Sources: www.propsvisual.com, leastmost.com, Chris Rye, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
PROPS 20 - july august 1997 - $12.50

Races: NBL Stars and Stripes National, Southpark, PA
Profiles: Dave Freimuth - Chad DeGroot
Freestyle contests: The X-Games, San Diego, CA, june 1997.
Local Pit Stop: Sheep Hills, Huntington Beach, CA

Dennis McCoy backflip no foot cancan.
dave freimuth props bmx video magazine 20
Dave Freimuth canadian nosepick on the cover. Photo by Chris Rye.
PROPS 21 - september october 1997
NBL Grand’s Louisville, KY | DK Dirt circuit Louisville, KY
1997 BS contest round 3 Manhattan, NY.
Chistophe Leveque Interview
Chris Duncan Interview
Robbie Miranda Interview
Bethlehem, PA Scene Report
1997 BS contest round 4, Seal Beach, CA.
jerry bagley props bmx video magazine 21
Jerry Bagley.
PROPS 22 - november december 1997
Scene Report New England Area
The King Of Dirt OKC, OK
Play Contest Daytona Beach, FL
MTV Sports and Music Festival Austin, TX
ABA Grands OKC, OK
Ryan Nyquist Profile.
joe rich props bmx video magazine 22
Joe Rich. Photo by Sandy Carson.
The first edition of Props' Road Fools. This video was originally released january february 1998.
We took as many riders as we could carry and stumbled across the southwest on one hell of a road trip. Done in a documentary-style edit, making this a first in the way bike videos have been made thus far. Endless antics and humor, unreal riding that is gonna change the way you look at our sport, sillyness, and all good fun. Private First Class Dave Freimuth even threw on a bonus slide show after the credits. Don't miss what the critics have called the best video of all time.
Joe Rich,Taj Mihelich, Jimmy Levan, Dave Freimuth, Robbie Morales, Sandy Carson, Derek Adams
Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, And More...
props bmx video magazine 23
PROPS 24 - march april 1998
Elsinore '98 flatland/dirt contest, Toronto, Canada.
With the contest coverage is a Dan Rigby Bio.
Coverage of the first BS comp of the year, held somewhere in Florida.
For hot racing BMX action, we have the NBL Easter Classic and a DK Dirt Circuit, held in Orlando, Florida.
There's also a Jason Richardson Bio.
adam volk props bmx video magazine 24
Adam Volk by Budman.
PROPS 25 - may june 1998
Coverage of the BS comp in Virginia Beach, Virginia, may 1998.
We finally got around to doing a profile with our own mic holder Craig Reynolds.
Coverage from the FBM comp at Chenga, along with a triple bio on Chenga owners Scott Powell, Dave Schaeffer, and their live-in resident Afro Pat.
A contest from The Pit in Rockford, Illinois.
A profile on the Finish flatland master, Martti Kuoppa.
martti kuoppa props bmx video magazine 25
Martti Kuoppa.
PROPS 26 - july august 1998
Coverage of the 1998 X Games in San Diego, California.
Bio on Dale Holmes.
Coverage of the NBL Southpark race & DK Dirt Circuit.
Nate Wessel profile.
jamie bestwick props bmx 26
Jamie Bestwick lookback on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
PROPS 27 - september october 1998
Coverage of the BS Comp from Woodward Camp.
A profile on Chris Doyle.
The NBL Grands and the DK Dirt Circuit from Louisville, Kentucky. Luscious Lee Wade unveils his sorcerer's cloak costume.
taj mihelich props bmx video magazine 27
Taj Mihelich.
PROPS 28 - november december 1998
Coverage of the Kankakee Comp and a scene report of Chicagoland.
A profile on Leigh Ramsdell.
The Oceanside, California BS finals Comp, august 1998.
The K2 Comp/Jam from Woodward Camp.

hellionchild, www.bmx-test.com, 2001: - Chicago Scene Report - The Chicago Land Scene report features great riding from locals like, Ryan Jackson, Jeff Harrington, Doug Metzie, Jimmy Walker, Steve Schwartz, Buddha, Jamie Spritzer, Mowser and Muff at local spots like "The Pit" and "Scrap" skateparks, various street spots and the local trails. It seems as if everyone in that city has something to say and they all get their chance in short 20-30 second long interviews. Jamie Spritzer left an impression that he's an all American, 4 star, red white and blue asshole. Bitching about corporate bmx, ESPN, how if young riders don't know his name that "they haven't been riding long enough for him to care" and West Coast riders who "learn rhythm sections and therefore have no skill". That pisses me off every time I see it, but on a lighter note, you get to hear some interesting stories about Ryan Jackson stealing a short bus, Mike Mckeever justifying riding Jay Mirons signature frame after getting in a fight with him and many more fairly interesting stories. The section is edited smoothly to "pop punk" music, which might sicken some, but doesn't bother me a bit. Moving on.
-S&M Commercial - Marvin Loeterrle gets nuts.
-UGP Commercial - Subliminal Messaging everywhere.
-Kink Commercial - Greg Walsh walking down a street with a flat tire edited to some sort of country bastard music.
-BS Comp - Wow, when the hell did this happen? I live less than 30 minutes away from the contest site and I never heard a word about the contest till Issue 28. The BS comp features some good contest riding from all the normal contest riders. No interviews, just straight riding throughout.
-Leigh Ramsdell Profile - Leigh Ramsdell is possibly one of the most indirectly humorous riders out there. He doesn't try to be funny but his witty answers to questions and overall attitude make his interview very interesting to watch. Clips of Leigh, Bowlegged Fett and Captain Idiot come from Road Fools 2, 3, and DK's Damn Kids.
-Baco 8 Commercial - Slick Pimpin'.
-Standard Commercial - Bobby Fischer and his TAO.
-Hoffman Bikes Commercial - Evil Kenivel speaks about his bike from Hoffman.
-K2 Woodward - The K2 Jam is edited in the same way as the earlier BS comp. Straight riding, no interviews, no antics. The section contains the same group of people who competed in the BS Comp and features more trail riding than anything else but there is coverage of the park contest.
-Knowledge - LOTS of people are off their old teams and on Huffy. LOTS.
-Credits - The credits are in true Props fashion, 70's music, antics, crashes and a good overall "friends having fun" vibe. It's a great way to end a video.
props bmx video magazine ryan jackson 28
Ryan Jackson wallride on the cover. Photo by Dave Freimuth.
The video starts off with a short but sweet section from the FBM Chenga comp, Paul Buchanan going off. After that there's coverage of the NBL Christmas Classic and the DK Dirt Circuit which took place in Columbus, Ohio. Mike Tag gets a Profile, the footage sent into us by no other than Steve Crandall. We did the best we could with the footage, but it's not what you might expect...it's funny though. Then we have a dope ass section shot at the MTV Sports & Music Festival that went down in Memphis, Tennessee in october 1998. Then comes Knowledge and New Products and another installment of the famous Credits. One of the best issues so far in my opinion. tim fuzzy hall props bmx video magazine 29
Tim Fuzzy Hall cancan on the cover.

PROPS 30 - march april 1999
Our 30th issue! Get this video. There's a nice industry check of Hoffman Bikes and their new indoor skatepark. A tour by Mat himself, funny skits, and more. The DK Dirt Circuit that went down in Orlando, Florida. Chad DeGroot covers the UGP Roots BMX Jam in Orlando as well. Utah Ryan covers a King Of Dirt jumping contest that happened in Ontario, California. Finally, there's a Profile on Standard's flatland and street assasin, Bobby Fisher. All this, plus Knowledge, New Products, and our famous Credits mat hoffman props bmx video magazine 30
Mat Hoffman on the cover.
PROPS 31 - may june 1999
You can see how ESPN is making all the contests bland and the same by watching this video. The X-Trials from Louisville, Kentucky. Meet Props' news anchors Adam Anchorton and Mick Tucker as they talk to the riders. Leigh Ramsdell mans the Props news desk for this funny and original section. Take a look inside S&M Bikes with owner Chris Moeller as your tour guide. A hilarious Chad Kagy Profile (with Japan's own Shoe-G hosting). The Richmond, Virginia X-Trials that looks exactly like Louisville. Knowledge, New Products, and our famous Credits. Also some good commercials this time for a change.

Last Section 8 Jam Golden Bear - A Reason To Be Proud.
OKC CFB Russian Circles - Death Rides a Horse.
FBM Roadtrip The Paper Hearts - Guns Are Loaded Plans for the Past.
OKC CFB Pelican - Sirius.
Last Section 8 Jam New Mexican Disaster Squad - Cast No Shadows.
OKC CFB Avail - Fifth Wheel.
FBM Roadtrip Lucero - Anjalee.
FBM Roadtrip Cory Branan - The Prettiest Waitress in Memphis.
Credits Hudson Bell - Atlantis NIghts.
Bone Deth The Bags - Violence Girl.
LA Scene Report New Know - Beat A.
OKC CFB J Church - Tree House of Love.
New Products Carter Tanton - Elvis Girl.
Baco Jam Aloha - Brace Your Face.
OKC CFB Brother Reade - Crushed by a Truck.
OKC CFB The Immortal Lee County Killers - Turn On the Panther.
Brandon Hoerres Bio Night Fist - Chapter III: The Herman Spectre Legacy.
LA Scene Report Bugsy Lane - Too Hot For TV Arsen Entertainment.
LA Scene Report Bugsy Lane - Cali Haze Arsen Entertainment.
FBM Roadtrip Portals - Creepy Mysteriouso.
sandy carson props bmx video magazine 31
Sandy Carson tailwhip on the cover.
PROPS 32 - july august 1999
By far one of the best issues or Props ever. The X-Games that went down in San Francisco. See everything ESPN didn't show you. A Dirt Circuit from Pittsburgh, PA, filmed by Stew Johnson. A hilarious Brian Castillo Profile, a classic for sure. See when Chris Moeller discovers that Brian named his new Volume handlebar the "Mad Dog," after Chris himself. Much humor. Finally, we had Nate Wessel film all summer long at Woodward Camp and the part came out unbelievable. Look for Woodward Part 2 in Issue 33. Knowledge, New Products, and perhaps the best Credits section ever! All this in Issue 32, plus much more. Also some interesting commercials in this issue.

Intro Junk Food Fighters
Dirt Circuit: Pittsburgh, PA Sparechange "My Room".
X-Games Doug "Boxcar".
The Freeze "Mental Defective".
Frenzal Rhomb "Do You Wanna Fight Me".
Brian Castillo Profile Metallica "Am I Evil?".
Summer Scene: Woodward Camp Pt. 1 The Julianne Theory "This Is Not A Love Song".
Quest For Rescue "Pain".
Knowledge / New Products Jimmy Smith "Ode To Billy Joe" Roots of Acid Jazz PolyGram Records
Credits Fleetwood Mac "Second Hand News"

Oliver Schoolberg, www.notfreestylin.com: I remember (...) watching the X-Games this summer. I thought to myself (...) I can't wait to see Props' coverage.(...) You get more out of x games segment on Props than you get out of a week of ESPN. Sometimes I get bored seeing some of the print magazines do the same Woodward story once a year, but with Props it is different. Unbelievable riding, period. Speaking of unbelievable riding, the riding from the Brian Castillo interview is on some ol' next sh*t. Check for the S&M commercial after the BC interview. Get this video.

Franck Duflo, Soul magazine #6 novembre 1999: Cette Props 32 commence sur un bon rythme avec une épreuve du DK DIRT CIRCUIT et toujours les mêmes furieux sortis de leur bois pour l'occasion. A noter quelques nouveaux venus plein de style et de tricks dans leurs besaces comme Scott Wirch, un certain Biz et la confirmation du très fort Adam Aloise. Bagley se dote d'un nouveau trick à sa palette déjà bien complète: un beau tailwhip super smooth.
On enchaîne direct sur les X-Games de cette année se déroulant à San-Francisco avec malheureusement peu d'images de dirt, l'épreuve étant annulée pour cause de tornade. Dommage, les bosses qui ressemblaient plus à des montagnes qu'à autre chose promettaient de la cascade bien grasse. On se retourne donc vers l'épreuve reine de ces X-Games qui est le street avec cette année justement une aire très orientée sur de véritables obstacles de street comme de gros pans inclinés. Une mention spéciale pour le Butcher de Pennsylvannie qui défonce tout à base de gros transferts feeble grind ainsi que des grinds en X-up, un Escamilla toujours aussi "skate avec des tricks comme fast plant sur sur le rail to tabletop, Ruben "European represent' super stylé, puissant et original en gros tailwhip transfert. Pour le reste, les riders de park sont encore les rois avec notre super-héros à tous monsieur Mirra qui va détendre tout le monde par des tricks d'extra-terrestre exécutés avec un vrai style. Encore une mention spéciale pour Voelker,catégorie style super-papa mais attention à la cascade psycho. Les autres sont toujours présents pour notre plus grand plaisir comme les Miron, Nolli et autres. La rampe est sans grande surprise.
L'interview de Brian Castillo nous révèle un personnage réservé, sans cesse entrain de gesticuler, se gratter l'oreille, de rigoler et de se faire traiter par ses potes sur son régime alimentaire et sur les girls. Par contre, côté riding, il met tout le monde d'accord par son originalité, son flow, son amplitude. Une bonne leçon d'un grand maître du street.
Vient ensuite une session dans le plus grand skatepark du monde, avec les riders qui vont avec: Woodward. En bref vous allez pleurer. A noter, un flip bus to no hand de Nyquist et une session de mini avec Taj qui ne touche pas une seule fois les plateformes et préfère prendre appui sur la rambarde et le mur qui les ceinturent. Ma partie préférée reste l'après vidéo avec toutes les bêtises des lascars qui me rappellent qu'en roulant on rigole bien.

Jason Morris, leastmost.com, february 2010: Some video parts are built to the stand the test of time, and so are the characters in these videos. Brian Castillo has been holding steady with Legend status for over 10 years. The Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts bossman was featured in the November 1999 issue of Props. Interviewed by the crew that accompanied him on Road Fools 4, this profile is filled with laughs and some amazing riding. At the time, Volume Bikes was still in its infancy. Knowing now what Volume and Demolition has become in the BMX world only reinforces the respect he deserves for his vision 10 years ago.
jay miron props bmx video magazine 32
Jay Miron on the cover.
PROPS 33 - september october 1999
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about vert rider Jamie Bestwick, with Ralph Sinisi doing the profiling.
Check out the ESPN BSS from Oceanside, CA...one of the last ESPN contests we plan to cover by the way.
Utah Ryan takes us abroad for a look at The Worlds that went down in Spain.
There is some unbelievable flatland in this section.
Then finally, see the second part of our summer Woodward coverage, with some more unreal riding like the first part. See Jay Miron 360 onto a handrail! Thank Nathan Wessel for all the great footage from Woodward. Nate rules!
We did Knowledge & New Products a little different this time, making it more interesting to watch. For the Credits, a unknown street musician played "Brown-Eyed Girl" for us in Las Vegas, which is the song, with lots of cool 8mm film footage Rye shot.

Oliver Schoolberg, notfreestylin.com: Everytime I think the sport is leveling off a little, I see the new Props. Moves like tailwhip to a double peg stall and seeing Miron spin a 360 and land on a rail. When using the slomo on the VCR, you can see in his first attempt that he landed tires first on the rail. That is worth the price of the video by itself. I liked seeing the coverage of the Worlds and see riders in the video with names I don't recognize. The video of Bestwick riding vert during his interview is dope. The second part of the Woodard scene thing is imprinted in my mind, and sometimes I am there in my dreams. This video and the riding in this video is so good, it might make you want to quit riding. Naaaa....

Intro Junk Food Fighters.
Oceanside Grade "When Something Goes To Your Head".
Game Face "Election Day".
Jamie Bestwick Profile Supertramp "Goodbye Stranger".
The Worlds Arrested Development "Tennessee".
Summer Scene: Woodward Camp Pt. 2 Lynyrd's Inards "Jumpin Someone Else's Train".
Sparechange "Time Wasted".
No Motiv "Stay".
Knowledge / New Products Promise Ring "Is This Thing On?".
Credits Unknown Vegas Street Musician "Brown Eyed Girl"
aaron bostrom props bmx video magazine 33
Aaron Bostrom on the cover. Photo by Chris Hallman.
PROPS 34 - november december 1999
A sick Joe Rich Profile with brand new unreal footage. You will NOT want to miss this. Coverage of the Gravity Games that went down in Providence, Rhode Island. Also a nice Local Scene from Denver, Colorado. Only 3 things this time, sorry kids. Also the new Knowledge/New Products and our famous Credits.

www.notfreestylin.com: "You can't judge a book by it's cover" applies to issue 34 of Props. Joe Rich interview, Denver scene and Gravity Games are all that is listed on the back of the box. "Quality over quanity" fits also in descibing this video. There has almost as much buzz about this issue as there are for a Road Fools. After seeing the profile of Joe Rich I have a greater appreciation for his riding and what Taj and he are doing with Terrible One. His riding has to be seen to comprehend. This was the first time I have been to a place where an issue was shot. After having been to the new Austin park, I find the riding Joe did there just a little more amazing. The scene report was dope as always. I saw more of the Gravity Games in this issue of Props than I did the whole month of Sunday's it was on network television. It is weird to think about how affects caused by outside influences have on BMX. I doubt NBC would have done the Gravity Games if they didn't lose the contract for the AFC NFL games. This is one of the issues people will be looking for months from now. Get yours now.

Intro Junk Food Fighters.
Gravity Games No Use For A Name "Chasing Rainbows".
The Bouncing Souls "Kid".
Cletus "Somewhere Down The Road".
Denver Scene The Strike "Turning".
OS101 "Six & Sevens".
Joe Rich Profile Hot Water Music "Drunken Third".
Stereolab "French Disco".
At The Drive-In "Chanbara".
Knowledge / New Products Korea Girl "Under The Sun".
Credits Prince "1999"
joe rich props bmx video magazine 34
Joseph N. Rich on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
PROPS 35 - january february 2000
The first Props release of the new millennium. Rye has implimented a new box design for the year, also a new intro song provided by Benzito. Contents: The 2-Hip fiasco that went down at Chenga World...some sick dirt jumping from some new school kids. A Scene Report from Detroit, Michigan brought to you by Afro Pat. Finally, a nice Profile on East Coast shredder Garrett Byrnes. You'll be amazed how someone can do so much without pegs. Garrett is a style cat. Also the new Knowledge/New Products and our famous Credits.

Jason D., www.notfreestylin.com: I thought there was no way that Props could top what they did with the last issue. They didn't top it this time because this one is just as good. Just as #34 will be remembered as the Joe Rich issue, this one will be remembered as the Garrett Byrnes issue. The riding for his interviews was great, but then to notice he is pulling off all those grinds pegless, it becomes amazing. Included also in the issue is a scene report of Detroit and the coverage of the 2Hip contest at Chenga. Watching Props makes you realize how the sport is outgrowing the flat printed page.

Intro Benzito.
2-Hip Chenga The Bouncing Souls "Night On Earth".
Detroit Scene The Numbers "Justice".
Farside "Audience".
Garrett Byrnes Profile Samiam "Capsized".
Braid "Killing A Camera".
Knowledge / New Products Korea Girl "Li'l Bunch".
Credits The Foundations "Build Me Up Buttercup".
props bmx video magazine 35
Garret Byrnes on the cover. Photo by Terra.
Props has made a few changes for 2000. They have dropped from 6 issues a year to 4.
PROPS 36 - spring 2000
Coverage from the Primo comp in Ventura, California. A special section from the last day the Primo ramps were rode before they were torn down. A nice section from the CFB Round 1, probally the best contest section to ever appear in Props. A profile on Schwinn's Ron Kimler, interviewed by Joe Rich, Ryan Corrigan, and Sandy Carson. Finally, an unbelievable Youngstown, Ohio Scene Report, filmed and edited by Nathan Wessel. Includes live Mushroomhead footage throughout the edit. Some funny news, new products, and the credits (an Ironman cover song sung by Lou Bickle).

Intro Benzito
Primo Comp Kid Dynamite "Rid Of The Losers, Bring on The Cruisers".
Kid Dynamite "S.O.S.".
Youngstown Scene Mushroomhead "Slow Thing".
Mushroomhead "Ego Tripp".
Mushroomhead "Solitaire/Unraveling".
Mushroomhead "Before I Die".
10,000 Cadillacs "Kickin' Up Dust".
Ron Kimler Profile Excess Lettuce "King Salami".
The Karl Hendricks Rock Band "You're A Bigger Jerk Than Me".
Homemade "Turn It Off".
CFB The Get Up Kids "I'm A Loner, Dottie... A Rebel".
Superchunk "Cursed Mirror".
Last Days Of Primo Tugboat Annie "Contact".
Knowledge/New Products Korea Girl "Li'l Bunch".
Credits The Lou Bickle Band "I Am Sandwich Man"
ron kimler props bmx video magazine 36
Ron Kimler on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
PROPS 37 - summer 2000
An hour of non-stop riding makes up Issue 37 of Props Video Mag, perhaps the longest issue to date.
Includes Kink's 11 day American Destroyer tour that hit the East Coast,
FBM's Section 8 Jam that went down in Youngstown, OH,
UGP's Roots 2000 Jam in Orlando, FL,
A New Jersey Scene report showcasing some new up and coming talent,
and Round 2 of Mat's CFB contest in Raleigh, NC.

Index Benzito
Kink Tour The Tie That Binds "Annette Explains It All".
The Promise Ring "Emergency! Emergency!".
Mock Orange "We Work".
Texas Is The Reason "Back And To The Left".
Roots Jam 2000 The Enkindels "Track 2".
Jersey Scene Big, Big Furnace "Phones Are For Squares".
Jets To Brazil "King Medicine".
The Ladderback "Few And Far Between".
FBM Youngstown Pocket Change "Never Again".
CFB Round 2, Raleigh, NC Sixer "Thin White Line".
Boy Sets Fire "Rookie".
Knowledge/New Products The New Rising Sons "Bring Me Around".
Credits Rhythm Doctors "Feels Good".
props bmx video magazine 37
Joe Tiseo on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
PROPS 38 - fall 2000
The third and final CFB of the year from Woodward
Seth Kimbrough Profile
Primo Ventura contest
local scene report from North Carolina

Scot McElwaney, www.ridebmx.com: This is the fall 2000 issue of Props. They have gone to a quarterly release because they've been so busy with the Road Fools series and other videos. This means that there won't be another issue until winter 2001.
This issue of Props has some older contest footage from Round three of the CFB in Woodward, Pennsylvania, the second Primo comp in Ventura, California, and the San Francisco X Games. All the contest footage is dope, and even if you were able to see the CFB and X Games on television, there is footage in this issue of Props that wasn't on ESPN.
There is also a scene report for North Carolina, although it is more of a state report than one individual scene. There is footage of all the Greenville Pros, some of the Raleigh guys, and much more. This segment definitely shows that there is a lot of top- notch riding going down in NC, I just think that they should have shown some Amateurs from around the state.
Probably the coolest part of this issue is the profile on Seth Kimbrough. Seth's friend Corey Martinez does the interview and there is footage of Seth in various contests, riding in his hometown in Alabama, and street riding in Atlanta, Georgia. This definitely shows you why Seth is someone that will make a name for himself in BMX.

Intro Benzito.
Ventura Comp The Radar Mercury Danny Gomez?.
North Carolina Scene Jebediah "Did You Really?".
Jimmy Eat World "No Sensitivity".
The Jazz Tune "Antiquated".
X Games Grade "The Inefficiency Of Motion".
This Radiant Boy "I Am A Rocket".
Seth Kimbrough Profile Gods Reflex "Mayday" & "How I Learned To Unwind".
CFB round 3, Woodward, PA The Get Up Kids "Holiday".
Seaweed "Brand New Order".
Knowledge/New Products Kilowatthours "Waterfront Park".
Credits Wolfie "Mock House"
cory nastazio props bmx video magazine 38
Cory Nastazio at the X-Games on the cover. Photo by Chris Hallman.
PROPS 39 - winter 2001
Winter is here and so is issue 39 of Props Video Magazine. This issue includes a look into the mind of Ralph Sinisi - perhaps the coolest interview ever in BMX, coverage of the third Primo comp in Ventura, California.

AUTOMATIC 7 "Had It All".
GODS REFLEX "Put Down That Guitar".
SNUFF "Elf vs Concrete".
SEAN NA NA "Rimshot Na Na".
POCKET CHANGE "Dissapointment".
BIG, BIG FURNACE "You Would If You Loved Me".
CREDITS J CHURCH "Jane, Vanessa, and I"
ralph sinisi props bmx video magazine 39
Ralph Sinisi on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.