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THT, www.agoride.com, 16/03/2007:
Réalisation: Thomas Stellwag
Disciplines: Overall
Support: DVD
Durée: 89 mn
Au programme: Local Sessions Tour, Magga et Zieschla, Rebel Jam Berlin, Scenereport Munich, Spotcheck Sofia, Bio: Markus Redlberger, Contest Emmering, Quickspin, Lumberjack Aurich, Bio: Alessandro Barbero, BMX Masters Cologne, Slideshow...
Bonus: Bulls Spine Jam, Pimp My Ride with Senad Grosic, Eastpak Hafengeburtstag, Flat Quickspin, Extended Local Sessions Tour
Prix: 16 euros
Distribution: Eastreet superstore
Avis de la rédaction: Bon, vous êtes resté chez vous les 6 derniers mois de l'année ou vous êtes allé sur tous ces grands évènements et vous en voulez quelques images. Donc avec Soul vous serez servi. Plein d'images des BMXmasters, la Bulls Spine Jam et de la Rebel jam. Le gros gros park d'Aurich accueille comme chaque année la Lumberjack Jam et ça envoi pas mal, tout comme pour le Emmering Contest avec sa charrette de pros. M. Stellwag nous offre des reportages avec des multitudes de spots. Sofia en Bulgarie et ses rues bien roots ou Munich et son gros park outdoor. Dans cette séquence Chris Doyle nous fait un très gros transfert en street. Même chose pour le Local Session Tour avec Tobias Wicke, Senad Grosic, Mark Köning et Alessandro Barbero où on découvre en détail les spots de Munich, Aurich, Grevenbroich, un énorme trail indoor ou Berlin. Au niveau People, c'est Markus Redlberger et Alessandro Barbero qui sont à l'honneur. Markus est un flatlander autrichien qui roule essentiellement sur la roue avant et Barbero qui a bien cartonné cette année, nous montre toutes les facettes de son riding bien complet. En conclusion 89 minutes de détente après une bonne journée de riding.
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soul bmx video 31

www.fatbmx.com, december 2007: About 20 years ago SOUL started out as a paper-cut zine, editing with scissors, glue and tippex. Since then SOUL has come a long way, transforming itself from paper to Video then into a Video magazine and finally to world wide distributed DVD magazine. This year the 30th anniversary edition did hit the streets. Soul has always seen itself as something evolving, growing and changing with and by the people involved in it and so the consensus was reached that it was time for some major changes to take SOUL to the next level. Over the past two years the people behind SOUL have been working hard on the transformation of SOUL into a new format which can do the bmx community justice and stand for what SOUL always has stood for: creativity, rider-based and always on the lookout for talent and original people on and off their bikes. SOUL is very proud to present to you the new face of the SOUL BMX Video magazine – soulbmx.tv !
With over 16 years of BMX history on Video soulbmx.tv acts as a community portal showcasing all the partners, friends and riders involved in the making of SOUL and the BMX community. From hundreds of riders to tons of filmers, editors and photographers. Having in mind the new possibilities technology offers nowadays SOUL wanted to combine content with people and spots and morph these in an interactive and unique way. Imagine you can find yourself in the video clips from the present day to 10 years ago. Imagine you can find video clips of all your favourite spots or you can visualize Spots, that you haven't yet visited but can check them beforehand in clips. Also, you can give your local scene and homebase the exposure it deserves and feature it with pictures, videos and additional information for other riders. But judge for yourself. Along with SOUL #31 DVD, soulbmx.tv will hit your screen on 20th January as a beta version. But it doesn't stop here. The Team behind SOUL is constantly working on further features to please and fulfil all the wishes of you guys out there. So that’s why SOUL wants to hear about your ideas, feedback and opinions, since SOUL wouldn’t be anywhere without the people. And last but not least, SOUL hopes for your support - See you in the 21st century.