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freestyle bmx uk 10 issue 10 - january 1985 (scanned by brahim 0611and kdw712 0803 - download)
Front cover: Vincent's new freestyler proves it's worth on the top spot in freestyle.
How to switch around with Andy Ruffel.
Haro FST Test.
Craig Campbell interview.
Vincent Freestyler bike test.
Birmingham street scene.
freestyle bmx uk 02 1985 issue 11 - february 1985
12 issue 12 - march 1985
Unlimited Freestyle - Andy Preston Vector FS cover.
Holeshot British Freetyle Champs
Jess Dyrenforth Romford Bowl pull out poster
Vector FS Unlimited test with Andy Preston
13 issue 13 - april 1985
Andy Irwin on the cover.
Fox Forstyler & Hustler freestyler test, Ardwick freestyle comp.
craig campbell freestyle bmx uk 05 1985 issue 14 - may 1985 (1) (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Craig Cambell on his new Prolite signature model on the cover.
Prolite test.
VDC Changa test.
Neil Ruffel poster.
Brian Curtis Freestyler test.
Southsea Freestyle.
andy irwin freestyle bmx uk 06 1985 issue 15 - june 1985 (scanned by moley 0802 - incomplete - download)
Andy Irwin Scorpion ZF 100 Freestyler cover.
Mike Dominguez insane aerial inside cover.
Scorpion ZF 100 Brakedancer test and full specs.
Eddie Fiola aerial pull out poster.
Rich Sigur, Ron Peterson, Woody Itson trick shots.
'Learn a trick' - Seat Press with Andy Irwin.
eddie fiola freestyle bmx uk 16 issue 16 - july 1985
Eddie Fiola mega air cover.
Trick Talk - Kelloggs Freestyle
Aero Reflex test with Mike Pardon - full specs.
Hustler New Edition Freestyler feature and specs
Brian Blyther one hand one foot aerial pull out poster.
Eddie Fiola and Dave Breed GT World Tour Feature with interview and quality aerial shots
Brian Blyther aerial back cover.
ron wilkerson freestyle bmx uk 17 issue 17 - august 1985
Ron Wilkerson King of Kelloggs one hand one foot aerial cover.
Trick Talk - Kelloggs Freestyle.
Craig Campbell & Neil Ruffell interview with trick shots.
Ron Wilkerson one hand one foot aerial pull out poster.
How to build a half pipe.
Skyway Streetbeat test and full specs with Neil Ruffell - awesome Trackstand and Cherry Picker shots - legendary.
Learn a Trick - Boomerang with Craig Campbell.
Skateboard camps feature.
freestyle bmx uk 18 issue 18 - september 1985
Craig Campbell at Southsea on the cover.
Southsea 1985- The greatest show on earth,
USA Skyway Team
MRD Badlander, Scorpion Breakdancer, YES Titan TX Freestyler tests.
freestyle bmx uk 19 issue 19 - october 1985
Andy Irwin on the cover.
Torker Freestyler.
King of the skateparks 85.
Glynn Lewis interview.
Vincent mini freestyler.
Haro FST.
freestyle bmx uk 11 1985 issue 20 - november 1985 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)

Mega air skatepark action with Neil Ruffell, Hugo Gonzales and Craig Campbell.
Learn how to bar hop with Pepi Winder.
Testing the Acorn Freestyler.
Review of the Haro F.S.T - a bike for freestyle, street and the track.
Street scene from Nottingham.
tony murray freestyle bmx uk 12 1985 issue 21 - december 1985 january 1986 (1) (scanned by moley 0902 - download)
Tony Murray on the cover. The Only time I ever ran spoke wheels...
1985 King Of Skatepark finals, Pipeline California.
Test du cadre freestyle Peugeot 531,
Amateur UK freestyle championships,...