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UGP (Underground Products) started in 1986 and is located in Florida.
Ron Bonner is the owner and operator of UGP.
UGP Flying Circus
The UGP (Underground Products) Flying Circus was a killer jumping contest held at the 1991 NBL Grands.
Place: Louisville, KY.
Media: BMX Plus! december 1991.

There was only one rule in the contest: no backflip. Twenty-three riders competed. Crowd favourite included Louisville's own Jimmy Levan of S&M. His barspinner air was one of the raddest moves of the contest. Haro freestyler Bill Nitschke, who pulled a tailwhip in qualifying, was a hero as well, not to mention Leonard Foster who drew huge applause for his series of consecutive "dead sailors." The winner of the $200 first place cash was Tim "fuzzy" Hall, with all other finalists receiving prizes from UGP, S&M, ODI and Kovachi Wheels.
RESULTS: 1.Tim fuzzy Hall 2.Taj Mihelich 3.Jimmy Garcia 4.Jimmy Levan 5.Jody Donnely 6.Leonard Foster 7.Bill Nitschke 8.Joe Doherty 9.Brian Stimmel 10.Matt Bischoff
First annual ROOTS jam
Date: april 8th, 1998
Place: Longwood, FLorida

50 entries.

www.ridebmx.com, august 2006: The first UGP Roots Jam was held in the parking lot of Outspoken Bikes in Florida and Rick Moliterno was on hand to help shred the ramps and represent the Standard Army. It was hot and humid, and randomly (or was it?) a renegade band on the back of a flatbed trailer quickly rolled up with masks on, played a few songs, and took off. It was a strange scene, but then again, Florida’s known for being strange. Please note the red Shimano DX pedals…yeah, Rick. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Rick Moliterno UGP BMX Roots jam 1998
Second annual jam
Date: 1999
Place: Orlando, FLorida
Medias: BMX Plus! aug99 .Ride BMX US aug99

Chad Degroot came up with the design of the course and built most of the ramps.

Between the amateur class and the 27 people who rode pro, a total of 90 riders entered the contest.

Matt Beringer tried a flip using a picnic table as launch.
Joey Garcia
Chad Degroot
Jeff Harrington
1999 PRO RESULTS: 1-Joey Garcia $800 2-Matt Beringer $500 3-David Rush $250 4-Adam Strieby $150 5-Garret Byrnes $125 6-Brandon Pundai $110 7-Mike Andrews $90 8-Mike Burgamaster $78
Date: 2000
Place: Orlando, FLorida
Medias: BMX Plus! august 2000, www.ridebmx.com

Glenn, www.ridebmx.com, april 2000: Chad DeGroot and Dave Freimuth built the ramps for the UGP Roots contest, so big props (?pun?) go out to them. There was a huge turnout for the contest and everyone had a blast.
Rob Nolli took first in pro with 360 tailwhips and boomerang airs, plus a lot more.
Joey Garcia fell face first off the box jumps frontside after going from the rail off the wedge ramp. He knocked himself out and as he put it "Loosened some teeth." After about three minutes Joey got up, completely faded, to finish his run. Joey was a little loopie so he had to cut it short, but still pulled some stuff and managed to take second in pro. Joey's trick highlight? He gapped from the front side of the street spine with a tailwhip to the backside of the second jump box.
Sandy Carson's qualifying run was the best contest run I've ever seen in my life. He pulled an alley-oop wallride to 360 out and had a flawless run.
Kevin Porter pulled a wall ride to tailwhip and took sixth place. Kevin also became a full factory Standard rider after this contest.
Another highlight in the pro division was the return of "the" Dirt Brother himself, Vic Murphy. Everyone went nuts during Vic's runs.
Corey Martinez took first in the amateur division. Corey pulled a 360 nosepick to full barspin in on the street spine. Apparently Rick Moliterno recognized Corey's skills because Corey is also on Standard now.
2000 FINAL RESULTS: 1.Rob Nolli 2.Joey Garcia 3.John Jennings 4.Sandy Carson 5.Mike Ardelean 6.Vic Murphy 7.Matt Beringer 8.Mike Aitken 9.Kevin Porter 10.Billy Delfs
2001 Florida
Date: april 11th-12th, 2001
Place: Orlando, Florida.
Medias: Soul video magazine #16, Ride BMX UK #53, Props video #40, Dig #17.

43 people in the 15 under Am and 94 in 16 and over Am classes, and no less than 74 Pro entries.
Colin Winkleman flair to tyretap on the quarter.
Matt Beringer flair to wallride.
Kevin Porter tailwhip to rock to 180.
Butcher barspin seatgrab ninja-plant.
2001 FINAL RESULTS 1.Chad Kagy 2.Rob Nolli 3.Colin Winkelman 4.Markus Wilke 5.Joey Garcia 6.Colin McKay 7.Mike Aitken 8.Sandy Carson 9.Jerry Bagley 10.Allan Cooke
2002 Florida
Medias: Chase #14