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  • zac miner 2020 bmx 30
issue 30 - december 2008
Zac Miner on the cover.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: Maybe I'm wrong but I think this is the fattest 2020 magazine that I've ever received. At 148 pages it's got tons of stuff packed inside the glossy Australian BMX mag. It does show that the Australian scene is happening but from the contest results you already knew that they've got big talent down under. Maybe getting some coverage is the start for some riders to keep the motivation. Aussie riders like Cam White, Corey Bohan, Luke Parslow, Ryan Guettler, Steve McCann, and Colin MacKay have made a name for themselves worldwide and they've been able to live off of riding a bike for the last couple of years. The mag shows that there are Australian bike companies popping up, they've got rider owned bikeshops and mailorder going on and we already knew that they've got plenty of parks over there. When riders get involved in all aspects of BMX, you know it builds up a strong base. 2020 has published 30 issues now and contributes to the sport. It's by no means easy to keep things alive but if there is a will, there is a way.
jaie toohey 2020 bmx 31 issue 31 - march 2009
Jaie Toohey on the cover.
www.2020bmxmag.com.au, march 2009: Issue 31 of 2020 celebrates 10 years representing Australian BMX. Inside our gatefold cover is a look back at the last ten years of covers, how we lasted ten years, we'll never know. With massive feature spreads on the Rockstar Energy 2009 BMX Games presented by Strictly BMX, Colony/Forgotten and Mongoose road trips plus Cams Hillside Jam 3 and a whole lot more, all your summer goodness is covered. And to make the deal even better, we've got a stack of gear to giveaway including an Eastern Element, a Mongoose Menace, a Blackeye Killorado frame, Colony Fantastic Plastic pedals, BMX Bandit DVD's and 100 pairs of Eastern grips!. Don't say we don't give back to the riders of Australia!
2020 bmx 32 issue 32 - june 2009
Matt Holmes, june 2009: Issue 32 of 2020 is out now across Australia and New Zealand. 148 pages of straight up, 100% riding from around this rad as hell country, what more do you need? Possibly a new bike? Well we got you covered with bike giveaways from FBM and United. Plus there’s a Tempered Bikes bar and clothing package, Duo seats and a Leaf Cycles frame to win. Oh yeah, and there’s free stickers inside for everyone that emailed us asking for stickers! Global financial meltdown? Screw that, BMX is on the rise in Australia!
mitchell mcdonald icepick 2020 bmx 33 issue 33 - september 2009
Mitchell McDonald icepick on the cover.
beechy 2020 bmx 34 issue 34 - december 2009
Beechy dropping one massive rail hop/drop on the cover.
www.2020bmxmag.com.au: Issue 34 is our biggest yet. Fold outs, posters, more pages and more straight up riding from across this big ol' country. Plus theres your chance to win gear from Primary, Fox, FBM and Eastern.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2009: Issue 34 is the biggest issue they've done yet. Fold outs, posters, more pages and more straight up riding from across this big ol' country called Australia. Plus there's your chance to win gear from Primary, Fox, FBM and Eastern. Having good magazines sure helps with the breeding of talented Aussies. It keeps the scene alive and if you want the next cover, you'll have to beat jumping off a bridge into a bank. This issue also has a 3-way Nike 6.0 build-off battle between Australian bike shops where they had to put a bike together in the 6.0 colour scheme (includes Orange/Black/White).
kym grosser 2020 bmx 35 issue 35 - 2010
Kym Grosser no foot cancan on the cover.

www.2020bmxmag.com.au: Issue 35 hits Australian bike shops, news-agents and subscribers letterboxes early March. Inside is what we reckon is the raddest collection of BMX faces, spaces and places we've ever assembled into one issue. From the hand coloured center spread which inspired our cover you'll find insights into Colony, Simon O'Brien's new DVD and Tempered Bikes latest road trip. We also take in Cam White's latest Hillside Jam and get interview heavy with Michael Puniard. Plus theres your chance to win a Haro Forum Pro Lite, a Bulletproof Code along with tickets to the upcoming Nitro Circus Tour.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2010: Kaboom! Issue 35 of 2020 dropped hard on the doormat this week. The Australian BMX magazine has grown to 148 pages quickly. For $ 9.95 Australian dollars you can pick one up at the newsstands there.
josh kathigitis 2020 bmx 36 issue 36 - 2010
Josh Kathigitis wallride on the cover.

www.2020bmxmag.com.au: .Winter is here but 2020 is here to keep you warm with our biggest issue yet. We get on the road with the Australian United crew, Colonys’ unemployed riders, the Triple Six massive and Ryan Guettler's Kombi Fools. There’s interviews with Chris Courtenay and Dean Manson and one messed up photo spread that may have got Nick Gascoine kicked out of a darkroom? Complete with two massive pull out posters from Unit and Back Bone BMX plus a sticker sheet for the hungry kids! All this and your chance to win a Colony Descendent or a Premium Duo Lopez. 2020 has got your Australian BMX hit. Out across Australia and New Zealand first week of June 2010. Or hit up www.zinio.com for the digital version!
liam fahy hampton 2020 bmx 37 issue 37 - september 2010
Liam Fahy-Hampton on the cover.

www.2020bmxmag.com.au: Breaking the winter spell with a golden cover thanks to Liam Fahy-Hampton and some parkour flippin kid down on St Kilda’s esplanade. Oh yeah, Nick Gascoine clicked the button at the right time. Bring on the longer days! Inside you’ll find a truckload of the goings on from around our kick arse scene. We’ve got the lowdown from the recent Revolver Slay the rail event that went off in Melbourne. The Stowaway crew pack up and rack up the big road miles from Adelaide to Darwin. Renald McQueen gets his second interview in 2020, 10 years down the track, his story is one that is as full-on as it is inspiring. The Hell on Wheels crew get their bowl fix, blazing as many bowls on the east coast as possible. Raine Turnbull catches up with three young shredders bringing their brand of riding to the forefront fast. And a genuine motley crew go on a mission to the infamous Dubbo full pipe. Good times! If that ain’t enough, there’s tickets to be won to the upcoming Newtons Nation event along with a Haro Forum Lite for one lucky subscriber. Out across Australia and New Zealand in early September. Or hit up www.zinio.com for the digital version!
chris odonnell 2020 bmx 38 issue 38 - december 2010
Chris O'donnell on the cover.
Press release: Issue 38 of 2020 BMX Magazine is out right about now with 164 pages of blazing Australian BMX. Chris O’Donnell graces the fold out cover with one ballsy as hell tuck down the infamous harbour tunnel gap. Inside theres interviews with Vince Byron and Adam Hough, we get all slasher like at the Halloween Jam and the Colony team hit the USA. Then theres two of the sweetest photo stories we’ve ever run, from Nick Gascoine and Raine Turnbull. Plus theres bikes to win from Radio, Pilgrim and Premium, along with a massive Colony lucky dip giveaway with over $3000 worth of parts to win. And to sweeten the deal even more, theres a sweet WeThePeople vs BackBoneBMX pull out poster.
jay wilson 2020 bmx 39 issue 39 - 2011
Jay Wilson on the cover.

issuu.com/2020, march 2011: 2020v39 hits Australian newsagents and bike shops this week. Inside you’ll find the third installment of Red Bull’s infamous Dirt Pipe, pictorial coverage of Cam White’s Hillside Jam, Unit’s Strewth Tour and more. Cover lurker Jay Wilson along with Mitchell Macdonald get the interview treatment and one of our favourite pieces to grace the pages of 2020, ‘Finding Time’ is an insight into making the time to ride around the commitments that come with responsibility and age. All this along with a whole lotta BMX, music, reviews, opinions and more from around our part of the world. Plus you can win a Haro 300.1 complete ride, a massive Terrible One/Fly Bikes Ruben pack that includes a frame, pedals, tires and grips, Xrated helmets and sprockets along with a Primary clothing pack. Whoohoo. Hit up your LBS of newsagent for the real deal or www.zinio.com for those residing in the digital age.