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Publisher: UKBFA.
Editor: Mark Noble.
craig campbell freestyle bmx uk 01 1988 volume 2 issue 1 - january 1988
Craig Campbell on the cover.
Look back at 1987
Air Time with Sean Goff (skateboard)
Sean Goff skateboarding center pages
Hot Products
Rob Ridge Interview (Flatland BMX)
National Rankings - 1987
mat hoffman christian hosoi freestyle bmx uk 02 1988 volume 2 issue 2 - february 1988
Hosoi & Matt Hoffman on the cover.
Holshot Hoffman Hosoi
Stop Press
Holshot takes up most of this issue
Matt Hoffman Interview
Neil Danns at the Nottingham Demo
Per Welinder Interview (freestyle & streetstyle skateboarder).
Scooter Adverts !!!!!
Christian Hosoi photos
freestyle bmx uk 03 1988 volume 2 issue 3 - march 1988 (2)
2Hip King of Vert.
Chris Day interview.
jason ellis freestyle bmx uk 04 1988 volume 2 issue 4 - april 1988 (2)
Jason Ellis at the Crawley jam on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble. Skate: Dominic Feeney. BMX: Andy Please.
How to: backward decade, rope a roni.
The Crawley bike halfpipe jam.
Andy Please and the Zeronine Pro.
Open Freestyle Petersfield.
Is RL Osborn responsible for freestyle as we know today ?
freestyle bmx uk 05 1988 volume 2 issue 5 - may 1988
King of Vert: Paris thru a fisheye.
Wilkerson pull out poster.
Mark Noble, july 2003: We changed the logo when we went for a more modern look. The logo change was quite major for the times, with the logo going vertical up one side.
I was editor and designer... I kind of took over the old style. Freestyle BMX magazine then made all sorts of changes to make it better.
mark noble freak squeaks freestyle bmx uk 06 1988 volume 3 issue 1 - june 1988
Mark Noble rolling freak squeaks on the cover. Photo by Kris.
Test: Revcore Pro.
BFA and UKBMX Nationals.
First UKBFA National at Weston Super Mare of 1988.
Ridin with Noel Cowan.
freestyle bmx uk 07 1988 volume 3 issue 2 - july 1988 (2)
ALFRETON. The second UKBFA National was good. James Hudson rates it.
Test No. 1. The '88 SKYWAY STREET BEAT. It's good, It's new. Read why.
DIARY. Dates and suchlike.
Plus, UKBFA Chairman's Notes for July.
Test No. 2. The '88 VARIFLEX XP Scooter, LoZ makes his debut on the test squad.
BOURNEMOUTH. The third UKBMX National was bathed in sunshine. Clivc Gosling writes and races B 'm'th.
SKATE THE STREETS. The most asked for How To ankle is here: streetstyle.
Test No. 4. The '88 FREE AGENT 24 Incher. A cruiser test?
jason davies side glide freestyle bmx uk 08 1988 volume 3 issue 3 - august 1988 (scanned by Bobby 1304 - download)
Jason Davies rolls a forward side glide in his home town on the cover. Mark Noble takes the photo.
Edinburgh UKBFA National Freestyle event round 3.
chris potts freestyle bmx uk 09 1988 volume 3 issue 4 - september 1988
Chris Potts step thru for the Tizer Worlds on the cover. Photo by Donovan Pennant.
King of Dirt.
The Tizer World cup.
Munster World cup of skating.
Riding with Rick Allison.
Preston BFA National. The last of the year.
Bike test: The Robinson Pro.
10 1988 volume 3 issue 5 - october 1988
Joe Johnson busts a heavy turndown on the cover. Warped photo by John Nightingale.
8: Here we have a sort of resume of JOE JOHNSON. A profile perhaps?
13: Duringjuly the Powell team came to the U.K.: The 1988 BONES BRIGADE TOUR I guess you could name it.
23: The Interview for October. DENNIS McCOY. Has lots to say, as well as rides a bike in a unique manner.
34: The DIARY, plus Chairman's notes.
35: Competition!! WIN HARO BARS!!
36: The freestyle comp for this month comes from the BIRMINGHAM OPEN at the N.E.C. Nostalgia here too.
44: A PHOTO EXHIBITION, the winners of the Converse photo contest. Some fine exposures here.
51: HILD'S POSTCARD FROM AMERICA; he's in the States and having a good time, judging from what's on this page.
53: HOUNSLOW UKBMX NATIONAL Simon Parkinson reports from round seven.
56: A completely untitled article that simply contains FIVE INTERESTING SEQUENCES from sunny California.
62: Many items on this page; the S.N.P., more Stop Press, and the Adindex.
HOT PIC DEPT: Page 32/33; Claus Grabke boosting somewhere in Czechoslovakia. Photo, Shane Rouse.
karl denton freestyle bmx uk 11 1988 volume 3 issue 6 - november 1988
Cover: Karl Denton busts one at the HOT Weymouth event, plus some very odd shots of various people taking part in FunTests around the country: clockwise from the top; Mike O'Connell, LoZ, Greg Guillotte, Fergus Heron, Zak, Effraim Catlow, Simon Tabron, Mark Atkins, John Hudson (with broken wrist). All photos by Kris.
I guess this issue could be called the "Look What Happens When I Go On Holiday Issue", but instead it's the "FunTest Issue". Keep in mind that most of this took place when I was sunning in France, so Kris and LoZ were BUSY, hahaha. Anyway, on
PAGE 4 is the usual STOP PRESS, with news and stuff. Then, following this we have a few more pages, and on
PAGE 8 you'll find an article on the SOUTHSEA SEA-AIR FUNTEST, the first funtest in this issue. Despite the wind, it was a good laugh. And then, on
PAGE 18 we have our first Skate Profile, of BRIAN PENNINGTON, who you'll find is an exceptionally cool bloke. Another Skate Profile can be found not many pages later on
PAGE 24, this time on DON BROWN, again, a cool guy. The second funtest in this issue starts on the CPS,
PAGE 28, and is the WEYMOUTH OPEN. Sun, sand and good times were had by all here. Then, gracing
PAGES 38/39 is a HOT how-to by CHRIS DAY, this trick is DIFFICULT! Next up is the bike test, on
PAGE 40, with the PEREGRINE EXPERT being scrutinised. Is it good? Check it out here. On
PAGE 48 is the third FunTest, the TOO RAD KING OF FUN event that happened in Ripley. Following this is the BBMXA British Championships that took place in Derby. This is on
PAGE 49. A BIG race indeed. Something completely new called
FIFTYTWOFIFTYTHREE is on PAGES 52/53, and basically it's the start of a monthly regular on anything; including music, vids, people, all sorts of stuff. It's cool. Finally, your
PAGE 54 has the SHORT NOTICE PAGE and the ADINDEX, plus the DIARY.

+ Ollie Matthews Center Spread BMX and early Zach Shaw coverage.
lee reynolds freestyle bmx uk 12 1988 volume 3 issue 7 - december 1988
Lee Reynolds at the Enchanted House on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
Bike test: the S&M Mad Dog.
McGill's park.
Columbus AFA.