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Full size magazine-type zine with full color covers.
winter 1998 winter 1998
www.ewirezine.com: Pusher (winter '98 issue) hails from Denver and includes articles on the Flatland Fugitives, Chris Young, Mike Lovegoat, and Scott Fyffe. It offers a Big Brother circa 1994 slant on its content, like reviewing porn films along with BMX videos and doing BMX Plus! type shotouts between ice beers. Pusher also features record reviews, a Gonz article on burritos, two amazing full page photos by Sean Parker and a funny S&M ad with Leo Dumlao. Pusher is definitely stepping into unchartered territories with its content, and it may not be for everyone, but it's still pleasing to see how differing the BMX lifestyle can be from one person to another, and this makes Pusher a worthy read. You can email Pusher at pushrzine@home.com or send $12.00 (for one year) to Pusher, 1574 Jackson St., Denver, CO 80206.
1999 1999
Troy McMurray on the cover.
15 issue 15
Pusher Publications, 217 Pearl St. , Denver, CO 80203, USA.
Subscription for $15/yr (USA) or $25/yr (international).
2005 issue 18 - october 2005
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2005: Clay Brown and crew have picked up Pusher magazine again. This time in a 'zine size but full colour. It looks damn dope that way. I love the 'zine size, it's easier to take with you without crumpling the book. Pusher has got 48 pages and it's an interesting read because they say it as it is. We like that style. The cover shows Van Homan at the Gravity Games but don't expect Pusher to be a "big contest" mag. Porn reviews and a photo of Troy McMurray with a bong is more like it. The content brings: Layton Massacre 50/50 comp, Shook tour in Tucson, The Ville (Gainsville report), Evolution Road Trip and a photo section called: "Visuals".
19 issue 19
kevin porter pusher bmx 20 issue 20 - 2007

www.pusherbmxmagazine.com, march 2007: Kevin Porter got the cover and inside the pages you will find, girls, bikes,some illegal stuff and Ron Wilkerson, what more would you like? You can find the mag at these fine dealers. Empire BMX, Albe's, Woodward Skatepark Park, Denver, CO, or you can get an old fashioned subscription for 15 dollars by sending a check or money order to: Pusher Mag 217 Pearl St. Denver CO, 80203. Ride On!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2007: Impure, Indecent, Lecherous, Lustful, Obscene, Offensive, and Smutty. It's not that they're not warning you for the content of Pusher Biker magazine. It might not be for everybody but it sure has its following. Clay Brown and his long list of contributors finished issue number twenty just in time for the summer to start. 48 full colour pages in 'zine size, filled with kinky girls, porn reviews, stoner news , an adult entertainment ad with a discount coupon and a local bar advertisement. But there's more. Lots of BMX in fact. The weed-sale financed computer has done its job and Clay is getting good with it. What does issue 20 have to offer?
-Contents page
-A one-handed editorial
-Staff page
-Quotes and the always feared shit list
-DVD reviews
-1st timers with Ron Wilkerson -Marijuana vs. Alzheimers article
-Killers: John Able
-Good Times (Moliterno) interview
-Goods (T-shirts)
-Trail digging
-Summer 2006. On the road with Pusher
-Insomniac flatland jam story
-Visuals (photo section)
-Subscribe page: Subscribe to Pusher and see what happens next! Subscribe to the #1 smut magazine in the BMX world. Every issue is guaranteed to shock your system and have you stealing or killing to get your hands on another one. Only 15 bucks will get you 5 issues saving your poor ass 3 righteous dollars. So get off the dope and order your subscription NOW!
Chris Cotter, august 2007: My name is Chris Cotter and welcome to the notorious world of Pusher Publications, home of the now infamous Pusher BMX Magazine. Pusher was born 7 years ago with the desire to showcase the true hard-core 20” bike rider and their lifestyle. You will not find anything which has been candy coated for the mainstream.
If you’re looking for political correctness, then Pusher is NOT what you are seeking.   Simply put, we tell it like it is. Every issue is packed with sick photos, rider bios, product reviews, as well as the seedy material that people have come to love. We are a full color, 48 page mag with an ever increasing circulation. After being voted the 15th best BMX mag in the world we are at it again and are currently assembling the latest issue (issue 21) for print, with a v-jam benefit story,  the mountain road trip, and other stories and info that will get you amped to ride