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1983 DOB: july 17, 1983.
www.ryanguettler.com: Born on July 17, 1983 in Beenleigh, Australia, Ryan was the second child to his mom and dad, older brother Terry came 2 years earlier.
early years Ryan Guettler age 4.

www.ryanguettler.com: As a youngster Ryan loved to play video games, listen to music but mostly, like every other little boy, he loved fight with his older brother. However that all changed when at age 7, Ryan picked up a bike for the first time thanks to his babysitter Glenn Stracy. Stracy, instead of having him sit at home and play video games all day, took him to the local skate park to ride. Guettler continued riding his local scene hitting parks, trails, the street, whatever he could find that he could ride, and knowing him, he probably also rode some obstacles that were not meant for riding.
ryan guettler age 4
1991 www.ryanguettler.com: In 1991, when Ryan was 8, he began entering various competitions around Beenliegh. In his first competition, where his mom rented a van and took Ryan and a bunch of his friends on the long drive to Melbourne, Aus, Guettler came out with a win in the 14 and under division. Knowing that they had something unique on their hands, Ryan’s parents kept him riding and competing in contests.
2001 www.ryanguettler.com: In 2001, Colin MacKay noticed him riding and saw major talent in this young rider. MacKay along with HSA invited Ryan to accompany them to ride in the Asian X Games held in Malaysia that year. Ryan won second place, losing only to Colin. The money Ryan won from the competition was saved and later used so he could come to America to really take on the big boys in BMX.
Ryan Guettler is on the cover of BMX Press issue 23 march april 2003.

3rd place pro park @ Global X-Games, may 2003.
Jason a. Davis, www.notfreestylin.com: I would say one of the big surprises of this contest was Ryan Guettler from Austraila taking third place. I might be wrong but I don't remember seeing company listed as his sponsor. That cat beat many riders you have heard of before.
www.ryanguettler.com: Ryan’s first appearance in the United States was at the Global X Games where he won a spot to compete on the Australian team with Colin MacKay. At this competition he placed 3rd behind Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist. He then traveled to Denver to compete in the Vans Triple Crown where he once again placed 3rd. It was there that Ryan picked up his first major sponsorship with Vans. For the rest of the 2003 season, Vans kept him here competing across the US. As Ryan’s popularity continued to increase so did the number of contests he entered as well as his results.

20 questions to Ryan Guettler in Ride BMX UK november 2003.
2004 www.ryanguettler.com: In the summer of 2004, Ryan entered almost every contest on the BMX circuit. Competing regularly with the likes of Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist was no longer just dream, it was a reality. One would think that having these greats around you would cause some nerves to start rattling but not with Ryan. Every competition, every event Ryan rode his heart out proving that he not only deserves to be out there with those names but should be out there. 2004 became Ryan’s best year to date finishing the King of Dirt Championship, dethroning prior champ Ryan Nyquist, and also came in third to Dave and Ryan at the biggest competition of them all, the X Games!! Ryan finished up the 2004 season with the Vans Triple Crown where he took 1st in dirt and 4th in street, ending up 7th overall for the Vans Triple Crown Series.

Ryan Guettler gets an interview and the cover of 2020 magazine issue 13 autumn 2004. Photo: Jamie Mahon.

Ryan Guettler has done opposite 720s both on dirt and park in 2004. He tried a 720 tailwhip and looked like he has landed them before.

Ryan Guettler interview in 2020 magazine issue 16 summer 2004 2005.
ryan guettler 2020 bmx issue 13
2005 www.ryanguettler.com: In 2005 Ryan was officially crowned the 'King of Contests' as anything he entered he was a threat to take home the win. He started the year off with a win at the Asian X Games in Park, where he beat the best of the best in Asia. He then entered into the first stop of the Inaugural Dew Action Sports Tour and took home the win in Park. Next, it was off to Europe for a few competitions over there, including the Rebel Jam in Berlin, Germany where Ryan came out with 1st place in Dirt and in Mini Ramp. From there is was back to the US for the 2nd stop in the Dew Tour where Ryan took 1st in Dirt and Park. Continuing the hot streak, Ryan competed in the X Games for the second straight year and although his name was being thrown around as the one rider who could take it all, he ended up 3rd in Dirt and 4th in Park, much to the dismay of all the fans and most people in attendance. Then it was off to the 3rd stop of the Dew Tour where Ryan came in 1st in Dirt and 3rd in Park. Then came the 4th stop in the Dew Tour, where Ryan wanting to give all the fans in attendance a real show decided to front flip all three jumps in his introductory run, he over rotated his first front flip, missed the pedals and crashed into the next jump and knocked himself out cold. After being carried off the course on a stretcher he regained consciousness in the ambulance, and after being cleared by medical staff to ride, he came out and won the competition. Having to still deal with the after affects of being knocked out, Ryan wasn't able to ride up to his potential in the Park competition but still pulled out a 5th place finish. It was then off to Vegas for the "VANS/Hard Rock 'Let It Ride' BMX Jam" where Ryan again took 1st place in Dirt. To end the season Ryan headed to Orlando for the 5th and final stop of the Dew Tour where he placed 2nd in Dirt and 4th in Park, which got him the overall Dew Tour titles in both BMX Dirt and Park, $150,000 and two Toyota Tacomas. Not a bad way to end the competition season. The best quote to describe this season came from a fellow competitior who said he was not entering the competition because he didn't want his entrance fee to go directly to Ryan Guettler.

Ryan Guettler profile in Ride BMX US may 2005.

Ryan Guettler landed a 720 tailwhip in 2005.

Ryan Guettler tried a frontflip tailwhip on Mellow Park Contest in Berlin in 2005.

End point of Ride BMX US november 2005: Ryan Guettler flairing out of a wallride.

Pro Q&A with Ryan Guettler in Ride BMX US december 2005.
2006 Ryan Guettler is on the cover of BMX Press issue 38 march april 2006. bmx press 38
2010 Ryan Guettler on the cover of BMX Plus! february 2010 with a superman indian whip.

Ryan Guettler under the knife.

Ryan Guettler, www.fatbmx.com, august 2010: Wow what a crazy year 2010 has been. As many of you know, I crashed badly at the Chicago Dew Tour doing a 540. From the crash I suffered a 3rd degree separation on my left shoulder. This only aggravated years of abuse and past injuries to the point that time and basic rehab will not heal the injury to extent I need. Since the Chicago Dew Tour, I’ve ridden in the X Games, HB US Open, and Portland Dew Tour with the injury. Unfortunately now with both shoulders popping out every time I ride, I decided to get X-rays & MRI to find out how to fix what’s going on. I’ve been told by sports doctors the only way to fix the problems with my shoulders, so I can compete without any issues, is to get surgery and have them repaired. Therefore, I will undergo surgery this week. Then I will be fully recovered by end of this year as I’ve been told that it is 4 months of rehab post surgery. That will put me in a good position to return for the start of next season with a healthy body allowing me to compete at 100% once again. I hate that it’s came to this, but I can’t keep riding with this injury and need it fixed now. Thanks for all your support!
ryan guettler bmx plus! 02 2010