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Sources: www.expn.com, www.etniesbmx.com, Snap, Ride BMX US, Dig, ...
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1979 DOB: july 18, 1979
Birthplace: Orange County, California, USA.
early years www.etniesbmx.com, 2005: Hailing from Anaheim, California, Josh began racing BMX on the local track at age 12. At 15, he started getting way more into dirt-jumping and street riding.
1997 13th place pro dirt @ 1997 summer X-Games.
1998 Josh Stricker floats a no-footed toboggan at Sheep Hills aboard one of this issue's test bikes, the Reynolds Super Model on the cover of Snap august 1998. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

18th place pro dirt @ 1998 summer X-Games.
08 1998
1999 Josh made a big move to Philadelphia in 1999 to ride better trails and hang with more down-to-Earth people.

Josh Stricker table top at 9th street trails on the cover of Dig summer 1999.

14th place pro dirt @ 1999 summer X-Games.
summer 1999
2002 Sponsors : S&M, Etnies, Primo, Little Devil.
2003 www.etniesbmx.com, november 2003: Josh Stricker has been slowly but surely moving his and his girl's belongings into their new place in New York from Philly. He went on a short road trip up to Providence, Rhode Island this past week with some friends and rode Skater Island, as well as some other parks, and is currently enjoying the surprisingly good weather to its fullest by riding trails with his crew. Josh has also been riding with etnies teammate Edwin Delarosa in the city.
2005 www.etniesbmx.com, 2005: Josh happens to be a graphic arts major who enjoys designing art in Photoshop and Illustrator for S&M and his own Happy Hour clothing line. In his spare time, Josh enjoys a little skateboarding on the side, as well as the occasional round of nice, cold beverages.
2006 Josh Stricker on the cover of Ride BMX US january 2006. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

Josh Stricker on the cover of Dig #52 may 2006. Photo by Sandy Carson.
01 2006