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Produced by S&M in 1991.
www.youtube.com/IscaSullo: KOD contest from the famous Mission Trails, Chris Moeller, Mr.Leech from the UK aboard his S&M Dirtbike, The legend, Dave Clymer, The great Jimmy Levan back when he rode and raced for S&M Bikes.

Steve Emig aka The White Bear, freestylinmagtales.blogspot.com, december 2008: This is the first official S&M video, which I edited in 1991, sitting on the floor of Chris' tiny apartment with an SVHS video camera, a VCR, and a forty of Mickey's. While I was editng, Chris and Jason Pro were cavorting with a chick known as Sexecutioner Lisa and her kitten named Satan. Satan liked to drink Kalua. Everyone took turns wearing Chris' nipple clamps that night in various ways. I don't know how the video ever got finished. The full title of that video was "Feel My Leg Muscles, I'm a Racer." That was the line Dave Clymer used to pick up his girlfriend at the time. I think the total budget of that video was about $50... if you include beer. As I mentioned before, I edited it sitting on the floor of the tiny "Winnebago"apartment at 408 Alabama in Huntington Beach. S&M Bikes was housed in the garage then, in 1991.

Chris Moeller.

Jimmy Levan.

KOD Mission Trails..

Dave Clymer.

Alex Leech.
Produced by S&M in 1993.
45 minutes. Starring Chris Moeller, Dave Clymer, Keith Treanor, Mike Griffin, Brian Foster, Jimmy Levan, John Paul Rogers, Mike Lausman, Mike Ocoboc, Ian Morris, Sean Butler, John Englbert, Mike Castillo, Aaron Kreuger, Lawan Cunningham, Bob Kohl, John Peacy, Todd Lyons, Tim Hall, Chad Herrington, Will Smyth, Ronnie Farmer, Pete Augustin, Brad Blanchard, GG Hawkins, Jamie Spritzer, Randy Lawrence, Shawn Yarrell, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Steve Swope, Bubba, Chris Potts, Jay Eggleston, Dennis McCoy, Dave Parrick, Jay Lonergran, Alan Foster, Hippie Jay, Paul Roberts, Chad Roberts, Jody Donnelly, Psycho...
Include some footage of the '92 BS finals and the '93 season opener at Trasherland.
Brian Foster no-footed cancan at the legendary cliff jump at Denver.
Chris Moeller hilarious appearance on the Jane Pratt Show.

Ride BMX UK august 1993: Is S&M still a 'small' company? They might not be the biggest bike company selling thousands of complete bikes and components every year, but undoubtedly S&M is the most popular frameset these days, and they sell tons of S&M stuff. Chris is still in charge and making dope gear, including this new vid.
Starts out with Chris on a low-rider, then leads into the Bap Man himself, Keith Treanor [no footer to Iookdown jump]. Mission Trails sessions, the HLP crew, Mike somebody and Jimmy Levan riding street, and a couple more bits follow. Dee Snider [metal fans will know who we're going on about] himself endorses the Holmes frame. Dee actually rides for S&M on a Widowmaker cruiser.
The next part, BS finals footage from Chicago, is way rad. There's plenty of slowmo loops and HUGE 360's from Bob Kohl - this is one of the best sections. Mirra's indian 360's have to be seen. Highlights from Chris' appearance on the Jane Pratt Show, a talkshow which goes out nationwide on US TV, follows up - Chris goofs off and totally confuses the host. Mike Griffin is a red hot dirt jumper from SoCal busdriver to step thrus anyone? Dave Clymer proves his overall stuff, riding dirt, ramps, and at the Arizona BS contest - which itself is the next bit [with Kohl's no handed flips]. The Ginger Ninja evens gets his own section next. The Twin Palms jumping session is good, but it's got nothing on the following section from Dover jeez, the jump is a rollercoaster ride with an enormous chasm [you won't believe it]. Clymer even tries a 360 over it, but slams, and then this is followed by the inevitable slam section, followed by Pete Loncarevich playing guitar to the credits.
I think it's about 35 minutes long, but we weren't counting. We were too into watching S&M's plethora a dirt and street riding, sprinkled with ramps and BS stuff. Good slowmo parts in places, fine editing, rock soundtrack. It's a great overall video. The Jane Pratt sections are hilarious. If you're into dirt jumping, street, a bit of ramps, and the whole S&M thing, then 44 Something is for you.

Steve Emig aka The White Bear, freestylinmagtales.blogspot.com, december 2008: 1993- S&M Bikes- 44 Something, BMX Plus listed it as one of the top ten bike videos of the '90's. Not bad considering we made it for under $750. Producer/editor.
s&m 44 something

Released in 1995.

www.video.google.com, may 2007: S&M "BMX Inferno" one of my favorite vids from what is now called the 'mid-school' days of bmx. produced by dave parrick/trash ... Tout » productions. features riders like Fids, Mike Ocoboc, Shawn Butler, Neal Wood, Chris Moeller, Brian Castillo, Keith Treanor, Jason Ball, Barspinner Ryan, Alan Valek, Dave Parrick, Ian Morris, Bo Usher, ...
Jason Ball has a great section. The song is ... Tout » perfect. "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell: "They paved paradise, put up a parking lot." The Sheep Hills dirt jump spot in SoCal was indeed plowed.
sm bmx inferno

www.4downdistribution.com: Fids aka Mark Findlay Section from S&M BMX Inferno.
Produced in 1999.
Editor: Royal Flush Production

Our videos have always been terrible, but this one takes the cake. How could it take 3 years to make such a bad video? The intro is stupid, most of the music sucks and some of these guys aren't on the team anymore.

Try McMurray
Ian Morris
Kris Bennet
Marvin 360 x-up no foot

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 1999: Video 4: "DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $15 FOR THIS VIDEO" says the cover with Troy McMurray filmed by Ryan Young and Sean McKinney being himself, but this is just to get you hyped to see this VDO even if you have to pay $30 for it it's worth it.
Guest appearance by the Condor and lots of English riders together with talented US-riders show their skills on Street, Dirt and good Flatland action.
Team U.K: Ian Morris, Dean Hearne, Amos Burke and Fids and you know, they have NO FEAR! Fids the 360-king, Ian the DrunkenStreetwizard, Dean the Dirtbastard and Amos the Street&Flatclown, see by yourself that these guys are not kidding!
Also Team USA: Troy McMurray, Sean McKinney, Marvin McLotterley, Sean McButler, Leo McDumlao, Chris McBennett and the new kids on the block: Ryan McThomson and Pat McDeagels, lots of Mc's and talent. Butler pulling flips, 360's varials, supermans and glad he is back on S&M, Marvin almost hitting a car grinding everything possible, Ryan and Pat the new Street Punks and even Leo Grinding in between his flatland moves. Sean is there to entertain you, he said this to me in SF this summer: "I'M RETIRED OF S&M", he is going his own way now. Video 4 is a well done Vid and we are waiting to see Video 5 next summer.
video 4
The riders from BMX action and S&M have teamed up with Robby D to bring you another gonzo destroying adventure. Big air, Big Tits, and sick sex on BMX!
Chris Moeller, www.thecomeupboard.com, december 2008: My friend worked for the porn company and paid me $300 to film here for 2 days...it was hilarious and we put some footage in the Faction video we played in Vegas that year at Interbike.

Directed By Robby D.
Produced 2000 and Presented By Vivid Entertainment Group under "RAW" label
Starring: Cassidey, Jewell, Shelbee Myne, Mia, Dayton, Tiffany Mason, with guest-appearances by BMX Action's John Paul Rogers, and various S&M team riders and employees (Marvin Lotterle, Neal Wood, Timmy Ball, and many more)

Char Leigh, www.mbatbmx.com: This adult video advertises itself as quoted on the box, "The Riders from BMX Action and S&M have teamed up with Robby D to bring you another gonzo destroying adventure. Big air, big tits, and sick sex on BMX!" This 'gonzo'-inspired video brought to you by the Vivid Entertainment Group under its hardcore label, RAW, is another attempt on its behalf to merge the world of sports and athleticism with mind-bending and raunchy sex. The sex acts are lude, crude, and torrid -eventually meeting and exceeding any expectations the viewer may have. Although advertising itself as a sex romp with BMX, the BMX action is kept to a minimal as numerous acts of sexual gratification and debauchery run rampant. Hardcore pornographic fans will no doubt enjoy this 'XXXtreme' sport video.
action sport sex
redwin, www.bmx-test.com, december 2004: It's a proven fact that S&M is a badass company and they've got a badass of a team. With names like Josh Stricker, Adam Baker, Amos Burke, Marvin Loetterle, Bob Scerbo, Rob Wise, Vic Ayala, Brian Wizmerski, Rob Darden, and Matt Beringer I wasn't disappointed with "Please Kill Me", but enough of me beating around the bush, lets get to the review.
The first part belongs to Josh Stricker, his part is filled with his signature flat tables and him just going mach 5 and jumping over anything and everything he sees but the highlights were alley oop 360 off these planter banks and over some benches and a massive gap to wallride.
The next part belongs to Adam Baker. It has a lot of good trail footage. One highlight was 360 whip over the weird bowl at Brooking, OR skatepark. I didn't really like this part because it's not my style but I already knew Baker was a badass.
I had never really heard of Amos Burke but his part I liked. He's brakeless but can still bust some flatland. He does a lot of cool spinning stuff like 180 over some stairs and a bench and a feeble up a ledge to 360.
Since I live in Orange county I've seen and ridden with Marvin Loetterle a couple times so I knew what to expect. Highlights from his part were he grinds up a hefty rail and toothpick to fakie on a mellow bank to ledge.
The next part belongs to Bob Scerbo who between filming for this video and probably filming for many other videos makes a good video part. Highlights were hop over feeble on these weird jersey barrier type bank thing in my home town of Costa Mesa and also hop over smith on a round rail.
The next part is all the flow guys. The first little part belongs to Mark Croquette, highlights were 360 Hurricane on the afro man banks in Philly. The next little part belongs to some dude named Cheev. Highlights were fakie tree ride to barspin. Next is Jay Lonergan. Nothing too exciting just some cool trail stuff. Same goes to the next guy Sal. The next rider is Larry Alvarado. Highlights from his little part are 270 to double peg to 270 out and grind up a rail to hard 180. The next dude is Ben Brassfield. Highlights are over icepick on a mini extension. Next set of clips belongs to some dude named Burger. Nothing too exciting but he does do some clicked lookbacks.
Next rider is Ben Morgan. Highlights are double peg of a first part of a kinked rail to icepick on the second stage (which was really short and steep). The final set of clips belongs to Rob Wise. Watch out for this kid, he is really good, with stuff like fufanu to icepick to disaster to revert and 180 lookbacks and tailwhips off a half broken cement cylinder thingy. He should have a bright future.
The next part belongs to Vic Ayala. Highlights are hop over grind on a kink rail to icepick on the second stage and grind up the Brooklyn banks rail, which I hear is steep as hell.
Wiz has the next part and doesn't disappoint either. Highlights were feeble to manual to wallride. Turndown to icepick ching on a rail. Backwards feeble to hard 180 off. Smith grind then hops up and nosewheelies on the ledge.
The second to last part belongs to Rob Darden. Highlights are manual to fastplant 180 to tiretap to barspin and tailwhip to manual to tailwhip.
The final part belongs to Matt Beringer. I don't think anyone else should of gotten the last part. Highlights are frontflip over a hip. Flair on a metal fullpipe cut in half and a flair on his ski bike. I don't wanna ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen the video but Beringers banger trick is pretty crazy and I heard it took forever to land.
Well for what I paid for this video it was definitely worth it. I give the video a 9/10 and the music a 8/10 because it was good but it wasn't really what I listen to. I would recommend this video to everyone.

Ryan, www.ridebmx.com, february 2005: I caught my first view of Please Kill Me in a dingy bar off the Las Vegas strip and then multiple more times at Interbike, since the S&M booth sat directly across from the Ride booth. During that time, I came to know this video like the back of my hand, and even after seeing it six times in two days, I still wasn't sick of it. My favorite section by far comes from Josh Stricker, who spends half of his section pedaling full-speed-that's almost entertaining enough right there. Other good sections come from Rob Darden, Bob Scerbo, and flow rider Rob Wise. Matt Berringer closes out the video with a combination of creative lines and outright ridiculous tricks. There are a lot of videos out right now, and, as Chris Moeller promised, this one doesn't suck.
sm please kill me

Chris Moeller, www.thecomeupboard.com, december 2008: I don't think the goal with this video was to be groundbreaking...it was just to capture a cool crew of guys doing what they love, riding and having a good time. It is a great S&M video in my book.

K Stark, teamdilly.blogspot.fr, may 2009: The newest video from S&M is brought to us by Jordan Utley, the same videographer who did the 50/50 shop video "That's It" a few years back. Although it was a tad on the artsy side for my taste, I still really liked the 50/50 video and I had high hopes for 'I Wanna Live'. The similarities between the two videos are constant and, unfortunatly for S&M, everything I thought was creative and unique with the 50/50 video had now become stale. The worst of the editing quirks were the drawn out intros using the re-hashed idea of "natural" titles, and the seizure-inducing black and white zoom flashes littered throughout the video. Even with the distracting editing, there's still enough amazing riding in 'I Wanna Live' to keep the viewer entertained. Randy Brown's section is a really good way to start it off, however his wild ender was ruined by the ever-popular epic banger buildup. Tony Cardona's part kicked ass as always, and there was a decent mix section in there somewhere with some dope James Cox and Adam Baker footage as well as a clip of Sean McKinney hang five-ing a cruiser. Matt Beringer is one of my favorite bike riders of all time, and his part shows exactly why. I've heard that a lot of people were disappointed in Stricker's section in 'I Wanna Live', but I say give the guy a break. After years of banger video parts, he deserves a little slack from you bastards. The video ends with yet another ridiculous section from Cameron Wood. I hope this dude never stops filming, cause I've thoroughly enjoyed every section he's ever filmed for. I've got really mixed feelings about this video in it's entirety. As far as filming, riding, and music goes I enjoyed it decently enough, but the overall edit to me just feels like a failed attempt by Utley to adapt his very specific editing style from "That's It" to be more characteristically 'S&M'. Get rid of the intros, interludes, and pointless black and white flashing and I'd probably be writing a rave review, but instead it's more of a "meh".