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1978 DOB: november 21, 1978. chad kagy 1984
early years EASTER 1984.
Backflip attempt on Joey Garcia's ramp in 1990.
Chad: I was rding a Clayborn which was a bad bike for me.
chad kagy 1990
1997 BS finals in Seal Beach: Sixth place went to rookie-pro, Chad Kagy. Chad comes from that same part of NorCal than Ryan Nyquist comes from, and he's just about as bad ass as Ryan himself. Huge wallrides to barspin out, a flip on the two-foot box and a flyout onto the huge vert wall to bornb drop back in. Chad had probably the most arnazing debut I've ever seen, so expect him to be ruling next year.
Chad Kagy, www.ridebmx.com, may 2008: My first full-page, color shot was from the BS finals in Seal Beach back in 1997. I was doing a superman seatgrab barspin with my orange "01" bike and a rebel flag helmet looking loose over the box. It's funny how your first real photo in a magazine can set the stage for how people see you. Fuzzy once told me he was kind of scared to meet me because I looked like I was mean in that photo, haha. That, and everyone thought I was a redneck but I was making a joke about the Dukes Of Hazzard...oh well. Some people got the joke and some people hated me for it. I had fun either way you look at it.
www.ridebmx.com, may 2008: Chad Kagy's first big, color photo in the magazine was in issue 31 (December '97/ January '98) of a similar trick to what he does on a vert ramp these days. However, his superman seatgrab barspins on vert look way, way better than this. No offense to Kagy, of course, but let's just say we are glad people care about style these days.
chad kagy
1997 BS finals Seal Beach, California.
1998 VIDEO.
Allied Heroes and Madmen video.


Chad: I had knee surgery. I'll probably be out until april.

Interview in BMX Plus! may 1998.

Chad Kagy is riding for Hoffman Bikes.

Fox Expendable Youth video.

1998 X-GAMES.
8th place dirt @ 1998 X-Games, San Diego, California.
Chad Kagy got burly with stuff like superman seatgrab barspins, but crashes kept him in eighth.

10th place stuntmen street @ BS/B3 1998 round 3, Woodward, PA.

7th place stuntmen street @ 1998 BS/B3 finals, Oceanside, CA.
Chad Kagy pulled a flip out of a 3 feet high boxjump.

5th place pro dirt @ 1998 Worlds, Portimao, Portugal, september 16-20, 1998.

5th place pro street and 7th place pro dirt @ 2Hip Burning Bike festival, november 14-15, 1998, Arizona

Interview in Ride BMX UK #38 december 98.
chad kagy heroes and madmen
1999 1999 BS ROUND 1.
8th place stuntmen park @ 1999 X-Trials/BS round 1, april 22-25,1999, Louisville, KY.

1999 X-GAMES.
1999 X-Games street bronze medal. California native Chad Kagy, turned in a solid performance to claim the bronze medal with a score of 86.7. He did the biggest transfer of the comp.
8th place dirt @ 1999 X-Games.

8th place dirt and 12th place street @ 1999 Gravity Games, july 15-23,1999, Providence, RI.

Props Road Fools 4.
2000 RUK.
Feature in Ride BMX UK february 2000.

6th place stuntmen vert @ 2000 CFB round 1, february 24-27, 2000, Paradise Funplex, Merrit Island, Florida.

Chad Kagy rocked the cover of BMX Plus! april 2000 with an in-down at a cement park.

10th place stuntmen street and 15th place stuntmen vert @ B3 round 3, X-Trials, May 19-21, 2000, St Petersburg, Florida.

11th place street @ B3 round 4 finals, june 15-18, 2000, Nashville, TN.

2000 WORLDS.

4th place pro dirt @ 2000 Worlds, Cologne Jugendpark, Germany, june 28 to july 2, 2000. Big superman seatgrab barspin during the finals. 7th place pro vert.

2000 X-GAMES.
6th place park @ 2000 X-Games, august 17-22, San Francisco, California. Chad Kagy (H*B) was going huge. He got knocked out a couple of times this weekend but didn't hold back. Huge transfers, huge jumps, huge, huge, huge.

Poster and interview in Ride BMX US october 2000.

Fox Expendable 2: Nothing but BMX video.

Chad Kagy is a character of the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX video game.

Chad Kagy poster in BMX Plus! december 2000.
chad kagy bmx plus! 04 00
2001 Parting shot with Chad Kagy in BMX Plus! january 2001.

3rd place stuntmen park @ CFB 2001 round 1, february 22-25, 2001, Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, FL.
Chad Kagy had some rad lines going on, he manuals to barspin the huge quarterpipe and did a grind to barspin out on the subbox.

11th place pro park @ 2001 BS/B3 round 1, Edison Field, Anaheim, CA, march 23-25, 2001.

1st place @ 2001 UGP Roots contest, april 11th-12th, 2001, Orlando, Florida.

10th place stuntmen park @ 2001 CFB round 2, may 10-13, Real Ride Skatepark, Perris, CA.

9th place stuntmen park @ CFB 2001 round 3, june 28-july 1, 2001, Woodward Camp, Woodward, PA.
Chad Kagy was manueling around the entire bowl, tailwhipping the box jump and going high as heck on the vert wall.

4th place pro bowl and 10th place pro vert @ 2001 Vans Triple Crown round 2, july 27-29, Louisville, KY.

18th place park @ 2001 X-Games, august 17-23, 2001, First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA.

3rd place – Gravity Games, Street – 2001
1st place -- UGP Roots jam -- 2001

3rd place street @ 2001 Gravity Games, september 1-9, 2001, Providence, RI.
Double flip attempt.

9th place pro street and 10th place pro vert @ the third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX 2001, october 3-7, Oceanside, CA.
2002 Views on BMX in Transworld BMX march 2002.

2nd place pro park, 14th place pro dirt and 10th place pro vert@ CFB 2002 round 1, March 8th-10th, Merritt Island, FL.
Chad Kagy is incredible. After coming back from injuries, he is stronger than ever. Wallride to flair attempt. Huge flip over the submarine box, huge tricks on the wall behind the sub, and just yes... second place.

Hometown: Gilroy CA.
Sponsors: HB, Fox, DC, TSG, Oakley, Colorado Customs, Woodward, Street Trucks.

3rd place pro park and 6th place pro vert @ BS/EXPN Invitational Round 1, april 26-28, 2002, Grand Prairie, TX.
Chad Kagy has been so dialed on his bike lately. Barspin up the subbox to manual to barspin back in, huge flair from 8ft. quarter to 8ft. quarter over the bank and rail. Chad got third.

11th place stuntmen vert and 14th place stuntmen park @ EXPN Invitational Round 2, Gwinnett County, Georgia, May 17-19, 2002.

6th place pro park and 7th place pro vert @ 2002 CFB round 2, May 31st - June 2nd, Wheatfield, NY.

3rd place park @ 2002 X-Games, august 15-19, 2002, Philadelphia, PA. Chad Kagy, in addition to nailing down a huge backflip tailwhip, had the largest transfer of the day, launching up 30 feet to the sub-box to manual and then barspin back down to the quarterpipe.
8th place vert. Chad Kagy did a flair right at the coping level and came within inches of pulling a barspin to tailwhip but he went down hard as he hung up his rear wheel on top of the deck.

1st place pro park and 7th place pro vert @ Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series finals, October 3-6, 2002, Oceanside, CA.
Chad used the whole course and rode solid. In one run Chad pulled a Tailwhip Backflip AND a Double Backflip.

2nd place – Bike 2002 Birmingham UK, Park – 2002
3rd place – EXPN Invitational Texas, Street – 2002
4th Place – VTCS Charlotte, Vert – 2002
4th place – CFB Year End Standing, Street – 2002
5th place – VTCS Denver, Vert – 2002

6th place vert and 6th place street @ 2002 Gravity Games, july 27-august 4, 2002, Cleveland Ohio.
During the Gravity Games 2002 street competition, Kagy pulled a double backflip during his run, becoming the second person to ever do so during a contest run.

Fox Expendable 3 video.
chad 2002
Chad Kagy flipwhip on the cover of BMX Plus! february 2003.

January 2003, former Hoffman Bikes-rider Chad Kagy is now on Specialized.
Chad: I left hoffman Bikes on good terms and I'm stoked to be riding for Specialized. I grew up 5 minutes away from their offices. I've spent a lot of time on the new bikes already, and all I can say is they're dialed. Next year is going to be good, really good.
Kagy teams up with Allan Cooke, Jeremy Fanberg and Brandon Meadows on the Mountain Dew/Specialized BMX-team for the 2003 season.

Dear Pro with Chad Kagy in Transworld BMX magazine april 2003.

1st place pro vert @ 2003 Latin X-Games, april 11-13, 2003, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Chad Kagy did the highest airs of the contests along with all the vert staples like 540s, tailwhips, and stretched variations.
8th place pro park @ 2003 Latin X-Games, april 11-13, 2003, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The wildest move of the contest came from Chad Kagy. You know he's got the tailwhip-flip wired, and he now does an X-up on the way out. He also went for a double-flip but came up short. Rumor has it that Chad can X-up out of doubles, too. Why not?

4th place park @ 2003 X-Games, august 14-18, 2003, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA. Kagy did a pop-out to manual over the high sub-box to barspin back in. Chad's got balls and went for superman seatgrab flips, flip-whips and crazy stuff like that. Chad got knocked out on the quarterpipe when he tried to double whip. It didn't look pretty. Full face helmet anyone? Chad was strong enough to get back on his feet and enter vert later in the week with a big lump on his face.
5th place vert. Chad Kagy, banged and bruised in a horrific crash in Park on Saturday, was cleared by the X Games medical staff to ride. He threw down great moves, including the trick that took him out the day before, the double tailwhip.

3rd place – Vans Triple Crown round 2 Park – 2003
3rd place – Soul Bowl round 1, Huntington Beach, Ca – 2003

3rd place pro park and 5th place pro vert @ Bike 2003 Birmingham UK.
Manual on top of the wall to barspin-in, Double loop, Flip-whip to X-up over the box.

Chad Kagy poster in Transworld BMX november 2003.

Tailwhip at the X-Games on the cover of Transworld BMX december 2003. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
chad kagy bmx plus! 02 03

chad kagy transworld bmx
2004 4th place vert @ X Games X, august 4th-8th, 2004, Los Angeles, CA. During the second-run huckfest, Chad Kagy pulled a clean-as-can-be barspin tailwhip and drew everyone's attention. It'll take more than a broken neck to keep this guy out of the game.
8th place park @ 2004 X-Games.

2nd Place – Gravity Games, Bike Vert – 2004

In 2004 Chad broke his neck when he over rotated a double backflip during practice at the Gravity Games. A painful surgery and long recovery left Chad wondering what his future would be. With the support of good friend Kevin Robinson, Chad began to focus his skills more on a new area: the vert ramp.

2nd Place – MSS Sacramento, CA, Street – 2004
2nd Place – MSS Sacramento, CA, Vert – 2004
5th Place – Ramps and Amps Invitaional, Vert – 2004

Chad Kagy poster in Transworld BMX december 2004.
2005 Rockstar Bikes makes its way onto BMX scene and signs Chad Kagy.

Now and then with Chad Kagy in Ride BMX US march 2005.

Progression with Chad Kagy and an attempt at a hybrid 540-flairwhip in the first issue of Sophisticated Rider june 2005.

2nd place pro vert @ 2006 Dew Tour round 1, June 9-12, 2005, Louisville, Kentucky.

2nd Place - LG Action Sports Championships, BMX Vert - 2005
3rd Place Overall Champion - Dew Action Sports Tour, Vert - 2005
12th Place Overall - Dew Action Sports Tour, Park - 2005
4th Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, Orlando, Vert - 2005
4th Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, San Jose, Vert - 2005

Silver Medal Vert @ 2005 X-Games, August 4th - 7th, 2005, Los Angeles, CA. Chad Kagy has progressed immensely, going high and nailing back to back tricks, clinching it all with a barspin to tailwhip for a much deserved Silver medal.
Bronze Medal BMX Vert Best Trick @ 2005 X-Games. Chad Kagy, who could wage his own campaign for that miracle-boy title, stuck a flatspin tailwhip over the channel early on in the contest. Less than two years ago, Kagy broke his neck attempting a double backflip at the Gravity Games and had surgery to fuse three vertebrae. Toward the end of the Best Trick session, Kagy gave the crowd quite a scare. On the second wall of his run, he attempted a triple tailwhip, the most-talked-about whisper trick headed into Saturday's contest, but crashed hard on the landing. He knocked himself out, laid on the flatbottom for a few minutes and then stood up and walked off the ramp unassisted. Rumor had it that Mirra would also try the trick—and that he had it dialed—but Kagy's was the only triple-tail attempt of the night.

4th place vert @ 2005 Dew Tour round 3, Portland, Oregon, August 18-21, 2005.

2nd Place - CFB, Oklahoma, Vert - 2005
2nd Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, Denver, Park - 2005
5th Place - Gravity Games, Vert - 2005
3rd Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, Louisville, Park - 2005
4th Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, Louisville, Vert - 2005
2nd Place – MSS Cincinnati, Vert – 2005

4th place vert @ 2005 Dew Tour round 4, San Jose, California, September 2, 2005.

4th place vert @ 2005 Dew Tour round 5, Orlando, October 13-16.
2006 1st Place - LG Action Sports Championships - Vert - 2006

4th place pro vert @ 2006 Dew tour round 1, June 22-25, 2006, Louisville, Kentucky.
The crowd gave big cheers to Chad Kagy, who blasted huge airs and amazing tricks. A barspin to tailwhip early in his first run set the pace, followed by a rarely-seen superman seatgrab barspin. Kagy also dropped two of the best tricks of the day in his second run, a scissor-kick superman seatgrab and a flatspin 540 tailwhip. He ended up just off the podium in fourth.

4th place pro vert @ 2006 Dew tour round 2, Denver, CO. July 13-16, 2006.
Barspin to tailwhip, flatspin 540 whip, a barspin superman seatgrab over the channel, and a stretched superman seatgrab scissor kick earned Chad Kagy the $10,000 second-place check.

Gold medal pro vert @ 2006 X Games. Chad Kagy pulled a flawless first run including a flatspin tailwhip and a flatspin barspin. We aren't saying 540 and we aren't saying tailwhip because Kagy's flatspins were in between the two. Throwing a whip or a barspin into one is nuts but doing both back to back is unthinkable -- which is precisely why Kagy took home the win. In addition, Kagy threw out super difficult moves like the superman seatgrab barspin.
2nd place vert best trick @ 2006 X Games. Kagy, who earlier in the evening won gold in the BMX Freestyle Vert, tallied his second X Games 12 medal by landing a double tailwhip flatspin.
2nd place BMX big air @ 2006 X Games. Kagy took silver with a flip double whip to double tailwhip, a crowd favorite. "That was an amazing competition and all we had was two days practice," said Kagy. "Hopefully soon we'll have one of these mega ramps to ride on a regular basis. That will make next year's competition 10 times as crazy."

1st Place - Soul Bowl Beach Bash - 2006
2nd Place - Dew Action Sports Tour Denver, BMX Vert - 2006

2nd place vert @ 2006 Dew tour round 3, Portland, Oregon. August 17-20, 2006.

2nd place vert @ 2006 Dew tour round 4,
San Jose, CA. september 7-10, 2006.

Chad Kagy slid out in his first run, so he knew he had to give it everything he had to try to top Bestwick’s first run. Superman seatgrab barspin? Check. Superman seatgrab Indian air? Check. High flairs and barspin variations? Check. The icing on the cake was his flatspin 540 whip, which rocketed him up the standings into second. Kagy’s performance would have most likely been a winning run if Bestwick hadn’t annihilated the ramp already.

2nd place vert and 22th place park @ 2006 Dew tour round 5, october 12-15 Orlando.

2nd Place Overall BMX Vert Champion - Dew Tour 2006
Chad Kagy 2006 X-Games BMX Vert
Chad Kagy catching the bars during the world's first flatspin barspin ever pulled in a competition. 2006 X-Games. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

Chad Kagy doing the flat spin 540 double whip. 2006 X-Games.
2007 Interview in Ride BMX US september 2007.

www.vitalbmx.com, july 31, 2007: While riding a practice session for Big Air at X Games 13, Chad Kagy crashed on a double-tailwhip-flip over the gap resulting in a broke collarbone. This means that Chad will not be able to ride at all in the contest, so he will not have a chance to defend his X Games vert title.

Chad Kagy clicks an alley oop turndown at this year's Soul Bowl contest on his way to first place on the cover of BMX Plus! november 2007. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
chad kagy soul bowl bmx plus! 11 07
Chad Kagy doing an x-upped version of his seatgrab nacnac on the cover of BMX Plus! february 2009. Photo by Ben Crockett.

Chad Kagy, october 2009: Got off the phone with DC shoes not long ago and due to budget cuts and the reallocation of funds and effort toward the core of their company (skate) they will not be renewing any contracts that are expiring this year in the other sports they work with. Since I’m the only BMX guy on the team with a contract expiring, I will be the only guy leaving the team. Rough budgets make for quick changes all around. It was a good 9 years with DC and I wish them all the best in the future.
chad kagy bmx plus! 02 2009
2011 Chad Kagy on Harley Davidson.
Chad Kagy, www.fatbmx.com, july 2011: I’ve come up on a new sponsorship with Harley-Davidson. They have sponsored the last three Bikes Over Baghdad tours and have really taken an interest in continuing to support the soldiers through the BOB tour. I have partnered with HD this year to custom paint my bikes leading into the BOB US tour starting later this year to show a some more support. I’m riding my new HD custom painted Hoffman Bama 2 this weekend at Dew Tour and next week at X Games. I’m really excited about this new non-endemic sponsorship as it’s their first step into BMX and action sports. I’m looking forward to more projects with them in the future.