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russel brindley 2020 bmx june 2011 issue 40 - june 2011
Russel Brindley on the cover.

Inside issue 40 you will find Jed Mildon's amazing triple flip, interviews with Liam Zingbergs and Paul Langlands, the making of the Colony DVD and Raine Turnbull's photo story. On top that there's road trip stories with Tempered Bikes, Fly Bikes, T1 and Dishonour, as well as all the news and Aussie info you need.
mike vockenson 2020 bmx issue 41 issue 41 - october 2011
Mike Vockenson on the cover.

Issue 41 of 2020 is a killer, out just in time to inspire for daylight savings sessions. Inside you’ll find interviews with Michael Vockenson, Jack Elkins and Josh DeRues. O-Towns finest Will Gunn and Dan Baker go deep on growing up out of the big smoke and our little night of mayhem Slay the Rail 2 gets a spread. Plus we go stateside on the Know Your Roots Road trip from Denver to Vegas and check out what Josh Stead has been building and shredding on as of late. We’ve got bikes to giveaway from Academy and GT/Xposure along with tickets to the upcoming Nitro CIrcus Tour. All that and a sticker sheet to cover your bike/helmet/stuff with. 2020v41 hits Australian and New Zealand bikes shops and news agents early October.
dane searls 2020 bmx issue 42 issue 42 - january 2012
Dane Searls on the cover.
2020bmxmag.com.au: This cover says it all. Issue 42 of 2020 is dedicated to the memory of the one and only Dane Searls and his monumental achievements on the Giants of Dirt which will change the shape of dirt jumping forever. He will be sorely missed by too many. Also inside we’ve got the rest of Australian BMX covered with The Sets all star team blazing the west in Perth. A look into making do with what you’ve got with Ryan Dawson, the Focal crew hit up our capital, we go deep into the relationship between the rider and photographer once things get pear shaped. The All Man, All Glam BMX Jam went off and Todd Meyn gets interviewed on 1440’s and more. If that’s not enough to entice you to pick up the mag, we pulled together our biggest giveaway to date, with bikes from Mongoose, Stolen, Subrosa and Cult. Plus shoes from the Vans/Colony collaboration and all sorts of stuff from Verde and Duo. Yeeew!
2020 bmx issue 43 issue 43 - april 2012
Cover featuring Mikey McMah and Josh Kathigitis. Shot by Dave Rubinich.

2020bmxmag.com.au, april 2012: As if this little mag made it to 43 issues. So to celebrate this momentous and hella significant milestone, we pulled what we think is our best issue yet together. The split cover features Mikey McMah and Josh Kathigitis shredding one of the many pools being cleaned up in drought stricken South Australia. Read more about that in the feature spread from Dave Rubinich. We sit down with one of the most positive riders in the history of BMX; Kyle Baldock, hit up the Farm Jam, Cams’ Jam and Red Bull’s Roast It dirt festivals and take a little look inside Fit Bike Co’s Australian connection. Plus we go deep with Joe Rich on the creative process and take a look at Mitch Morison’s summer through his lens. And of course we’ve got a stack of gear to giveaway from Division, LKI, United, Armourdillo and tickets to Newtons Nation. 2020v43 hits Australian and New Zealand bikes shops and news agents in the first week of April 2012 and world wide on www.zinio.com not long after.
kyle baldock flip whip 2020 bmx issue 44 issue 44 - july 2012
Cover featuring Kyle Baldock.

2020bmxmag.com.au, july 2012: Issue 44 is a showcase of the incredible diversity in the Australian BMX scene. And that is something we've proudly tried to capture since way back in issue 1. From the cover that catures a shoot which utilised over 350 thousand dollars worth of camera gear and one of the worlds most progressive riders in Kyle Baldock, to the pure DIY ethic of Anchor BMX's DVD, the individuals and identities that make Australian BMX rock are all here. We sit down and hit record with Beechy, Adam Stone and Josh Druce to see what makes them tick. Then travel to England for Empire of Dirt, to China for an almost un-bustable street session and lurk the streets of Melbourne with Fit's Australian crew. All that plus all your regular features, giveaways, amazing photography and words from the ridiculously talented crew who all make this mag possible. We ain't reposting the rest of the worlds content, we're documenting our time in BMX. 2020v44 hits Australian bikes shops and news agents from the 6th of July (maybe a couple of days later for those west and north) and world wide on www.zinio.com not long after.
ryan lloyd wallride 2020 bmx issue 45 issue 45 - october 2012
Cover featuring Ryan Lloyd.

2020bmxmag.com.au, october 2012: Inside the pages graced by Ryan Lloyds epic cover, we get our reverse colonisation on, with Colony’s pro team hitting up the UK, and Paul Chamberlain heads to the land of the rising sun for Red Bulls Circle of Balance, while The Set’s all star team blaze their way down the east coast. There’s an insight into the latest collab between 2020 and Troy Charlesworth ‘Thats Whats Up’ from Troy and some of the riders involved about the soon to be released DVD. Interview wise, we tracked down the mountain man, Xave Koen for his take on life and BMX plus Corey Bohan lets us in on what it’s like to have your day to day filmed for his series ‘The Wizard of Aus’. Dave Rubinich goes deep on the lack of White Knuckle riding as of late and we rocked another Slay the Rail event in Melbourne that may have been the biggest party of the year? To make it even tastier, there’s giveaways from LooseKid, Rampfest and Strictly BMX. 2020, keeping the printed BMX dream alive!
dean anderson nacnac 2020 bmx issue 46 issue 46 - january 2013
Cover featuring Dean Anderson.

2020bmxmag.com.au, december 2012: Bringing in the new year is 2020 issue 46, and getting all close and personal on the cover is Dean Anderson as shot by Cooper Brownlee. Inside you’ll find one big ol’ photo feature on the recent Dirt and Nothing Else Jam that went down in Canberra, celebrating the life and achievements of Dane Searls. Daniel Johnson, Sam Waters and Jono Hopping all get their Q&A on in a big way. Jet Pilot and Fit’s Australian team get their party hats on, and we bring both the event and the coverage of our indoor street event; House of Hammers to the pages of 2020. To sweeten the deal we’ve got two wicked complete bikes to giveaway from Eastern and and a custom Forgotten bling’d up by Hell on Wheels that are yours to win. All this plus our regular features, epic photography and more inside.
calvin kosovich 2020 bmx issue 47 issue 47 - april 2013

2020bmxmag.com.au, april 2013: Issue 47 of Australia’s BMX magazine is rolling with heat thanks to Calvin Kosovich’s massive feeble gracing the cover. There’s more of his riding and thoughts on the world inside along with interviews with Jack Kelly and JP Chavez. New Zealand content is huge with Roast it and The Farm Jam plus an epic pedal undertaken on BMX’s on the South Island. We also get to the bottom of why theres a whole slew of DVD’s coming out this year from Australian shores. nAll this and a whole lot more faces, places and products that make up the Australian BMX scene including a look at Industrail’s hand built frames coming out of Western Australia.
jack birtles 2020 bmx issue 48 issue 48 - 2013
Jack Birtles on the cover.

Issue 48 delves deep into the recovery process in our Creaky Future feature to see how injury and comeback is handled by some very well known riders including Ryan Lloyd, Paul Langlands, Claw and all intro’d by one that knows all too well the consequences of crashing; Alex Liiv. We go traveling with an intrepid crew through the highest country on the world; Nepal and locally with the Colony team on their epic Follow the Lines tour of the east coast. Interviewed this issue is the infamous Jack Birtles whose originality on both sides of the lens is nothing short of inspiring and his well deserved cover is definitely one of the raddest yet. Then we head into the backyards of both Cam White and the Kerr Brothers to see what a few thousand hours and a shovel can do for your garden along with hitting up the latest jams from around the country. And you've got the chance to win a Colony Sweet tooth frame.
jason watts 2020 bmx issue 49 issue 49 - 2013
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2013: The importance of BMX media is immense. Without the magazines and websites a big part of BMX would not be told. It would be hard for the companies to reach their customers or to present their products. Jams and contests would not be reported about. Riders would not have a way to express themselves in an interview. Public riding spots would remain a secret and the news would not spread outside of your closest friends. 2020BMX magazine covers the Australian scene and does the above, and much more. Issue 49 has Jason Watts on the cover, blasting the MARKIT backyard ramps during his recent US trip. Photo by Colin Mackay. Jason gets an interview too. Ammon Chesworth's interview is done and took two years to finish up. Worth the wait? Pick up a copy and you be the judge. Tempered’s Filthy Drains event makes it’s return to bring good times and all the usual mayhem to Brisbane thanks to the hard work of Jerry Vandervalk. Andy Fortini and Kim Bloodson travel to South Africa in search of a new world. The Fox BMX Pro event at Rampfest gets covered. Input BMX make parts in Australia and 2020 shows how. Duo and LosseKid gave products to give out. What would Australia be without 2020BMX Mag? Support those who support BMX.