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2020 bmx 20 issue 20
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2006: Man, it has never been easier to make a cover. You're probably one of the 20 riders who did score a photo on the front of issue 20 of Australia's finest BMX mag. The mag simply sums up the Australian BMX freestyle scene and this issue has the following items:
008 20 Down: Blah, blah, blah
012 News and assorted happenings. Holy crap, BMX is getting busy. And there's a GT to win
028 State of the Union. East to the West to the North to the South and New Zealand
030 Reformist. Who siad we had minimal flatl coverage?
034 It's all about the 20. A truck load of 20 things.......
050 BMX Games 06. A few hundred riders rock park, flat, vert, spine and dirt.
058 From the streets. Adrian Galaz interview
064 Spinal Disorder. We ran a cool as hell comp at Old Parliament house
068 Behind Bars. Three rippers from the East Coast
074 Beats and Pieces. We watched some DVD's and listened to some CD's
076 Bike Check. Dragonfly, Wethepeople and Norco
078 New products. Keep you and your bike blinging.
082 Last Word. Hell Yeah!

2020 is a full colour magazine on glossy paper that covers BMX freestyle the way it should be covered. Since they're based down under it shows spots and riders that aren't always in the spotlight in the BMX media. That in itself makes 2020 an interesting read. It also makes you want to go there to check it out. FATBMX got listed as one of the 20 websites to waste time on. Thank you very much. In a list full of e-bay, google and myspace type of sites that was good to read. Summer's now officially over in Australia but the 2020 crew should have enough material to make another great issue.
josh stead 2020 bmx 21

2020 bmx 21
issue 21 - 2006
www.safreestyle.com: Two versions this time, one for newsagents and one for subscribers/bike shops that has "BMX Vs Art, shit piss on my back champs". The "BMX V's Art" was originally supposed to say "Cunt Fuck". I can say it here, but on a magazine cover it's not cool. Although "shit piss on my back" is ok?

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2006: What I like about 2020 is the fact that every story in the magazine involves drinking. Yeah we had this contest and the night was fucking rockin'! It's basically what BMX freestyle is about anyway. You ride, you hang out with friends and you party. Issue 21 shows a bunch of Aussie news and assorted happenings, a reformist flatland story, got Dirt? trail jam report and also a Mean Streets battle. The paper is full colour and of great quality and so are the pics. Daniel Dunn gets an interview and the Ghetto jam has arrived down under (C-town). The Cromo Crown contest gets a report as does the Heavy Metal 13 comp listing 13 good things and 13 bad things that happened at HMH 13. If you like step by step photos of tricks so you can learn them you need to turn to page 66. That is if you want to learn a Hurricane. Anton Ayres from Brisbane gets the Bio which is called "Behind bars"in 2020 mag. Colin MacKay's friend Kenji Tsuruta also receives a full page in a sort of Bio thingy and so does Sydney's Troy Charlesworth. Check out the www.fatbmx.com ad on page 73 and that reminds me to remind them to send in that 160 pixel by 40 pixel 2020 banner for the FATBMX media section. Come on guys. Sounds, DVD reviews, premiers, find it on page 74/75. If you're hunting for a new complete bike, page 76 helps explain the Felt Mystic, Redline Mega X/XL and the Fit Team. 4 pages of products follow and then it's time for Last Run.
alex liiv 2020 bmx 22 issue 22 - 2006
The cover features Alex Liiv ripping out a jump across a massive gap.
Elevation + Corey Bohan Interview.
Melbourne Underground.
R.I.P Wentforth Falls.
Zack Miner Interview.
21 Stickers Inside.
clint millar 2020 bmx 23 issue 23
Clint Millar overtoothpick on the cover.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2007: 2020 is keeping me updated on what's happening in Australia at the moment and around this time of the year (their summer), that's a whole lot. Sitting behind the computer getting a magazine together while the rest of your friends are out riding is rough. Add to that a couple of weeks of hospital and head surgery and you understand that life wasn't pretty for editor Matt Holmes. But BMX is strong and is motivating. Matt's drive to finish the mag was bigger than anything else resulting in a fine issue of 2020. Inside you find Heavy Metal Heroes, a Nitai photo profile, Shreddin' lives article, Who the fuck is Alex LiIv, Bio's with Ron Rampton, Jed Mildon, Abelardo Vargas, Malcom Hanslow and Garreth Hedfield. Video and music reviews, how-to's, 2 pages of product reviews, 'zine lookback, photo section, news pages, spot checks and most Australian jam and contest reports. Yup, it covers the Australian BMX freestyle scene
simon obrien 2020 bmx 24 issue 24
Issue 24 of 2020 has our first flatland cover with Simon O'Brien whip hopping on his new signature StMartin frame. This issue has coverage from the BMX Games in Sydney, X-Air in Wellington and the HMH Spinal Disorder comp from Beenleigh in Brisbane. We check out Cam White's back yard jam in Canberra as well as local jams from Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. There are two interviews with Melbourne’s Troy Jackson and Brisbane’s Raphael Williams and a look at Nick Gascoine's photography. There are two scene reports from Cairns and Launceston, we check out the massive skatepark at Reefton on the south island of NZ and take an inside look at new Aussie company Tempered Bikes. Plus there’s all the usual news and info from the Aussie and NZ BMX scene.
nathan saunders 2020 bmx 25 issue 25 - june 2007
- Nathan Saunders lookback on the cover.
- On The Road With Colony
- Shitlucks If You Got It, Bet It’ RoadTrip
- Mackay, Dillewaard & Boham Ride With Fuel TV RoadTrip
- The NewZealand Experience
- BMX 4 Life: Luke Wainman, Shaun Warren, Paul Moffat,…
- PMP Trails, Kevlar Tires & Lotsa Jams

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2007: The Southern Hemisphere is facing winter at the moment. Winter sucks. But 2020 magazine tries to help you get through it. The Australian BMX magazine just came out with their June issue. June is usually the start of summer for us, but not for the Australians. You can imagine that the June issue is packed with events that took place over the '06/'07 Aussie summer. It has Colony's NZ tour, the Morrisey-Crisp trip to X-air, a report on the PMP trails (so dialled), the Red Baron Challenge, Zombie Hop, Rignwood openings, Jay's Jam, Tim Hales day, Kurri Kurri comp, Erindale drunk/ride fest, O'Town report, Colonizing China report by Clint, Metro Jam in SIngapore, Cooma Breakout and much more. The Australians seem to be into jams don't they? When Dave Dillewaard, Colin MacKay and Corey Bohan visited home over the winter (their summer), they did a trip to film for FuelTV. Senad Grosic (Austria) joined them. The Shitluck van made it to Australia. Maybe not, but there was a Shitluck road trip with some white van and a trailer. Veggie oil? Forget it. More than a few riders get a Bio/interview in the June issue and of course the product page is there. 2020 covers the Australian scene well with the help of contributors all over the country. Issue number 25 costs Aus $ 8.95 or NZ $ 11.00.
sam 2020 bmx 26 issue 26
Sam on the cover.
Issue 26 of 2020bmxmagazine goes big with more pages than ever before and a massive WeThePeople pull out poster inside. Aside from the in-depth coverage and amazing photography of the Australian BMX scene, we profile some of the best up and coming riders from around the nation, take a look at the SA streets, run you through the art of wheel building and a whole lot more. Plus you can win a Haro Forum complete bike, a Sputnic Satellite frame and a pair of limited edition Rad issue Vans inside. 2020bmxmag is Australia's 20inch riders manual, proudly 100% rider owned and operated.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2007: It's nice to keep up with BMX worldwide and 2020 magazine fills us in on the latest BMX happenings over there in Australia. 2020 covers the jams, the contests and makes sure that everyone is up to date on the latest BMX news and products. Issue 26 has Sam on the cover and the shot was taken in New Zealand. For us it's easy to think that it's the same country since it's over there Down Under but I'm sure people get pissed off by that. Still, it's BMX and Kiwi's and Aussies do get along (which should be the case).
The Content list of issue 26:
-Red Bull Elevation - Canada. Aussies are good at riding dirt so whenever there is a dirt comp, Australia will be represented up front.
-David Rubinich reports about the Mt Barker Jam
-Globetrotter Fairbairn writes about the FISE
-BMX&SKATE. We're in this together article
-Brothers in arms. Damn right!
-South Australian original street riding by James Wade
-Daniel Kostakakis interview
-wethepeople pull-out poster
-Rutger Pauw shot the pics in the Scott Lacey Euro report
-There are BIO kind of things on Paul Robertson, Ben Miels, Beadle, Chris Harti, Josh Mete, Crystal Sheperd and Simon Wills
-LC hates a lot of things about making a video but still does it.
-Wheel building how-to
-Video reviews
-Bike Checks (new ones from GT, Norco, 2hip, Kuwahara).
-Product reviews
-The FATBMX Party on! ad
-Wall papar and much much more.
116 pages in total.
www.2020bmxmag.com.au: Since ‘99, 2020bmxmagazine has been documenting the Australian BMX scene from the riders perspective.
100% rider owned and operated and proudly produced entirely in Australia, 2020 is the result of riders not content with the status quo. No corporate dollars or suits, just plain hard work from a growing number of talented riders keen to see the Australian scene showcased in a format that communicates from one rider to another.
Now in 2008, 2020bmxmag has grown from a part time mission into a full time production that goes nationwide in Aus and New Zealand as well as other selected countries around the world.
brendan hansen 2020 bmx 27 issue 27 - january 2008
Brendan Hansen on the cover.
2020 BMX mag issue 27 features coverage of the DK king of dirt from QLD, focal point road trip to the Halloween jam, Ryan Guettlers photoghraphy and a Chris “Danger”O’Donnel interview. There’s also stories from the multitude of jams that have been happening around the country, info on how to get a job in BMX, a look at Johnny Choppers unique bikes and parts, a interview with flatland rider Paul Chamberlain, sunshine coast scene report, plus all the regular news, rider profiles and new products. This issue also has giveaways from Mirra co, Tempered and a trip to the Newtons playground event in Bathurst up for grabs…
Matt Holmes, www.fatbmx.com, february 2008: It's our biggest issue yet, and glossier thanks to me getting excited about the cover shot, one Brendan Hansen deep in the pipe. Inside, Focal Point comes onboard with their Melbourne to Sydney roadtrip. Ryan Guettler takes a step to the other side of the lens with a piece on his emerging photographic talent. Chris 'Danger' O'Donnell gets a much deserved interview, check the BMXGames results and see why. Every Jam that took place around the country (and NZ) gets a look in as we 'kick out the jams' (sing it with force ala Zac from RATM). The Sunshine Coast is scene checked along with a truckload of news, faces and all the usual coverage of the Australian and New Zealand scene. Plus theres the chance to win a Mirraco Black Pearl Ltd, a Tempered Treason frame and a trip to the upcoming Newtons Playground Festival.
troy jackson 2020 bmx 28 issue 28 - may 2008
www.2020bmxmag.com.au, april 2008: Issue 28 is a packed one. With a stack of free stickers tucked away inside the banging wall ride cover thanks to Troy Jackson. But beyond the adhesives, it's full of 100% riding. We follow the Tempered crew on their first team roadtrip, bring a pictorial coverage of the recent BMX Games, hit up Cam Whites second annual Hill side Jam, get rolling with the crew at Imax for the 3053 jam and get personal with Forgotten's newest star, Josh Mete. Of course theres a truckload more from around our rocking country, New Zealand and even Fiji.
mick bayzand 2020 bmx 29 issue 29 - august 2008
Mick Bayzand on the cover.
www.2020bmxmag.com.au, august 2008: Issue 29 of 2020 is our biggest yet. 132 pages of home grown BMX goodness. Theres big time photo coverage of the massive Red Bull Dirt Pipe to the streets of Canberra with the Colony team, a well deserved interview with Mick Bayzand along with some grimey coverage of the Dirty Filthy Drain jam. Lots of faces, spaces and places from around this big ol' country. And theres a chance to win a Colony Hell Stallion frame inside. 2020bmxmag issue 29 is on sale around Australia and New Zealand from August 21st.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2008: Magazines sometimes have good competitions going on. For that alone you should pick up a copy, or better, get a subscription. In this issue of 2020 you can win a Colony Hell Stallion frame and they just announced the name of the winner of a Mirraco Black Pearl Limited! It is a bit of a lottery but you always win because by getting a subscription you receive 2020 BMX mag in the mail for a year. The coverage of the latest issue is about the RedBull Dirt Pipe where history was made. Mick Bayzand shows his mad skills in the 9-page interview. Dirty filthy drains get visited and shredded plus Chris Harti gets an interview in #29. Ben Clissold, Marnold, Richie, Alex Hiam, Blake Dowd and Dave van den Berg all receive Bio's. New products come from various companies, and if you're in need for some wallpaper you're in luck too as the issue can cover another square meter of you wall. Pretty much all the Australian jams and contests get covered by 2020 which makes it a magazine that you cannot live without if you want to keep updated on that scene.