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Event: BS 1993 round 1 "Death in the Desert 2".
Date: january 23-24, 1993.
Place: Thrasherland Skatepark, Glendale, Arizona
Organisation: Hoffman crew.
Mike Daily, BMX Plus! may 1993: Thrasherland BMX is kind of like a ghost town with transitions. You get the feeling that you're treading in no man's land, like this particular tract of eroded wasteland in Glendale, Arizona, is not documented on any map, anywhere, at any point in history. Late at night you're just as likely to pull a front wheel washout roll-in to slam (thanks to ramp condensation and the everpresent film of desert dust) as you are to see an apparition of Leif Garrett work the blue plexiglass snake run/berm/bowl on a leopard-skin skateboard. The place is totally '70s style. As in, 1870. Matt Hoffman hosted his Bicycle Stunts '93 season kick-off comp, "Death in the Desert 2," at Thrasherland. He manned the microphone all weekend in addition to organizing the whole event, appointing judges, tallying scores, practicing and, of course, entering. The Condor cracked his mainstay jokes and even busted out with spontaneous one-liners: "There isn't much the paramedics can do for that one, but thanks anyways, guys!" (directed to the good-humored paramedic crew and Chuck D as Chuck was on his knees on the flatbottom after a "top tube tango.") I was impressed.

Mini ramp, dirt and halfpipe only because there wasn't enough asphalt to hold a flatland and a street contest.
7ft high, 1ft extension, 24ft wide. There was a really small spine-mini next to it (an 8ft canyon).

Mike Daily, BMX Plus! may 1993: Saturday was the Mini festivities. The Stunt Boy class was full of surprises. S&M freestyle dominatrix Dave Clymer started things off with a bang when he went for a double peg stall on the high wooden rail and slammed hard enough to personally discontinue his first qualifying run. After he collected himself a bit, he came back out for more. Before he did the first mini ramp to mini-mini canyon transfer of the day, fully tabletopped, Clymer quipped through his mouthguard, "Man, I just gotta wake up." (That was another of Matt's jokes -that Bicycle Stunts contests are started only after the S&M guys have shown up, as they are chronically late.) Clymer went for the rail stall several times on both ramps and came quite close. Other shenanigans included a 720 flyout, a perfect 540 off the extension and a 900 attempt. He snagged fourth. Keith Treanor opened a Pandora's Box of inhumanly possible back-to-back tricks. Examples include feeble grind bar spinners, airs to nosepick, 360 Canadian nosepicks, fufanu to nosepick and more. Keith got first, followed by a lip trick- smacking Eben Krackau and deck-working Kevin Gutierrez, both big Texans. Sidenotes on Gutierrez: He is a master of finessing tricks to perfection even when completely off balance and he spent the weekend sleeping outdoors, keeping the scorpions company.
Stunt Men (Pro) was another story, entirely. Every rider had a few shockers up his sleeve. Bob Kohl insisted on going for Hugo Gonzales signature fence springs and back flip flyouts, one of which was a no-hander. Old King Kohl received sixth. Stephan Prantl of GT rode with great style, inserting tricks like tabletops to abubaca to tabletops back in and bar-spinning variations for fifth. Dave Mirra was next in line, producing flips, fancy grinds and airs to match, to fourth. The craziest mini ramp trick Dennis McCoy did was manualing for speed and going for a sprocket cruncher on the wooden railing. He kept his runs consistent by doing the flip thing and hard lip tricks (particularly his 900 tail tap/manual spinners). Third was his, all $160 of it. Matt Hoffman double-pegged the rail with ease, tailwhipped the canyon to the mini-mini spine and flipped out. But it wasn't enough to knock Jay Miron out of pole position. Jay took liberties with free rolling nose wheelies the length of the decks (both ways), assorted lip tricks including a boomerang air that he landed in smith stop (accidental?) and the obligatory flips. He was paid $320 and no cents for his efforts.
Dave Clymer

SOON TO BE MINI RESULTS 1.Michael Castillo 2.Greg Axford 3.Chris Treas 4.Aaron Kruger 5.Darci Saccucci 6.Danny Williams 7.Michael Skinner 8.Michael Allbutt

1.Keith Treanor 2.Eben Krackau 3.Kevin Gutierrez 4.Dave Clymer 5.Ian Morris 6.Steve Ornales 7.Bart de Jong 8.Leigh Ramsdell

STUNTMEN MINI RESULTS 1.Jay Miron $320 2.Matt Hoffman $240 3.Dennis McCoy $160 4.Dave Mirra $80 5.Stephan Prantl 6.Bob kohl 7.James Shepherd 8.Bill Nitschke
Mike Daily, BMX Plus! may 1993: Stunt Men Dirt was a joy and a blessing to behold, especially. They were the ones goin' for it for the money. Chad Herrington made sure the launching pad had enough "oomph" to get everyone sailing the seven seas. As expected, Bob Kohl set the pace for craziness: a no-handed loop pulled super clean and later two paralyzing double loop attempts. Oomph. Two hundred and fifty dollars deductible. Matt Hoffman went for his much anticipated tailwhip back flip and came darned close to pulling it off. The Condor soared in, sore as the dickens, for second place bucks. Dennis McCoy's third-place brilliance was accented by a flair, no-footed loop and a big 360 bar spinner. Jump builder Chad Herrington took fourth place with his hang loose freaky styley. hoffman
Mat Hoffman

Bob Kohl super clean no-handed loop

Stuntmen dirt results: 1.Bob Kohl $250 2.Matt Hoffman $165 3.Dennis McCoy $85 4.Chad Herrington 5.Stephan Prantl

Stuntboys dirt results: 1.Clayton Brown 2.Troy Brookshire 3.Keith Teanor 4.Nick Mencuri 5.Steve Swope 6.Jody Donnelly 7.Bart de Jong 8.Chuck D

Soon to be dirt results: 1.Chris Quintero 2.Mike Ocoboc 3.Steve Barber 4.Troy Steinert 5.Hal Brindley
Mike Daily, BMX Plus! may 1993: Wilkerson Airlines' John Parker fandazzied the crowd with pro-caliber riding in the Stunt Boy (amateur) division. Matt razzed him all weekend with teasers like, "Yeah, you should wait a few more years before turnin' pro, John." Even though Parker was hitting back-to-back manoovs like high 540s to high tailwhips -not to mention coming inches away from pulling his incredible Drano (body varial air over coping) -this was only his third contest and he doesn't want to sailor dive into the pro ranks, just yet. First place, and well deserved. Word has it that Haro is intent on picking this guy up and flying him to all Bicycle Stunts contests. Gary Laurent showmanshipped himself into second place with such escapades as fully carved 540s, clicked variations and a back flip attempt that just wasn't meant to be. Leigh Ramsdell of 2B Homecooked Garments trucked to third, riding hard and fast. No flips for Leigh -just classic style and attitude adjusted to "Puree."
Nine gentlemen comprised the Stunt Men category, three of whom were first-timers: Jim Burgess, Dave Brumlow and Todd Seligman. They filled slots seven through nine and put in fine rides. Jon Byers, riding a custom "Fatty" frame, proved himself still able to bust out and took sixth. Bob Kohl. That's really all that needs to be said, is it not? Fifth place money, no-handed back flip, mansized 540s with bar spinners thrown in for the fun of it, spot-on nosepicks... and all with the skinniest pegs you ever did see. Dave Mirra picked up ninety smackers for some of the highest aerials of the contest, hang-it-all-out variations, psycho flips, grinds like his amazing framestand icepickers and alleyoop icepicks and lip tricks galore. Fourth. The opposite of a mongoose is probably a chicken, which is what DMC most definitely did not ride anything like. Bar spinner 540s, a big ol' 900 attempt, specialty deck tricks, dude. Dennis McCoy may have completely destroyed a prototype pair of Goose forks in the process, but his performance was top notch and well worthy of his $180 prize money. Double tailwhip airs. A headless twist of a 900. The death-defying flair (back flip twist). You guessed it. Event organizer and promoter Matt 'The Condor" Hoffman got cuckoo enough for second place after the smoke cleared. Or maybe it was just carcinogenic Arizonian dust. If "doubling" at a freestyle event is possible, Jay Miron did it. Numero uno. He had trick difficulty, smoothness, back-to-back flow, and even Laurentian crowd appeal rolled into one. A true champion. What does this guy eat for breakfast?
Jay Miron
Jay Miron.

John Parker drano.

SOON TO BE VERT RESULTS 1.Andrew Langdon 2.Danny Williams 3.John Bethers 4.Troy Steineckert 5.Nick Chessnoe 6.Dan Myers 7.Junior Torres

STUNTBOYS VERT RESULTS 1.John Parker 2.Gary Laurent 3.Leigh Ramsdell 4.Pat Dehme 5.Jay Eggleston 6.Kevin Guther 7.Steve Swope 8.Jim Walker

STUNTMEN VERT RESULTS 1.Jay Miron $360 2.Matt Hoffman $270 3.Dennis McCoy $180 4.Dave Mirra $90 5.Bob Kohl 6.Jon Byers 7.Jim Burgess 8.Dave Brumlow 9.Todd Seligman