Sources: www.creamofbmx.com, www.fatbmx.com, www.agoride.com, flatmattersonline.blogspot.com, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
cream bmx 32 Cream bmx #32 - march april 2009 (1)
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2009: Some magazines just follow the trendy people, do some interviews and road trips and are happy that another month has passed by. At Cream they do it a little different. They are the creators of the scene and since they're based in Paris, they've got a good view on fashion too. But next to bringing you the trendy Paris fashion they also have loads of BMX stuff in the mag. After some regular articles (Editorial, TOC, contest schedule, nusic reviews, product news, and a Patoch column) the mag speeds up into a Simpel Session report. Julien Muguet's portfolio gets opened followed by a 6 page Homeboy report on Arthur Dietrich who currently lives in England. A trip from Colombia to Panama will bring some good stuff. Raphael Chiquet made the journey and reports about it in the March-April 09 issue. Portfolios with photographers will result in great photos for the mag. Hannes Ortmann provides some of his favorites to fill pages 44-49. Thomas Caillard takes us to the Paris Suburb Riders. They ride BMX, they're alright! Flatland rider Matthias Dandois interviews Mika. Edgerider took the pics. Another 6 pages full. Jan Philipp Kovermann took a trip to San Fran and came back with some great street stuff. Jamaican riders is the next article. Yaahhh mannn!!! Guess what! another Portfolio. This time Tamas Olajos shows off his good stuff. I like good quality pics but I also like it that the happening itself deserves coverage when you cannot pay for professional photos. Setting up flashes at the LA Street jam would be a challenge anyway. Cream has the story and collected a bunch of pics from 3 guys who happened to drag a camera with them while riding the streets of LA. It's the action that counts. What other magazine gives flatland riding as much coverage as Cream? That's hard to answer. Japan Influence brings 4 more pages of flat ground riding. The Gazette gives space to those who put on a jam and want coverage. Again, not all pics are super quality but at least the timing is better than those professional photos that show up in the newspapers. Kulte Contest, FISE Koweit, Revolcon BMX Contest series, and Who's Next get the reports this time. Dirt rider Beou gets a 7 page interview. He will have a FAT Favorites interview here on the site soon. Easy Riders brings the fashion, more flatland in the LongBeach Jam report, a bike test of a KHE, and Cream finishes with an art section. 132 pages total for only 5 Euros. Get it.

Effraim Catlow, flatmattersonline.blogspot.com, march 2009: Cream 32 is out now, the march/april edition is 20 pages strong in flatland coverage. The tone for this issue is set in the editorial by Alain Massabova. To cut the editorial short, a street wear brand no longer wants to communicate in Cream any more, translate communicate for advertise... I personally couldn’t agree more with Alains editorial, Bmx is already small enough as it is, segregating flat doesn’t make any sense, especially when its influencing other forms of bmx so much. Let me also say that the 20 pages off flat in this issue is hardly too much, fits in nicely!
So whats in this issue (bare in mind im only covering the flat!)
-Columbia to Panama, nice diary type story of Raphael’s trip, some great shots of young kids busting out on ghetto bikes.
- Great interview by Matthias with Michael Machard, aka Mika, you may know this guy who did the Martti hang five jump to crackpacker, really insightful interview, that discusses his lifestyle, motivation for riding, the paris scene, and of course the hang five jump to crackpacker. Probably the best article in this issue.
www.fatbmx.com, march 2009: Sidewall Distribution is proud to announce the addition of Cream BMX Magazine to their line of distributed brands. Issue 32 of Cream will be available directly from Sidewall by mid-March. Based in Paris, France, Cream BMX Magazine, a bi-monthly BMX lifestyle magazine now entering its 10th year of publication, celebrates the diversity of the international BMX world through iconic photography, innovative design and editorial content that steps outside the realm of traditional BMX journalism and exposes the rich subcultures within BMX. Cream BMX has long been known for its devotion to the new school of flatland and additionally pays homage to the old school side of BMX. Cream is also recognizable for its rather unorthodox approach to the BMX magazine cover. Edited by Parisian flatland Alain Massabova and featuring exclusive photography from Manu Sanz, Cream has been self-published since 2003.
terry adams cream bmx 33 Cream bmx #33 - may june 2009 (1)
Terry Adams ride sous l'eau accompagné de Marie-Clothilde, Raphael Chiquet's wife, en couverture. Photo par Philippe Marques.
Edito: Putain 10 ans!
Rendez-vous, Culture, Shopping.
Patocherie: Enfin les beaux jours!
Properbikeco, Barcelona and me.
Portfolio: Rémy Issali.
Face: Ucchi! Youhei Uchino.
Floatland riders.
Show: Pro Trick Team.
Japan influence: Hiroya Morizaki et Ryoji Yamamoto Yanmar.
Made: Colonisation. Colony avec Clint Millar.
Portfolio: Sebastian Heck.
Face: Trevlon Hall.
BMX in Mexico.
La Gazette: Mini Fat jam 2009, Masters of dirt, BMX war jam in Costa Rica, Jomopro 2009 inaugural flatland comp, TJ Ellis interview.
Vans book.
Old school reunion: Dave Nourie, Bob Haro, Mark McKee.
Paris race.Portfolio: Pascal Guerard par Manu Sanz.
Girls band.
Circle Cow X.
Airwalk story.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2009: When Christian Van Hanja told me recently that Cream isn't really doing covers with photos of riding I tried to think what the last few covers were. The most recent one is of Terry Adams and a chick going underwater. Sure, there is a bike in the photo but it's far from a handrail photo. Doing different stuff needs to be respected, otherwise we'll end up seeing the same stuff everywhere. It's easy to walk the walk. It's harder to be original and take the risk. Underwater flatland cover on a magazine. When is the last time you saw that? Making a stylish magazine is tough, especially when you have to cram tons of articles in it. Cream isn't a let down in quantity. Issue 33 has a story about Airwalk, BMX in Mexico, the Mini-FAT-JAM gets a page, they covered the Old School Reunion at Woodward West, the Proper Barcelona trip is in there, some snowscoot article, the Masters of Dirt, Jomopro, Dimitri Coste and his Vans collection, BMX war, Japan Influence 3, The Fuel girls, Circle Cow number 10, the Best Of Homeboy, Pascal Guerard, Remi Issaly, Ucchie, BMX Pros trick team, Sebastian Heck, a street portfolio and lots more. The good thing is that part of the text is in English. I try to understand French but it's so much easier to read the English part. Anyone can pick up the mag that way. If you're on a road trip in France this summer, look for a copy of Cream. The perfect way to kill some time on the long highway. Price: 5 Euros.

Olivier Poinsignon, www.agoride.com, juin 2009: Beaucoup de titres... "Proper in Barcelona" avec Joris Coulomb, 5 portfolios: Remi Issaly, "On the street", Sébastian Heck + "Terry Underwater" + "Girls Band. Clin d'œil chaussures avec le "Vans Book" et la "Airwalk history". Pour le ride interview de Ucchi le petit Nipon, Le Pro Trick Team et l'histoire de quelques démos new school à la sauce oldschool. Japan Influence pour les flateux. "Colonisation" avec un entretien intéressant with Mr. Clint Millar (l'occasion de savoir comment une petite marque peut vite faire du souci aux grandes). "Trevelon Hall"/"La cliqua". "Bmx in Mexico" suivit de la gazette dans lequel on retrouve un petit interview du gentil et très fort TJ Ellis (in english s'il vous plait)."Snowschool" pour le fun avec un petit pas de plus pour le snowscoot dans le BMX. "Oldschool réunion", on vous invite à taper "oldschool réunion backflip 2009" vous serriez surpris de voir un flip en side'! "Paris Race" ??? Pascal Guerard review avec des photos vraiment propres et une amplitude de malade pour le "Foetus". "STRIP" ou un doux mélange de street trip... Le bémol: des photos qu'on ne comprend toujours pas et un lifestyle qu'on ne saisit pas peut être parce qu'il n'est pas assez poussé. Des articles creux comme le report "Proper" de 5 pages ou l'on retrouve 2 photos de riding prisent sur le même spot...Un magazine qui évolue certes mais qui semble privilégier un lifestyle qui n'est pas celui des BMXers de nos parks, de nos rues et de nos trails. Je reste terriblement sur ma faim (...).

Manu Massabova, www.agoride.com, juin 2009: 2 pauvres pages avec 2 lignes de texte pour le Circle Cow (le plus gros event français en flat) puis 8 pages sur des filles qui posent sur des bikes dans Paris...il y a des choix éditoriaux qu'on ne partage décidément pas. Les flateux attendent beaucoup de ce mag et ne s'y retrouve toujours pas, la jet set et le show bizz ça fait rêver 5 minutes mais on aimerait aussi entendre parler de la réelle scène flat, qui d'ailleurs ne cesse d'évoluer et qui mériterait qu'on s'y penche de plus prés.
andy buckworth cream bmx 34 Cream bmx #34 - july august 2009 (1) (available as a pdf - download)
Andy Buckworth on the cover. Photo by Christian VanHanja.

www.global-flat.com, july 2009: The latest issue of Cream is out for a couple of days now. You´ll find a bunch of interesting flatland articles in this one. First of all an interview with Martti titled "Martti naked" which will give you a rather deep and private insight in his mind. Sex, Drugs and Rock´n´Roll - somehow.. Another highlight is the latest interview with Trevlon Hall from Trinidad and Tobago. He finally convinced his government to open the first official flatland area on the planet. Just amazing! Furthermore there are interviews with Irina Sadovnik and Alex Proshin, a portrait of the Kunstform shop and a short message of JF Boulianne from China.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, july 2009: I'm taking back my words about Cream not having BMX-covers. They must have changed thier minds when they had this photo of Andy Buckworth in their hands doing a flair on a trannie in Paris that is so small that his flairs are three times as high. Andy rolled up and pulled a couple of them without hesitating so all photographers had their favourite angle. That's what's up! I've been meaning to send Andy this mag but I'm waiting for an extra copy of Freedom BMX magazine as he has the backcover Mirraco and and he'd like a copy of that mag too. Andy is starting to blow up with his third place finish in Huntington Beach last weekend and more to come. Good lad. Other content of the mag: Martti Kuoppa naked, LA Street Jam, the FISE contest, NIKE team in Paris, Barcelona Turismo, Josh Perry, Mirraco French tour, Austrian KOD, Roula 3, Devon Denham, Inside Proper Bike Co, Alexey Proshin, King of Paca, and an Old School Show. Only € 5,00 euros and it's yours. Well worth the money.
natalie morgan wade cream bmx 35 Cream bmx #35 - september october 2009 (1)
Natalie and Morgan Wade on the cover. Photo by Jonathan Zizzo.
Rendez-vous, culture, shopping.
A historic day à Trinidad et Tobago.
Big in Bavaria.
2009 X-Games, Los Angeles.
New school and next level: interviews with Aleksi Rtsilä, Denes Katona, Joris Bretagnolles and Phakphum Poosa-art (toon).
King of New-York.
Lords of dirt.
2009 Worlds.
OG summer camp.
Made in Quamen.
Riders' wife. Natalie and Morgan Wade, Vanessa and Terry Adams.
Stu Thomsen.
La Gazette: Neverland jam, FISE Experience Avoriaz et La Plagne, A Bike project.
Frenchys web trip.
Coco Zurita interview.
Bryan Close portfolio.
80ies Haro show.
Trip to France.

www.global-flat.com, september 2009: Looks like a good amount of flatland content : A historic day in Trinidad, Worlds 2009, Marttistique, OG Summer Camp, Made in Quamen, Aleksi Ritsila, Denes Kotana, and much more...
alex baret cream bmx 36 Cream bmx #36 - november december 2009 (1)
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2009: The new issue of Cream is back to the non-riding cover theme with Alex Baret reading some mag at a laundrymat while washing his bike. Here's a list of what's inside the upcoming issue:
-Vans Kill The Line
-Ron Wilkerson-2HIP
-FISE Experience final
-Brighton Jam
-Riding on Fire
-Steve van Doren
-Robert Williams
-Field Control
-Isaac Hoefling
-Adrenalin Games
-Costa Rica jam
-Fabien Giess
-Happy Trail
-Russian Streets
-Pessac Vibrations
-Messigny Oldschool
-Le Gang des Mobiettes
-Venise X-Jam
-Pepsi Pro-Am
-Alex Plechta
-Andrew White
-Black is back and Erico Melo plus the Eat the Bowl comp.
sam foakes cream bmx 37 Cream bmx #37 - february march 2010 (1)
flatmattersonline.blogspot.com: Sam Foakes gets the cover of Cream 37 shot by Richard Baybutt after Level Vibes.

Dirt in Colombia.
Twenty in LA.
World Classic Tokyo.
Manu Sanz is back.
BMX collector.
Edouard Martin.
Street Ride portfolio.
Ben Snowden.
Brooklyn Banks.
Catty Woods
Level Vibes.
Sam Foakes interview.
Success stories
Mat Dagu.
Estevan Oriol.
Eva Pin up & Ride.
pshenichnikov pavel cream bmx 38

simone barraco cream bmx 38
Cream bmx #38 - april may 2010 (1)
Pshenichnikov Pavel on the lifestyle cover. Photo by Ustinov Stas.
Simone Barraco on the riding cover. Photo by Ricky Monti.
Edito de Patrick Guimez: Les écrits restent.
Photo contest remporté par Thomas François.
Maxi best of: Guillaume das Neves.
My bike: Alex Valentino.
Portfolio de Rutger Pawn: Ben Hennon, Tobias Wicke, Kevin Kalkoff, Yanmar, Patrick Guimez, ...
Face: Taka Yoshihiro Nishikawa.
Event: Simpel Session.
Face: Simone Barraco.
Event: Caen Extreme.
Event: Masters of Dirt.
A day in L.A. with Bobby Carter.
Portfolio de Thomas Grall.
24H with Alessandro Barbero.
New pusher: Xavier Magnan.
Pegless jam.
Event: Street en scene.
Natural born rider avec Mina Massabova.
Interview de Raphaël Chiquet.
Périple à Toronto.
War jam au Costa Rica.
La Gazette: Ticos jam 7, Kulte contest 2010, Lyon Freestyle show, Circle Cow 11, Colmar contest.
Face: Mehdi Vivens.
Event: FISE Paris.
JYKK Snowscoot Tour.
Report: Simon O'Brien and Australia.
Face: Anthony Napolitan.

Effraim Catlow, flatmattersonline.blogspot.com, april 2010: Cream 38 is out and bursting with great flatland content.As always, setting the bar high, these magazines are like collectors items for flatlander! So what’s in this issue? Terry Adams gets the content page, cracking shot of a studio lit whopper. The first main flatland related article is an interview with Taka, with great shots from Green G, I don’t really know much about Taka, so that makes for an interesting read, although the interview was a lil short… The caen extreme contest gets 4 pages, with good write up on the flatland side of the contest. Bobby Carter and Richard Agauyo take you on a “day in life in LA”, sunshine, burritos, hanging out at bike shop, and riding of course, nice full page shot of Bobby C laying it down….I miss LA… By far the highlight of this issue, is the 6 page interview with Raphael Chiquet, when was this guy ever interviewed? Beautiful photography by Anna Gorvits, shot right at the Louvre, and great interview by Alain, discussing his life change now he works for Monster, “Now I am really busy, I have responsibilities, a team of 10 people to manage, pressure, emails coming all day and night on my blackberry, you know a real job…This new occupation has obviously led to consequences for my other job as a professional bmx rider.” Raphael is a breath of fresh air, a real character, lets not forget he is the current world champion, I find that sad that he is the world champion and working full time, that’s a sign of the times I guess, but also sounds like he enjoys his life to the fullest, which is great… “World Champion! The world, damn it…Fucking World champion! It’s pretty crazy! I think I still can’t wrap my head around it, or maybe I haven’t had time to get my head around it.” The rest of this great interview discusses how important contests are, where he thinks his riding will go, how much music plays a role in his life, the Parisian lifestyle. Great stuff!! Very good read, if nothing else, Cream 38, is worth it for this 6-page interview. But of course there’s more flat.. Luis Elias Benavides writes on the annual Ticos jam, which also features in La Gazette along with Circle Cow 11 report.. There’s a great article on Simon O’Brien and Australia by Nathan Penonzek, interesting story on Simon’s lifestyle, and family life. Bo wade has full page shot of perverted decade in a bar, pretty cool! Of course there’s much more besides, but lets keep this short and sweet, go get this for the Raphael interview, amazing stuff from the Cream team. Bravo! I’m feeling the sunset cover! Lets go ride!
ben gea cream bmx 39 Cream bmx #39 - june july 2010 (1)
Ben Gea en couverture. Photo par Manu Sanz.
Shopping et Culture.
Patocherie de Patrick Guimez.
Alain Massabova: je ne suis plus celui que j'ai connu.
Photo contest: Kevin Lupa par Yann Retory et Frederic Duhayer par Marie Sanchez.
My bike: Le Proper de Joris Coulomb.
My spot: Bruno Hoffman.
Maxi best of Rob Darden.
Face: Lea Dobrowski.
Extreme thing in Vegas.
Massy jam.
Clandé event: Thomas Caillard, Willy Beljio et Dimitri Ivanov.
Event: Flamenco Flatland.
T-Mobile Extreme Playground.
NL contest à Strasbourg.
Objectif mode: Lens.
King of PACA 2010.
Roula 3.
Portfolio: Marina Tomassi et Barry Kohne.
New pusher: Ryan Taylor.
Pull-in trip.
Thailand Extreme jam.
Interview de Ben Gea.
FISE experience.
Portfolio: Anna Gorvits.
Breizh world tour.
L.A. Ben Snowden's house.
Les bijoux de Marina.
Rooftop et Gumball.
Austrian King of Dirt.
Best of FISE.
OS reunion Woodward West.
Saint Avold-School.
OS Society show, Bellflower, Californie.

Effraim Catlow, flatmattersonline.blogspot.com, july 2010: Issue 39 of Cream is out now, and of course full of flatland content! This issue has a lil theme to it “you’ll see the love in bmx. A feminine aspect that makes you feel good.” So what’s inside you ask?
Adam Kun gets the contents page photo, super nice shot, I’m guessing taken in Paris, although not sure.
The editor, Alain massabova has a great editorial, discussing how his attitude has changed since he had a kid with his wife “If someone had told me that one day I wouldn’t eat meat, and I would like kids, I would not have believed them. It goes to show, you need to be able to live some things to be able to judge them”.
The first main interview falls to Lea Dobrowski, Lea gets three pages in the best flat magazine in the world, so I know she’s psyched! Luis Elias interviews her, and they discuss her influences, her contest experiences, and of course the topic of girl riding flatland comes up which I think gives the most telling quote of the interview, “I know this may come as a shock to some, but I don’t want to see a girl’s class. I honestly believe that all girl riders should just ride in the class they belong. It is more motivating to ride against men.”
Nathan Penonzek writes about the Flamenco flatland contest, three pages dedicated to this experimental contest, beautiful photography, almost like paintings. You have to see the quality to believe!
The Jomopro and Thailand extreme jam both gets double page spreads, great Jomopro write up by Bryan Huffman!
This issues “portfolio” showcases the photographic work of Anna Gorvits, who takes very subtle beautiful photos, and fits nicely with the tone of this issue, what with Lea’s interview, a story of Barry Kohne and his girlfriend, seems kinda fitting.
The Fise contest gets three pages of flat! Which wraps up this issue of Cream, yet another issue to add to the collection.
Good job Alain! Nice outlook on the sometimes brutal world of bmx. Cream is able to do that, and that alone sets them apart in my eyes. This is the magazine that matters!
cream bmx 40 Cream bmx #40 (available as a pdf - download)
Devait sortir en kiosques le 24 septembre 2011 mais ne sera finalement disponible que de manière numérique.
Due to ongoing printing problems Cream 40 will not actually be published, but the good news is that it is available as a free PDF.

Made in Germany Tour, Nike ID, Parano Garage Tour, Paris Slide, Pull-in US Tour, Attilla photos, Bel Bachir Karim photos, Haro Show, Olivier Varma, Natural Parts, New Pusher Bea Ibanez, 100 contets, Black Bike Jam, Desaxé, Best of Florent Soulas, X-Games, BFWC #2 Barcelona, Takahiro Ikeda, Moto Sasaki, Mike Hucker Clark, Ondra Slez, Stefan Lantschner, Adrenaline Games, Natural Beach Ride, Nike 6.0 BCN BMX Pro, Big in Bavaria, Ground Tactic, Bry Jam, Ben Wallace Bike, Lord of Dirt, BMX Masters, Oakley Italia Contests, Andreas Kulterer, Avoriaz Fise experience, Jorge from Panama, Ganji Tour, Summer Sessions.
R.I.P Cream - Welcome A.R.T !
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2011:
Cream magazine in France is no more. Welcome to A.R.T. BMX magazine. At the helm is Alain Massabova and he put a crew together of the following people to launch A.R.T.: Patrick Guimez (Chief editor), Sarah Elyafi (marketing), Christian van Hanja (Photo editor), and Arthur Dietrich (news/web guy).