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Event: Championnats du Monde de BMX Freestyle 1999.
Lieu: Majadahonda (environs de Madrid), ESPAGNE.
Date: 8 au 11 juillet 1999.
Température: 40°C

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: The event took place on a deserted parking lot just outside of the city. It was the first contest that the organisation duo organised. I won't doubt that they did their best, but some things here and there were a little unorganised.

THE MADRID WORLDS 1999 (clicked 01)
The mini had a double coping spine, a hip and a sub/grind box across the platform on the corner.

Jay Miron high carving 360's over the spine, tailwhips, etc.
Alex Bender went high and went for tricks like double busdrivers and truckdrivers over the spine.
Bronze went to Jonas Malmberg who pulls flairs clean as a whistle.

1-Jay Miron
2-Alex Bender
3-Jonas Malberg
The vert ramp was oververt on one side. On the ramp in a blazing wind were Kevin Robinson, Zach Shaw, Alex Reinke, John Parker and Simon Tabron.

John Parker tried at least 10 body varials and crashed all of them and couldn't walk after the session. Still had a smile on his face.
Simon Tabron didn't seem to mind the wind and pulled his third clean 900
The flatland posse was complaining, especially the brakeless rolling crew. You guessed it, no brand new asphalt.

Nathan Penonzek was welcomed by his Spanish fans in a very strange way. 4 guys ran up the flatland area naked carrying a Nathan sign. Nathan was a little confused after all this and touched down a couple of times which is something he usually doesn't do.
Jason Brown rode his Redline/GT in his fast frontwheel scuff style and stoked the crowd more than the judges.
Top three went to Michael Steingraber (Germany), Andrew Faris and Phil Dolan (UK). Actually Andrew and Michael tied for second but a better score in qualifying gave Andrew the second spot.
Steingraber rode good, he does it brakeless nowadays and still goes for hard tricks.
Andrew Faris probably had the most original tricks of the contest. The whopper is a rad trick but it didn't work out in his run.
The defending world champion made up for it with plenty of other tricks though. One rider to go, Phil Dolan already had a silver medal of the X-games in his pocket and was on a mission all weekend. He had it all planned out and went the safe way. No touches is what the judges like nowadays and Phil had it down. 1 touch and 1 rearwheel trick. The rest of the time Phil was jamming on his front in his own style.

1-Phil Dolan
2-Michael Steingraber
3-Andrew Faris
4-Jason Brown
5-Nathan Penonzek
6-Matti Röse
7-Michael Sommer
8-Jimmy Petitet