview with good reason, he has ripped for longer than anyone in Aus and isn't slowing down. Act.Three, our rider run jam in the nations capital, A poster with Luke Fink. And Clint Millar takes us thru why Down Under is coming up, following the tales of the top Aus riders around the world today.
kym grosser 2020 bmx 11 issue 11 - spring 2003
Issue 11 brings us Kym Grosser pegging a massive pool in Melbourne (and he has found 4 bigger rideable ones in the last 4 weeks...) on the cover and more pool shots inside than any other mag I reckon. Luke Parslow gets the major interview, there are 4 pullout posters and a truckload of mental riding in the biggest issue to date, including a comprehensive look at getting sponsored in Aus...
colin mackay 2020 bmx summer 2003 issue 12 - summer 2003
Colin MacKay flip turndown on the cover. Photo: Graeme Pereira.
Interview of the real Aggroman Eddie Roman.
Orchid shoes: the lodown from Mr Adams.
Bobby Carter, Tony Newton and Pete Majoinen interviews.
Get yourself a skatepark.
2020 vision.
Insight: Graeme Pereira.
Ballarat newest indoor park.
How to: curved wallride.
ryan guettler 2020 bmx 13 issue 13 - autumn 2004
Ryan Guettler on the cover. Photo: Jamie Mahon.
2020 vision: Anyone superstitious ?
Haro's 25 years of freestyle: Bob Haro and Jim Ford interviewed by Bart de Jong.
Amsterdam's Flatground.
Michael Bielecki interview.
BMX Games.
Ryan Guettler interview.
Small town minds: Josh Ticks, Marcus J. Rowsell and Chris Matthews interviews.
Insight: Chris Polack.
Back to the Beast.
How to: x-up and 360.
jose 2020 bmx 14 issue 14 - winter 2004
José on the cover.
2004 BMX Worlds.
Red Bull 3 Degrees.
DIY: Backyard ramps.
How US mail order is killing bmx in OZ.
luke fink 2020 bmx 15 issue 15 - spring 2004
Luke Fink on the cover.
Luke Fink interview.
Rider owned operations.
How to disaster and 540 nosepick.
luke parslow 2020 bmx 16 issue 16 -summer 2004 2005
Luke Parslow on the cover.
www.2020bmxmag.com.au: Issue 16 has our 1st DVD production, named Hindsight. Will get you guys a copy over. Some mental riding including Ryan Guettler interview, scene checks from around Aus and NZ, comp footage, Simon O'Briens Euro travels + Corey Bohan and Luke Weatherall bios.
Inside the mag we feature Australia’s number one vert rider, Matt Fairbairn, in an in depth interview. Heavy Metal Heroes 10 from Brisbane features heavily as does the recent McNeil tour down under. We travel across the Tasman to the southern hemispheres biggest comp of it’s kind, X-Air in New Zealand and uncover the myth of Greenville in the US from the Aussies who live, work and play there... 2020bmxmag’s Australian and New Zealand wide coverage is expanded with a state-by-state news section to keep you informed of what’s happening in your neck of the woods, plus our regulars include the latest in new bikes, accessories and gear, music and DVD reviews to suit all riders tastes and more. Plus there’s a Volume Bikes poster in the middle featuring Brendan Jones.
stuart dolley 2020 bmx 17 issue 17
Stuart Dolley, manualling one of Melbourne's most pristine masonry constructions shot by Zach Musarsa, mistakenly credited wrong to ian.
A taste of the mag includes the Martial One World Ban jam, Shane Badman on the philosophy of riding, the BMX Games, Heavy Metal Heroes pt 11, Adelaide's 20X2 comp and the lowdown on the 3 new Australian designed signature frames from Clint Millar, Mike Daly and Daniel Wallis. Behind Bars profiles Ben Savage, Phil Johnston and Josh Willet proving that the underground is definitely coming up.
We review a stack of music to rip to and a heap of DVD's for when it's raining along with four bikes under a grand from Dragonfly, GT, Norco and KHE.
nick cooper 2020 bmx 18 issue 18
Australian We The People Nick Cooper on the cover. Picture shot by none other than Chris Polack.
Pullout poster of the entire australian & new zealand wtp team including Clint Millar, Pete Radivo, Nick Richardson, Nick Cooper & Dave Manconi. The poster also show cases the entire 2006 range from wethepeople including all the complete bikes, Millar Lite frame, Phoenix frame, Helium forks & bars as well as the new Pi cassette hub.
This magazine hit the stands september 26th around Australia.
corey bohan 2020 bmx 19 issue 19 - december 2005
Corey Bohan on the cover.
Issue 19 comes with our second free DVD, Hindsight 2 gives you another hour and a half of Aussie BMX for free….. Also in this issue we have a Brad Grantham interview, the RedBull dirt jam, Eastern road trip, five rider jam stories, plus all the usual news, products, bikes and other good stuff...