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Place: Cologne (Germany), Jugendpark.
Date: from June 24th to 27th, 2004.

Press release: 600 riders from 26 nationalities met in Cologne to live up to the BMXworlds 2004. More than 30.000 spectators witnessed a barrage of new, progressive and ever more complex tricks in the disciplines dirt, flatland,miniramp, street and halfpipe.
Roofed flatland area with 500 qm wooden floor. All competitors (Experts, Masters or Pros) had one run to qualify for the finals. Experts had two-minute-runs while Masters and Pros had three-minute-runs. 8 riders per class were qualified for the finals.

In the Pro class Akira Okamura from Japan gradually worked his way up to the top. During his runs, you can hardly speak of tricks on a bike, but more of a long flow ofmovements where he and his bike become one. Second place goes to Travis Collier (CAN) and Justin Miller (USA) became third. In the Expert class Manuel Ortiz (GER) hitthe first place, followed by Tividar Làszló (HU) and Pal Vagra (HU).

Side event: Braun Style Combo; on Friday evening the audience experienced an extraordinary flatland event, the Braun Style combo. Each rider had one chance to show his best performance. When he was touching the ground - he was out! Finally it was Michael Steingraeber who met with success after showing fluid and breathtaking run. Best-Trick Flatland 1.Place Michael Sommer from Vienna/ Austria.

Comme en 2002, l'aire de flat était au fond du bazar et finalement, peu de gens allaient jusque là... dommage, d'autant qu'on fini par se demander si ça intéresse même les organisateurs vu qu'ils ont fait la finale master street en même temps que la finale pro flat. Du coup, il fallait choisir
Akira, world champion
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Pros flat results 1.Akira Okamura 2.Travis Collier 3.Justin Miller 4.Terry Adams 5.Alexandre Jumelin 6.Matti Röse 7.Martti Kuoppa 8.Viki Gomez 9.Matt Wilhelm 10.Nathan Penonzec 11.Ryoji Yamamoto 12.Kotaro Tanaka 13.Ed Nussbaum 14.Michael Steingräber 15.Jesse Puente 16.Takuma Kawamura

Masters flat results: 1.Valter Guerrgiro 2.Söre Peter 3.Bram Verhallen 4.Sarlos Peter 5.Markus Reich 6.René Bick 7.James Smith 8.Alesandro Alexandridis 9.Andreas Lindqvist 10.Sytse Winkel 11.Jussi Laukkanen 12.Holger Rupp 13.Sascha Heidemann 14.Milan Haspeklo 15.Aapo Aira

Experts flat results: 1.Manuel Ortiz 2.Tivadar Làszlò 3.Pal Vagra 4.Robin Hartschel 5.Dez Maarsen 6.Alan Pinto Da Silva 7.Baptiste Louis 8.Thomas Amann 9.Plas Mike 10.Karin Bleile 11.Jens Müller 12.Kriston Csaba 13.Alexis Bracke 14.Benjamin 15.Andros Bologh 16.Balazs Holp

Girl flatland results: 1.Karin Bleile 2.Monika Hinz 3.Irana Sadovnik 4.Cristiana 5.Steffi King 6.Nina Gollmann 7.Kathi Bretsch 8.Marie Meuret

La partie dirt était "couillue".... Il y avait deux lignes de bosses, laissant le choix aux gauchers ou aux droitiers de prendre par où ils voulaient. Open dirt results:1.Chris Doyle 2.Corey Bohan 3.Gary Young 4.Ryan Jordan 5.Cory Walters 6.Romuald Noirot 7.Luke Fink 8.Kye Forte 9.Heath Pinter 10.Markus Hampl 11.Sergio Layos 12.Matt MacLeod 13.Fabien Francois 14.(tie)Allesandro Barbero 14.(tie)Moritz Paul 16.Dean Hearne 17.Gareth Wilson 18.Alex Dropsy 19.Francisco Jimenez 20.Christian Ziegler 21.Aze Etzold 22.Nicolas Bertier 23.(tie)Patrick Guimez 23.(tie)Paul Kintner 25.Pedro Seca 26.Colin Mackay 27.Shaun Butler 28.Kevin Guerdner 29.Markus Humer 30.Tomotata Yoshitani 31.Stepan Herink 32.Sig Cools 33.Timothy Bauwens 34.(tie)Stefan Lantschner 34.(tie)Alessandro Tigoni 36.Doe Shelter 37.(tie)Ben Jukes 37.(tie)Hannu Cools 39.David Panka 40.Damien Croce 41.Thomas Bridges 42.Sören Jacobs 43.Ricky Roich 44.Benjamin Poulsen 45.Craig Stevens 46.Nathan Wessel 47.Laurent Koum 48.Pavel Caha 49.Josh Elkington 50.G Pich 51.Mitch Yeates 52.Durieux Olivier
Spine Best-Trick winner: Tobias Wicke.

La très spectaculaire Cory Coffrey écrase la concurrence en street (une nana qui fait un back flip sur un module de street, ça court pas les rues lol).
Pros street results: 1.Gary Young 2.John Heaton 3.Jay Miron 4.Corey Martinez 5.Chris Doyle 6.Colin Mackay 7.Chris Mahoney 8.Markus Wilke 9.Bruce Crisman 10.Tobias Wicke 11.Clint Millar 12.Paddy Gross 13.Ben Wallace 14.Mannu Cools 15.(tie)Taj Mihelich 15.(tie)Dave Mirra 17.Sergio Layos 18.(tie)Luke Fink 18.(tie)Brian Kachinsky 20.Peter Radivo 21.Ben Hennon 22.Pascal Guerard 23.Mike Escamilla 24.(tie)Craig Stevens 24.(tie) Stefan Lantschner 26.Ben Manuel 27.Gareth Wilson 28.Kevin Guerdner 29.Sig Cools 30.Fabien Francois 31.Seth Kimbrough 32.(tie)Francisco Jimenez 32.(tie)Barry Kötne 34.(tie)Lauque Tommy 34.(tie)Markus Fischer 36.Benno Hankowetz 37.Luc Legrand 38.(tie)Kevin Kalkoff 38.(tie)Damien Croce 40.(tie)Serges Geier 40.(tie)Brian Terada 42.Jürgen Funk 43.(tie)Ronnie Surridge 43.(tie)Niels Thanild 45.Allesandro Barbero 46.Christian Ziegler 47.Ross Tanner 48.Dave Freimuth 49.Lance McDermott 50.Benjamin Poulsen 51.Aze Etzold 52.Markus Braumann 53.Mark König 54.Sascha Claußen 55.Durieux Olivier 56.Alex Vazquez 57.Rene Jansen 58.Gabriel Villada 59.Savier Ortega Gomez 60.Pedro Seca 61.Vinny Hunter 62.Ruben Alcantara 63.Volkan Jaeger 64.Sebo Jacob 65.Jimmy Norström 66.Laurent Koum 67.Kevin Porter 68.Joe Rich

Masters street results:
1.Ricki Tribble (GB) 2.André Sagodi (D) 3.Dinng Spicer (AUS) 4.Mark Theaker 5.Romain Souvais (F) 6.Fecit Kirch (D) 7.Andreas Yiacoymis (GR) 8.Vincent Garreau (F) 9.Arto Heikurinen (FIN) 10.Remi Trouillet (F) 11.Jannis Wajerski (D) 12.Lars Bürster (D) 13.Daniel Kuska (D) 14.Tobias Wehlich (D) 15.Lars Dietrich (D) 16.David Manconi (NZ)

Experts street results: 1.Bastian Groß 2.Rafael Adam 3.Matthias Radke 4.Jirari Mehdi 5.Dimitris Katrauidis 6.Jimmy Tolki 7.Jiri Karlik 8.Bruno Hoffmann 9.Janick Wenger 10.Michael Sieren 11.Kevin Landcrecthe 12.Dennis Kicza 13.Stanislawski Patrick 14.Rene Gottschall 15.Jerzy Katafconski 16.Schmitt Harald 17.Rivet Arnaut

Girl street results: 1.Miss Cory Coffey 2.Cindy Vinr 3.Angela Hunt 4.Annica Jonnson 5.Katharina Weinz
Best-Trick Miniramp. Winner: Benno Hankowitz from Austria with a superman-tailwhip. Experts miniramp results: 1.Jirari Mehdi 2.Matthias Radke 3.Collin Terence 4.Rene Scheibe Erfurt 5.Eddy Maczuga 6.Joachim Jaeger 7.Florian Nuesch 8.Martin Zluva 9.Janick Wenger 10.Florian Thomas 11.George Tejkl 12.Bruno Hoffmann

Masters miniramp results:
1.(tie)André Sagodi (D) 1.(tie)Daniel Hunt (AUS) 3.Jan Janecka (CZ) 4.Ryan Elcock (GB) 5.Jocke Olsson (S) 6.Jorge Olveda (MEX) 7.Lars Dietrich (D) 8.(tie)Daniel Tinhof (D) 8.(tie)Arto Heikurinen (FIN) 8.(tie)Dinng Spicer (AUS) 8.(tie)Mikael Malmberg (S) 8.(tie)Ralph Dietrich (D) 13.Lars Bürster (D) 14.Pedro Serrano (E) 15.Karl Pentelow (GB) 16.Kai Kuusisto (FIN) 17.David Brown (AUS) 18.Dominik Oetjen (D) 19.Ricardo Moes 20.Carrez Cedric (F) 21.Jesper Grönlund (FIN) 22.Patrik Baktriangeln (S)

Chris Doyle on the cover of Freedom #59.

Pros miniramp results: 1.Paddy Gross 2.Jay Miron 3.Chris Doyle 4.Kevin Porter 5.Tobias Wicke 6.Luke Fink 7.Clint Millar 8.Taj Mihelich 9.Sergio Layos 10.Brian Kachinsky 11.Damien Croce 12.Joe Rich 12.Mike Escamilla 12.Ruben Alcantara 12.Hannu Cools 12.David Mirra 12.Gary Young 17.Juan Ruiz Carpena 18.Peter Radivo 19.Francisco Jimenez 20.Benno Hankowetz 20.Dave Osato 22.Jonas Malmberg 23.Gareth Wilson 24.Ben Hennon 25.Chris Mahoney
Experts vert results: 1.Tuomo Ilmonen 2.Jean-Marie Bartsch 3.Lars Kirsch 4.Jakub Stadnicki 5.Kryzysztof Wiezgoszewski

Masters vert results:
1.Jan Valenta (CZ) 2.Daniel Hunt (AUS) 3.Mark Theaker (GB) 4.Mark Schneider (AUS) 4.Ryan Elcock (GB) 6.Craig Peters (AUS) 7.(tie)Roger Dorn (D) 7.(tie)Karl Pentelow (GB) 9.(tie)David Brown (AUS) 9.(tie)Dinng Spicer (AUS)

Pros vert results:
1.Simon Tabron 2.Jay Eggleston 3.Tom Stober 4.Zach Shaw 5.Matt Fairbairn 6.Peter Geys 7.Benni Kopp 8.Shaun Eglington 9.Stefan OBG Geissler 10.Ronnie Surridge 11.Achim Kujawski 12.(tie)Ricky Roich 12.(tie)Ronnie Remo 14.Ben Wallace 15.Luke Fink 16.Aze Etzold 17.Lance McDermott 18.Steve Swope 19.Anthony Pill 20.Chris Mahoney

Highest-Air Halfpipe
1.Jay Eggleston USA 10'1/2
2.Simon Tabron GB 10''
3.Benjamin Kopf D 9''
4.Matt Fairbairn AUS 8'1/2
4.Peter Geys B 8'1/2
Jay Miron, www.macneilbmx.com, june 2004: The worlds were pretty nuts. Can't say I was too happy with the set up (shitty street course, shitty coping on the mini, dirt jumps were great but no one could see them because they were in the trees.) As always though everyone made the best of it and totally killed it. With the riders, the great crowd and the parties it was a great weekend.
MacNeil had a bunch of guys in the contest. Bibi, Dave Freimuth, John Heaton, and Gary Young. Axel Jurgens and Benny Korthaus were also there but Axel had just rolled his ankle in Budapest the week before and Benny was still getting over his broken foot. So they just chilled.
Going into the contest I wanted to ride vert more than anything else but for some reason I never ended up riding it at all. Mini was crazy. I rode that ramp a few years ago and could tell that the spine was very jumpable but my back didn't let me really go for it. This year I got to experience it. It was very jumpable. I got 2nd place.
Street was amazing. It was a pretty good contest for MacNeil. Gary 1st, Johnny 2nd me 3rd. Gary and Johnny were amazing to watch. Gary is so good at finding lines through impossible looking stuff and has the confidence to get them done without even warming them up. I love to watch him in action. Johnny has been in a little bit of a slump lately as far as contests go, so it was cool seeing him absolutely kill it. With his 4th in Cardiff and 2nd here I&Mac226;d say the slump is over. I had been eying up a huge 540 gap all weekend and finally let it fly on my last turn. On the first one I crashed pretty hard but no damage, second and third try I put a foot down, forth I ate shit in a big way. There was no fifth try and let's just say that I'm going to sit the first few days out in Roskilde.
Here's a big surprise. Gary got third in dirt. I bet there aren't too many people who knew he could do that. Since it was so hard to see I can't really tell you what he did but it must have been good since first and second went to Chris Doyle and Cory Bohan. Bibi rode well too. He got sixth.