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1970 Date of birth: january 18, 1970.
early years Mark: I grew up in Zion, Illinois. It's about an hour north of Chicago. I started really getting into it around 1982. I found a BMX Action magazine in a supermarket and I was hooked. Then my parents bought me a Team Murray from Toys 'R' Us and it was on. They let me build a few ramps in the driveway, and I rode a lot of flatland.

Letter published in Go may 1990.
Mark Losey Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: GO, What do you call people who always obtain your magazine? Real GO Getters.
Oh man I crack myself up.
PS. Happy Lew Year
Lew, Go: Mark you guy That's super funny.
mark losey
1992 December 1992, Mark Losey moved to California.
1993 Interview: FAT #27
1994 BS round 4, finals, Chicago, november 1994
1995 UGP Superstitious video

Trevor Meyer, Brian Foster and Mark Losey on the cover of FAT #31

BS round 2, Hampton, Virginia, july 1995
Mark Losey continues to prove that even editors can ride with flair by pulling 270's to smith on the spine.

BS round 4, finals, Daytona Beach, Florida, november 1995
Last contest.
fat bmx 31 trevor meyer brian foster mark losey
1998 Mark left BMX Plus! and began working at Ride BMX april 1,1998.
Mark: I was working for Plus! and trying to make the magazine worth reading. One day, Brad called me out of the blue and asked if I was interested in doing Ride. After five years, I was getting very bored at Plus!, so I was ready for a change. I don't want to slam Plus! too bad because that was my entry into the BMX industry, and there are some nice people there. They just don't know/care very much about BMX, and it's pretty obvious in the magazine they make. I kept thinking I was going to show up and Brad McDonald was going to say, "April Fools !"

Mark is riding for Etnies shoes.
2000 Ride BMX US Industry video
2003 Mark, www.ridebmx.com: While on a roadtrip in Australia in issue 84 we found a cool fountain to shoot a photo in front of. I took a few minutes to set my flashes up, and right when I was ready, the fountain shut off. I stood there in disbelief while Fuzzy, Steve McCann, and Bestwick could do nothing but laugh. Two years later while on a trip with Rob Darden, Josh Harrington, and Ryan Nyquist, we came across a spot near a stadium with fog coming out of the ground. Those guys all said we should shoot a photo, and like clockwork, the minute the flashes were ready, the fog shut off.

Mirra Images.

Mark, www.ridebmx.com: The 2003 Metro Jam in issue 86 of Ride BMX US was when digital photography really began to infiltrate the magazine. Without having to worry about film, digital meant that we could shoot sequences of every trick, and in color. After the contest I had about 1,000 great sequences to choose from, but I also learned one very important thing. If you shoot 1,000 sequences, you have to go back and label every photo and figure out a way to store and sort them. Luckily we're a lot better at the process now, because it took me a month to get the Metro Jam photos sorted out.
2006 VitalBMX is a new website that started in august 2006. Mark Losey is the BMX content manager and Brad McDonald is the main man behind the new project.