Sources: www.soulbmx.com, www.soulbmx.tv, www.fatbmx.com, www.agoride.com, www.ridebmx.com, ...
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Spring 2001

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 2001: Editor: Thomas Stellwag
Time: 53 Minutes
Rate: * /5

QUALITY is the word that says everything about this tape, Thomas make this one another "must have" tape for the real BMX-ers.
Profils with Andreas Pirnstill, Frank Lukas (Flatland) and Thomas himself, The Carhartt-WTP-tour through different countries in Europe with Street/Flat and Dirtriders, Interview with Goldfinger, Lookback to Jam Aachen (Jurgen Funk rules), Deutsche Meistershaft Hamburg and The 2000 worlds in Koln.
It's never boring watching a Soulrideo VDO even if they are very long (53min), everything is subtitled or in English, Commercials are awesome, lots of different riders and events together mixed with good music. In a "quickspin" you can see some coverage of Chemnitz, Aurich, Berlin, Ulm, Hannover, Munchen and the only thing that's not right is that St. Niklaas is in Belgium and not NL, but next Soulrideo WILL have some coverage of the Netherlands. Buy this one!
Summer 2001
Cream #14 october 2001, www.fatbmx.com.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 2001: Time: 55 min
Editor: Thomas Stellwag, Bandits Production
Country: Germany
Rate: *1/2 /5
Finally the Dutch scene was covered in an international vdo-mag and we are glad to be in Thomas Stellwags Soulvdo #16. Little scene so little coverage but enough to show the world we are still riding in the Netherlands and that we are having a lot of events in this small country.
The LOOKBACK takes you to Palavas (F), UGP Rootsjam (USA), Ulm and Hanover (Germany) so lots of action there.
Samiam is doing the music part and that's a bit boring althought I really like Samiam, we want BMX so I couldn't give this vid a big 5-star.
The rider parts are done by Tobias Wicke, Patrick Gross and "life is a choise" Alex Jumelin so flatlanders are having a nice time with Alex in this Soul 16.
A Texas (USA) trip through The city of Houston (where were you Randy Nieuwkerk?), Austin and Georgetown.
A good part of these vdo's are the short reports on small contests and scenes arround Europe like the ones in Braunschweig, Berlin, Aachen, Hamburg in Germany , Hyeres, Marseille and Montpellier in France, and don't forget the part in Holland: Sjappitrails, Sugarhills, Burnside, and even the flatland comp in Amsterdamned.
Buy this VDO, it's worth every Eurocent !!!!!!

Alexandre Jumelin bio.
Fall 2001

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 2001: Time: 49:47 min
Shows: Park / Street / Dirt / Contests / Music / Flatland / Interviews / Scenes
Ad's: 15! (H*B, UGP, Eastpak, KHE, Mutiny, Felt, Chico, TSG, Freedom, Carhartt, Busy P, FBM, Mutation, 2-Hip and of course your favourite FAT ad!)
Rate: 1/2 /5

I was glad to see Dieter Hermanstadter in this video, he is still alive and drinking! Dieter was one of the craziest dirtjumpers of the 90's and visited the X-large Jumpcontest in Augsburg.
The next contest is the one at Mellon park in Kopenick followed by a Street/parkrider Ralf Schiefer Bio. Then the fastforward button is used by FAT's VDOMan: Interview with rappers from "Pharcyde" (USA) done by a well american speaking lady with good questions but I think it's not usefull in a BMX Vdo. Let's Check that out: Send an e-mail to paul@fatbmx.com if you like to have music interviews in BMX Videos or not and why.
So back with Soul, the Jam at Railslide with Jurgen Funk and Rene Janssen in full effect, a scene report from Dresden and offcourse the Barcelona X-games. A Fall 2001 Quickspin with Park/Street and Dirt and a very rad human car jumper. The German Open in Munich is the busiest day of the year for Mr Thomas, organising the contest, riding and filming but as ever he pulls it off. The flatland part is done by Ullrich Kittel to serve the Flatlandnation.
Again a long outro, starts at 45:45min and ends at 49:27min, Christian Ziegler rules!
Michael Steingraber on the cover.
Thomas Stellwag: You can get issue 18 on DVD. It's "only" a self burnt DVD-R, as we first wanted to test several things, but it's working good, even on a PS2. For issue 19 or 20 we'll have "real" DVDs then. 18
Jamie Bestwick on the cover.
49 minutes long video produced by Thomas Stellwag and Thomas Fritsher in 2002.
Reviews: Cream#18 oct02.

FISE 2002.
La Revolution, Toronto.
FBM/T1, Austin.
CFB, Merrit Island.
Bike 2002.
Level Vibes.
Backyard Jam, Telford.
Matt Sparks.
Thomas Fritsher.
Saint Niklaas.
Coverboy: Romuald Noirot @ FISE 2002.
V11N20 - Fall 2002

www.agoride.com: Disciplines: Street, park, rampe, dirt, mini, et flat.
Support: VHS ou DVD.
Durée: 51 mn.
Prix: 19 euros (VHS ou DVD)
Sommaire: Contest: Mellowpark (all.), Géménos (fr.), Worlds (all.), X-games Barcelone (esp.), zoom sur: Mark König, Matt Wakefield, Timm Wiegmann, et trip: BK/Contry Bikes, Munich, Woodward.
Best tricks: Back-flip whip sur hip-to-plan incliné de Tobias Wicke, 360-flip-turndown de Stephen Murray, tail-whip-to-barspin de Colin Mc Kay, 720 sur spine de Ryan Nyquist...
Mon jugement: Super qualité d'image, ambiance vraiment "new school". Niveau riding, TOUT est intéressant, un régal. A voir en street: Marcus " trop stylé " Hampl et surtout Timm " trop stylé aussi " wiegmann qui maîtrise le nollie (nollie-to-wallride, nollie-to-360, nollie-to-whip.) ! Quand à Tobias wicke, c'est un mutant, c'est clair. Juste côté zik, on est loin de la " french-touch ", mais bon, c'est le style Soul.
Note générale: 9/10
Prix: 19 euros
Distribution: Xtreme vidéo

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2002: Editor: Thomas Stellwag
Time: 52:47min (but way to short)
Rate: ** /5
Ads: FAT, 2-hip, Freedom, Mutation, Zwanzig, Felt, Chico, Busy P, Paranogarage, Wethepeople, Eastpack and the best ad ever: 360 Grad Wojtec Pomian Example 238 Show, Don't try this at home ...
Shows: Flatland, Park, Street, No interviews, No concerts, &Mac189;-pipe, just good riding.
Thomas you did it! This Soul #20 made it to FAT's 5-star rate, everything from the beginning to the end is right, you listened to all the advise I gave you in the past (or comments) and you got a 100% score with this one, congratulations !
Why am I so excited about this SOUL VDO/DVD, first the price is right (Euro 19) for the VDO and DVD, good coverage of all kinds of riding, lot's of funny quote's, nice angles, music is good like always and no interviews with musicians or translated interviews with riders. This tape brings back all the good memories from the 2002 season: Worlds Cologne and Euro X-games, but also the Mellowpark contest Berlin, Gemenos France and the BK/Country bikes Roadtrip.
That roadtrip was one of the best trips ever at least that's what I heard and saw in magazines but now we can see why, loads of riders with different styles on the same tour, hitting Ulm, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Bremen, Berlin and more. Matt Wakefield (UK) is joining the Jackass crew very soon I hope, he is beating Steve-O by far, this guy rips on street and doesn't fear the Reaper.
Mark Konig is an upcoming HARO rider and shows his skill on parkriding. Tim Wiegmann got lots of coverage in Freedom Magazin but has enough left to show in this SOUL vdo/dvd, riding park and street at Marseille, Dusseldorf and Munchen are his way to more fame in the future for this FLYBIKES rider.
The Worlds in Cologne were incredible and Thomas made a very good coverage so this #20 has to be in your collection. Wicke and OBD had some fun in Barcelona and killed a table, lost a pizza and I guess they had some more beers, check it out in SOUL.

winter 2002 2003
43 minutes long.

www.agoride.com: Au sommaire, Contest Praque, Tobias Tilgner, Rotterdam Scene, Vans Triple Crown Oceanside, IFMA Contest de Cologne, Circle of balance, Backyard jam de Derby (UK) et plein d'autres choses...
DVD-Bonus: Sam Foakes et Woozy Roadtrip
Difficile de résister, on plonge facilement dans cette nouvelle vidéo riche en cascades et émotions fortes !
Les meilleurs tricks sont le front flip de Matt Berringer, superbe back flip tail whip de Chad Kagy, 360 body varial backpacker caboose de Matt Whilem, big transfer whip de Taj ou le manual 360 to backward hand rail de Tobias Tilgner, beaucoup de belles cascades.

Paul de Jong , www.fatbmx.com: Soul twenty one covers the Mystic Park in Praque, Ifma Bike challenge, Triple crown Oceanside, Circle of Balance Oberhausen (very nice coverage of the best Flatland contest so far), Backyard Jam UK, Tobias Tilgner is the Superman and a scene report of Rotterdam NL. The Quickspin takes you to different places in The USA, UK and Germany. Soul #21 is a must have for flatlanders but not only for them, all kinds of riding is covered very well.
Covershot: Matt Wilhelm in the Circle Of Balance. Photo: Kay Clauberg.
Spring Summer 2003

: Rock City Comp Hamburg (D), Flatground Amsterdam (NL), Backyard Bournemouth (UK), Moritz Paul, Barry Köhne, Byron Anderson und Michael Steingräber, Berlin (D) and Australia Scene.

Paul de Jong , www.fatbmx.com: Soul twenty two is supergood, finally we have a rider in Holland that is good enough to make it to Soul's Superman section: Barry Kohne! Barry is ripping and becoming an international contest rider and this Soul shows you what his skills are right now. Michael Steingraber, Byron Anderson (Shadow USA) and Moritz Paul are the other superman's.
#22 is filled with good riding from the Rock City Comp Hamburg, Flatground and Home Made Jam (Holland), and the Backyard Jam Bournemouth UK. Travelling is always good so check the hitchhiker section that takes you to Australia, Berlin, USA, Nord-Rhein-Westfalen and Victoria Canada and see where to go next time when your bank account says you are ready to go.
Thomas is keeping the quality very high and I can't find any big comments anymore, to keep him motivated I should say that the music is not always good but that is not the most important thing, or the angles are not always good but is a lie, the price is to high but with a price tag of 19 Euros its not overpriced so I have to say: SOUL MAGAZINE RULES!

Manu Massabova et Olivier Tourrel, www.agoride.com, novembre 2003: Bonne vidéo ! Pas de problèmes ! Pleins de spots à travers le monde... Ce qui est limite frustrant, pour nous Français. Surtout les parks Australiens. Un petit tour du côté de Marseille avec 2 minutes spéciales sur notre Steeve Magro national. Voyage, voyage. Du park, et de la courbe, ok, mais pas mal de street, en particulier avec Moritz Paul, très joli à voir, et dans un autre style, Byron Anderson. Le niveau, donc, dans l'ensemble n'a rien d'extraordinaire, surtout que certains contests ont été couverts par d'autres vidéo-magazines, mais le montage des Allemands de Soul est égal à lui-même, c'est à dire sans failles, avec en plus, un effort sur la musique par rapport aux précédents numéros. Bonne vidéo!
Flat: des images inédites de la flatground qui font chaud au cœur (turbine spinning caboose pedale de Martti par exemple). La séquence de Mick Steingraber est exceptionnellement belle, en plus d'être un acteur invétéré, Mick s'amuse avec nos sens en exécutant tous ses tricks en normal puis en switch (en gaucher puis en droitier). Le flat n'est pas le plus important dans cette vidéo mais il ne passe pas inaperçu non plus, certaines scènes valent le détour. Et sans oublier les images du contest français "Circle Cow", pour ceux qui avaient zappé l'événement.
Best tricks: Whip to ice pick sur sub box de Tobias Wicke, Nose pick double whip en mini de Clint Millar, 270 whip transfert en park de Ryan Guttler, 360 unlookback de Mike Aitken, Barspin to smith to reverse en quarter mini de Jim Cielencki, Downside toothpick sur sub box/wall de Dave Osato (!!), etc...
markus braumann soul bmx 22
Covershot: Markus Braumann in Berlin. Photo: Kay Clauberg.
Winter 2003 2004

Featuring : German Open Berlin (D), Worlds Beja (POR), CB Tour (UK), Contest Praque (CZ)
Supermen: Mark Rainha, Benjamin Shenker. Spotcheck: Mars (D).
DVD-Bonus: Flatland Contest Cologne (D), Dominik Wrobel Section, Flat Pro Comp Derby (UK) and much more!

49 minutes long.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: Thomas you almost made it to the 5 star, if you didn't make the BIG mistake at the beginning of the DVD it would have been a 100% score......it says Soul 22 in the menu and you are already at #23! I want to give you a compliment for this issue, I don't know what I really see but I think you found more buttons on your camera and computer, new effects, smooth editing and the music is super. (Thomas Fritscher helped a lot so that's the reason:TS )
I worked with Mark Rainha building the UGP Roots jam last year so it was nice to see both Mark and the Roots in this Soul. The riding at the Roots was awesome and Mark is a nice kid to work with, he deserved to be in this DVD (I will never mention VDO anymore cause its time to step over to to the flat & round "tapes" from now on). If you are not happy with the situation of the change from VDO tape to DVD go to www.soulbmx.com and vote or let me know paul@fatbmx.com, we are glad to hear from you.
So many contests to cover and most of the time I don't like to see everything back but 2003 was crazy with the Mystic Prague, FISE Montpellier, German Open Berlin, Roots Florida and the Worlds in BEJA so it is nice as a memory. The filming is done by different people but the flow is there, thanks for finding the extra buttons Thomas.
Riders as Benjamin Shenker are often missed at contests but that will change soon, training in the States will help him to beat the topguys is Europe like Tobias Wicke and the "small Tobias". Dominik Wrobel in the bonus section knows his way to impress too and so does the old punk Markus Arnouldy and the " kids from MARS".
Country Bikes Roadtrip in the UK was a blast too, so many different riders in one tour is unbelievable but fun to watch. Some extra's are the Flatcomp in Cologne, the MC Shiefer clip and some more crazyness of last year.
SOUL 23 is my favourite SOUL DVD so far, go and buy it before its sold out, for only € 19,00 its cheaper than parking your car in Amsterdam for the same time.

Manu Massabova et Olivier Tourrel, www.agoride.com, février 2004: Vous connaissiez les voitures Allemandes pour leur qualité irréprochable et leur sens de la perfection, et bien avec cette nouvelle SOUL: c'est tout pareil, sauf que c'est 100 % BMX évidemment. Tout d'abord, la musique est variée et adaptée aux images, la qualité de la production est parfaite, il y a du très gros tricks, les spots sont variée, et la nationalité des riders aussi (dont quelques Français !). Bref, dans un océan de vidéos disponibles, actuellement, la SOUL 23 arrive à convaincre plus que les autres ! En plus des classiques: gaps géants, hand rails ou turndowns, on découvre des petites choses insolites comme un flip to abubaca (Benjamin Shenker), ou un 360 tail tap volcano to sortie whip (Ryan "biz" Jordan). Seule séquence inutile, un délire "la planète mars", qui est en fait un mauvais spot en Allemagne, où petit street et flat vous feront appuyer sur "fwd". Il y a de pas mal de contests de 2003, dont le FISE et les Worlds, mais surtout la UGP ROOTS JAM, qui est un véritable carnage !! C'est dingue, mais où va notre sport ?! Des flip-whips à gogo, un beau flip 36 de Stephen Murray... Notez bien la présence de notre Pascal Guérard national, pas ridicule du tout (flip spine et transfert whip). Egalement le jeune Morgan Wade sur la box en énorme whip one hand ou whip superman ! Bref j'en ai plein les yeux... Faut que je roule là !!!
Best tricks: Flip to abubaca de Benjamin Shenker (!!), wall to flair de Dave Mirra, flip-whip de Chris Gerber, over ice pick rail to 270° de Allistair Whitton, 540 whip tail tap de Tobias Wicke, 360 whip to x-up en box de Tom Haugen, bike varial de Senad Grosic, vertical wall smith de Hannu Cools, etc..
Flat: il y a de plusieurs passages de flat dans ce numéro et donc de nombreux riders (notamment une belle session de Frank Lucas) mais tout ça n'est rien comparé à ce que je vais vous annoncer: Paul Osicka, mesdames messieurs, et oui, vous ne rêvez pas, ses apparitions sont aussi rares qu'exceptionnelles et celle-ci ne déroge pas à la règle. L'homme qui a inventé le style félin est de retour, ses passages sont brefs mais vous vous en souviendrez longtemps, du vrai spinning en hang five avec turbine et bar spin ou du whiplash en suivant le cadre et en contournant le guidon, ces quelques minutes justifient à eux seuls l'achat de cette vidéo.
En général, les vidéos de street finissent souvent en avance rapide avec moi et bien, je dois bien avouer qu'avec les vidéos Soul ce n'est pas le cas, j'ai même repassé plusieurs fois l'espèce de bike varial flip one hand de Senad Grosic. Ce numéro réconciliera les disciplines.
www.ridebmx.com: Who helps out with it and what are their roles?
Thomas Stellwag: Thomas Fritscher and Dominik Wrobel help me with editing, Tobias Tilgner and Christian Hundertmark are doing the covers, print-ads, logos etc. Markus Wilke, Jay Allen, Mike Camaras, Max Humer, Joe Cox, Timm Wiegmann, Stephane Lesterlin, Christoph Huber, Dwayne Verkade, Doug Adams, Marton Szilagy, Joe Cotton, Chad Shackelford, Simon Wakefield, Oliver Flohr, and many more help with shooting and sometimes throw in some logging and editing work, too. There are so many contributors all over the globe, without them SOUL would not be possible.
Spring 2004

Featuring: Southern California Scenereport, Hamburg Scenereport, Sheffield Scenereport, Tobias Wicke Bio, Meet The Street Contest - San Francisco, New Zealand Roadtrip.
DVD-Bonus: Metro Jam - Vancouver, Triple Crown - Oceanside, Aurich Spotcheck.and much more!

C4tini, www.streetphire.co.uk: Soul is a crazy German BMX video. Those Germans are crazy and that's why I love em. My knowledge of Germany I based solely on German MTV, which my dad picks up for free on his satellite system. German MTV rules, It's like regular MTV but more hardcore. You are allowed to swear on German MTV so everyone is a cussin' and cos the Germans love the porno you get the X-rated versions of videos all day everyday. They don't give a shit about no watershed or any of the BBC shite. 50 cent P.I.M.P X-rated version is off da hizzy yall. My favourite German Hip Hop has to be Sido, this guy kicks ass. He raps about his block and always wears a skull mask. I rekkon he is a typical German he is tech and doesn't give a shit about what people think. Look this guy up cos he is worth a look. Alex Wright of WCW fame was a German. HE danced the techno and was one of the funniest wrestlers I've ever seen. The American audience hadn't a fukkin clue when Alex Wright came out dancing the Techno and beating them all over. It was a shame when they changed his character into some stupid Nazi called Alexander Wright. That sucked and I blame stupid Americans for the change. They had something so good going on. Hopefully Tobias Wicke will carry on doing his mad techno moves and not change into something for America. There is some good vintage Wicke footage on Soul. I dont think he would ever sell out cos he used to ride a Pork. This leads us nicely into the Meet the Street jam. All you need to know is that my dogg Steve drops a trick in the section. Waaasssuuuppp! The shutdown move of a 360 crankflip into a bank by Cory Jarman is done into a ramp which has BUFF ZINE sprayed on it too. Double wasssup. Ive drove through Germany a few times on my way to Italy. From driving through it I feel I am at one with the countries autobahn culture. Everyone in Germany drives a German motor and they have it floored all the way. I drove past Hamburg once, its got a real mad futuristic tech skyline. Funnily enough Soul has a Hamburg city scene report which is full of Markus Wilke. Amsterdam flatland comp is also on the vid and is hella good and introduced by 2 hot birds who might be hookers, but I aint sure? Man O War are really big in Germany, Apparently so Is Joe Cox. Thomas Scallywag got him to edit a Sheffield scene report which he liked so much he put on the video twice. The Sheffield scene is kick ass and a lot better than the usual Uk bollocks you see on euro videos which involves going to Southsea and Harrow. Germans don't give a fuck, they are the next level. So Is Max Gaertig he does a half cab whip on an orange bike. You even see Corey Bohan do a gooseneck to tailswhip. In conclusion its all good and worth a look. Not like the Metal video, which is shite. Learn your software next time. I heard Thomas Stellwag renders in real time he is so tech. Whats up now? So Soul is mos def tech and still a bit weird like Germany is. You know its good.
Covershot: Chris Law in Sheffield. Photo: Ricky Adam
Summer 2004

Lars Nelen, september 2004: This issue has Kye Forte on the cover and Sandy Carson on the back. The running time is 43 minutes and the bonus is 14 minutes. Go to www.soulbmx.de to see the intro of soul #25. It features:
Backyard Jam, Bournemouth. United Kingdom
Isaac Barnes Bio. Canada
Trier Spotcheck. Germany
Roots Jam Orlando. USA
Circle of Balance Oberhausen. Germany
Benno Hankowetz Bio. Austria
Mysticpark Prague. CZ
Eben Fischer Bio. USA
Worlds Cologne. Germany
Homemade Jam Amsterdam. Netherlands
Roadtrip Lake Constance. Germany
Wermelskirchen Jam. Germany
Quickspin bonus.
Worlds Colgone Bonus. Germany
Kye Forte in Bournemouth
Foto: Ricky Adam
Winter 2004 2005.
The video is 43 minutes and has a 32 minute bonus section.
Featuring: Heart Attack Tour (D-DK-S), Urban Games London, Bio: Sven Hofmann, Twenty Jam Carmaux (F), Quickspin, Carhartt Ravage Roadtrip (NL-D), Backyard Jam Derby (UK), Bio: Corey Bohan, Soul Tourneslave Trip (CZ-A-SK).
DVD-Bonus: KOC Southsea (UK), FISE Montpellier (F), Slide Show and much more!
thomas caillard soul bmx 26
Covershot: Thomas Caillard on Soul/Soul Tourneslave Trip. Photo: Hadrien Picard.
Featuring: Markus Wilke Bio, City Games Berlin.GER, Patrick King Bio, Simple Session Tallinn.EST, Bio Ryan Jordan, Scene Vienna.
DVD-Bonus: Bio Troy McMurray, Wuppertal Contest.GER, Woozy Jam Wermelskirchen.GER, Slide Show and much more!
Covershot: Thomi Zronek working out in his living room. Photo: Georg Oberlechner.
Fall 2005.
featuring: Nicolas Cambon Bio, Neness Roadtrip, NorCal Scene, Worlds Prague.CZ, Ravage Jam Weil.DE, Bike 2005 Manchester.GB, Scene Ulm.DE
DVD-Bonus: Lost Bio Christian Zimmermann and much more!

www.agoride.com, décembre 2005:
Best tricks: Lance Mc Dermott: 360 hand plant ; Mark Webb enchaîne un 360, flair et whip en quelques secondes sur une même ligne ; Ryan Guettler, 720 over the spin et wall to flair, Ryan Nyquist: can can no foot bus drive, Beastwick: flair turndown et flair no hand en big, Scott Cranmer: flip double whip !
Avis de le rédaction: Rien que la pour boucherie du Bike Show , ce DVD vaut le coup, les tricks fusent de tous les côtés, que du très très lourd et gras (voir best tricks plus haut) comme le front flip de Scott Cramer. Des images assez rares dont on se remet difficilement.
Les Worlds ont aussi leur quota de sensations fortes: Tobias Wicke pose nose pick et swith sur la pédale, Morgan Wade s'envole, se jette partout et tente un big wall to flair ou encore John Eaton qui se pose en sprocket après un flair sur la grosse mini Braun.
Les musiques sont judicieusement choisies, tantôt du punk rock et tantôt des ziques plus calmes comme l'excellent Martin Peter "Cherry box" sur le contest hollandais des Xl Series dont le son techno colle parfaitement aux images.
La bio Mike Hernandez vaut aussi le coup d'oeil, un vrai streeter qui utilise tout ce qu'il a sous la main, même s'il n'y a pas de grosses cascades. Sur le XL Series, là aussi gros level et montage dynamique qui donne la patate d'entrée, la palme de la technique revient incontestablement à Patrick Gross (Tooth pick tail whip et autres tricots dont il a le secret).
N'oublions pas le frenchy Nico Cambon dont les chutes sont aussi impressionnantes que ces tricks: big whip one hand sur le terre plein, magnifique. Les images propres, belles et superbement travaillées, on sent l'expérience derrière tout ça. Egalement une maîtrise totale des effets spéciaux et des animations comme pour l'intro du Neness Roadtrip. Très peu de flat cependant, que des images de contest (Ninja, Worlds, Bike show,...) mais on notera quand même l'apparition du finlandais Kimmo qui se fait de plus en plus rare sur les contests et vidéos.
morgan wade soul bmx 28
Covershot: Morgan Wade in Prague. Photo: Kay Clauberg.
BMX Videomagazin Soul 29, D 2006; Simple Roadtrip, Japan.JP, BMX Masters Cologne.DE, Scene Upper Austria.AT, Flatground Amsterdam.NL, Bio Niels Thanild.DK, Eastpak Transition Tour.GB, Contest Tallinn.EE, Soul Last Minute Trip.FR, Backyard Jam Brighton.GB, Bonus: Rebel Jam Berlin.DE, Bio Ryan Guettler.AU, Weekend Warriors Abbeville.FR, Local Clip Trier.DE, Odyssey Summer Comp Portimao.PT, German Open Coburg.DE, KOD Linz.AT, Urbaner Instinkt Dormagen.DE, Flat Quickspin.GB-DE-AT-N, Main: 64 min, Bonus: 42 min, DVD

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2006: Over the last few weeks my son has taken over the DVD player. He knows how to operate it and now thinks it's his. The Bambi and Peter Pan movies have made room for SX exposed, Skills and Crush. All three DVD's are fast paced MX flicks with a whole bunch of flashy graphics and loud music. Philip loves it and now knows that Ricky rides the yellow bike, Bubba rides green and his favorite Chad Reed rides the blue bike. Needless to say, Philip has a # 22 numberplate on his blue Haro Z12 and loves the home track around the couch making MX noises. When I found a moment I sneaked in Soul # 29 in his DVD player. It almost felt like I was watching slow-mo as the first couple of clips either had some slow riding in it or the editing was relaxed. What it probably was is the change from the fast paced MX movies and then watching Soul 29, making the BMX video magazine look very slow comparably. The main part of Soul is over an hour long making this DVD worth the money.
The bonus section has the 2005 Rebel Jam, a Bio with Ryan Guettler, a Trier report, the Odyssey Summer Comp in Portugal, German open in Coburg, King Of Dirt in Linz, the Urbaner Instinct from Dormagen and a Flat Quickspin with footy from England, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands. This could have easily been the main part so basically you get another issue of Soul for free.
The main part takes you to Japan (Simple Roadtrip), Netherlands (Flatground-Amsterdam), Estonia (Simple Session), The UK (Backyard jam with killer footage, and the Eastpak Transition tour), France (Soul mag Last Minute tour), Austria (Scene report), Denmark (NielsWheels interview) and of course Germany (Suzuki BMX Masters). It doesn't get more international than that because the Quickspin clip also has American footage. It's proof that BMX exists all over this planet and there are good riders everywhere. Including the Slideshow and the Credits, #29 is over 100 minutes long. A bit long for a quick motivation before the session but then again you don't have to watch the whole video and can FF to your favorite part. With so many different sections in this issue I'm sure you'll find one that suits your style.
soul bmx 29