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volume 3 issue 8 - january 1989
volume 3 issue 9 - february 1989
volume 3 issue 10 - march 1989
jason hughes freestyle bmx 04 1989 volume 3 issue 11 - april 1989 (1)
Jason Hughes doing a form of Bitch-stick in the SoCal sunshine on the cover. Photo by Peter Hawkins.
First BFA Open contest of 1989 at Farnham: "...Jason Davies is known more for his flatland than he is for ramps ..."
Jason Hughes interview.
Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen interviews.
Tom Lynch interview.
freestyle bmx 05 1989 volume 3 issue 12 - may 1989
graham marfleet freestyle bmx 06 1989 volume 4 issue 1 - june 1989
Graham Marfleet invert at the Paris Worlds on the cover. Photo: Mark Noble.
Paris worlds.
Who is Albert Retey ?
freestyle bmx 07 1989 volume 4 issue 2 - july 1989 (scanned by Bobby 1304 - download)
Paul Brown out of the Southsea snake run bowl on the cover.
Rob Alton interview.
Testing Mongoose Decade.
Testing Zeronine Pro XL.
How to: reverse trolley.
Testing GT Pro Tour.
BFA National round 1 at Manchester's Bury Centre.
freestyle bmx 08 1989 Invert / Freestyle volume 1 issue 1 - august 1989 (1)
Tommy Guerrero and Scott Carroll turndown on the cover. Photos by Mark Noble.
Rob Ridge enters a locomotive from chicken whips on the page of contents.
Who are us ? Kris and Mark Noble.
Scott Carroll interview.
Bones brigade tour.
Ramps in your backyard: The Cain ramp, the MAP ramp.
Glastonbury festival.
Ipswich racing.
Alfreton BFA.
Wayne Ryder art.
Slagharen Euro Cup.
Freestyle BMX became Invert in august 1989.
Mark Noble, august 2003: We changed the name, when we relaunched the magazine and started bringing in skateboarding as well. We kinda mixed it up a bit, we had good skate photographers, the whole scene was changing, and it was so small, and people were getting into both. And the name Invert covered both, so it fitted.