Sources: www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo, www.clicked.co.uk, Ride BMX UK #52 april 2002 (Steve Interview), www.fatbmx.com, ...
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Videomagazine from UK by Steve Bartholemew.
Steve Bartholomew, 2001: Clicked BMX Videomagazine, est 1999 in London was started by me, Steve Bartholomew while studying Photography in college... After making short 16mm films and basic bmx videos with friends, I really found something I was interested in and actually enjoyed other than actually riding, the moving image is really for me and a combination for printed coverage in magazine and visual coverage on Video, you really get the big picture.
I cant really recal how 'videomagazine' or series of videos really came into my head, but somehow I really knew it was meant to be done as it didnt leave me alone - idea after idea flooded my brain, and to me it then seemed possible.
Getting things moving wasn't too bad, before I knew it I had people offering their help from all angles of bmx, all riders with different positions and levels within the sport. Also not forgetting tons of parental support - it would be hard for clicked to survive without that, but equally important are the distributors who buy and sell worldwide, again all riders making a difference.
I guess this all seems kind of irrelivant to many people when seeing the finished product sitting on your VCR, but I think its really cool that BMX can bring people from all over together and they can help each other out and deal with each other with trust. That is a point I think people should know. I mean in what other business could you have this connection with complete strangers.
Anyway, I hope that Clicked will bring you all the event coverage that you want to see. I know we cant cater for everyones exact preference, but we can try. With all the boys out filming, new editing equitment for me here, Dad on the accounts and Ross managing the website - the future of Clicked Video in BMX looks good whatever path it takes. Thanks to everyone, every level.
Released in 1999

Running time: 43 min

Urban Games 99.
King of Concrete 99.
Freestyle World Championships in Spain.
Jon Taylor Section.
Sessions from Liverpool, Chester. Leigh on Sea, Secret Trails and more.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2000: Clicked:01 is the second European VDO-mag, after Frame from France this is the UK version of Props. Clicked:01 is having a very very good start, I love this VDO! It's not just that I'm in it doing a fabulous headspin on the Halfpipe at the Worlds in Madrid but mostly cause Jerry Galley finally gets the coverage he deserves, Jerry Rules!
Covered are: Freestyle Worlds (ESP), The Urban Games (UK), King of Concrete (UK) and a scene check and rider sections all over the UK it shows that it is hard to make an All European VDO cause there is not a lot going on in Europe. This will change next year (2000) with the Worlds (GER), Fat Jam (NL), King of Concrete (UK) and lots of contests in France, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and the rest of Europe, hope Steve can make enough money to visit all these events so lets sponsor him and buy this CLICKED:01 Video fast, worth any penny of your investment and we are making the scene in Europe BIGGER THEN EVER!

server.byke.org/ukflat: Today, through the post I recieved the first ever issue of Clicked Video Magazine. Clicked could be described as a European version of props, and for a first issue you will be blown away with top notch digitial quality and good camera angles. The vid covers all the major European contests over the past few summer months. First off is the worlds in Spain where the video totally explodes into action with stomping punkrock and metal tunes galore and all the awesome riding from all of the top guys there. Then its over to Clapham Common where the Sprite Urban Games were held. This comp was huge and loads of crazy stuff went down, on the street course Rooftop, Jerry Gally, Marcus Wilke, Scot Maylon and others all went off bustin awesome lines, flat rocked too with killer footage of Phil Dolan and shows exactly why he took home the gold there, Amos does a hang five then barflips on the pedal and James Needham spins a timemachine. After that John Taylor has got a little ridin section showing off all his Rad ramp riding skills, then there's like one big random scene check covering aload of the U.K's skateparks and trails. Then it is over to southsea to show you why King of Concrete is probably the gratest contest in Europe. As like at the Urban games loads of crazy street from Europes finest and flatland was no exception with Martti Kuoppa showing his rolling skills to the full extent, Effraim bustin his half hiker to barflip to X hitchicker, Armin gliding a no handed stick B, dino with a barflip blender links, Alex Jumelin dancing round his bike and me with some bar flip stuff. That pretty much covers the riding content, the vid finally concludes with a product section at the end displaying all the latest stuff you would want to buy. All in all the vid displays an awesome array of what went on this summer. You must bare in mind though this is a mixed video covering all aspects of riding, so every rider should find somthing to get them stoked. This is the sort of vid you can just put on and it will get you pumped up to ride. It is very snappy and quick flowing. Which holds attention. I have not timed it but it is pretty long at around 45 minutes so your money will be well spent. So anyone out there who wants the european ridin sceen to come alive in there livin room get this vid you wont be disopointed. If you want to support something british that actually competes (even beats -Ed?) with props then get this NOW.
clicked 1

clicked 1

THE MADRID WORLDS 1999 (clicked 01)

KING OF CONCRETE 1999 (clicked 01)
Released early 2000.
35 min.
Clicked RoadTrip 1.
Bristol Millennium Jam.
Sessions from London, Reaction Warehouse and more.

server.byke.org/ukflat: This is clicked second issue of their video magazine, so get ready once again to see the UK's riding scene blow up. The vid includes three events, two rider sections, and a random section, and a huge road trip, not to mention an explosive sound track with a mixture of metal, punk ,rock, hip hop which will get your blood pumpin. First event on the agenda is the low down of what went on at the Ramp works jam, with some of Europe's finest. Then what most of you will be stoked on is the footage from the Level Vibes 2 flatland jam, all good clear angles from everyone who was there bustin out; see our comp report for who was there, places and who did what. Well all the highlights were captured on camera for you; James Whites bunney hop clockwise 180 bar flip to hitchicker, Alex Jumelin just goin off and Massabova spinning like a lunatic and so much more which will surely get you pumped to ride. Ashley Charles rider section is next, then there's a random sessions section with a load of nuts street and skate park riding. Then its Clicked first road trip, they pretty much bundled aload of riders in to a van and went on a rampage around some of the UK's skateparks just bustin out and tearing the places apart. Effraim Catlow's rider section is next giving you an insight in to his new lines for 2000, filmed in Effraim's under ground carpark on christmas eve, Effraim busts out to some kickin' hiphop, with killer stuff like; swfoot blender 180 barflip to one handed blender, an xfoot hitchicker juggler, and a load of lard whips and rear wheel madness. After that its the millenium bash that went off at Skate & Rides revamped skate park, a load of guys from the states came over for that and it looked like it totaly went off. The vid concludes with a product section, and after the credits there some crazy footage of how some guys tied up a very Drunk James brooks in masking tape and chucked him out of this van. Overall clicked has done it again pumpin out another kickin very professional vid showing the UK riding scene is on fire. so keep the fire burning and suport Clicked! with a load more flatland content ground riders every where will surely find something to get stoked on. The same goes for all other disciplines, this video is definitely a plus for all riders.

Bristol Millennium Jam.
Ape Elements Jam 2000
Cambridge Flatland Jam
Southsea Easter Jam
Mount Hawke Jam
Derby Jam
California Trip
Bike 2000
35 minutes.
Released in 2000.
32 minutes long.

Freestyle Worlds in Cologne (Tabron's alley oop 900, Parker's double tailwhip, Hoffman brakeless, Taj Mihelich, ...)
Germany, Skate & Ride Jam.
Jims Trails.
Brighton session.
Bristol sessions.
Seventies KOD.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2000: This fourth Clicked VDO straight out of the hands of Steve Bartholomew brings supercool video shots from his own country England. Especially the sessions in Brighton, Jim's Trails, Bristol with of course Shaun Eglington and Hardcore drinker/rider James Moon are very much worth the effort. Furthermore this is a very good video on everything that happened at the Worlds in Cologne, such as Simon Tabron's Alley Oop 900, John Parker's Double Tailwhip, Taj's Fufanu attempts and of course Mat Hoffman, who "forgot" to put on his brakes.

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: THE WORLDS IN COLOGNE, GERMANY, PART ONE 2000 (clicked 04)

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: THE WORLDS IN COLOGNE, GERMANY, PART TWO 2000 (clicked 04)
Urban Games.
Knokke vert contest in Belgium.
King of Concrete.
Lord Jam from Liverpool.
Woodward trip with Jamie Bestwick.
Rampworx Jam and GT Euro Tour visits London.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2000: It's allready #5 and the reason for the 3-star rate is to keep Steve sharp to make his VDO's different, exciting and better every issue in the future. Clicked started so well that it's hard to keep up the quality and stay in Fat's VDO 5-stars.
If you want to see good riding at the Urban Games, Crazy stunts of Dennis Wingham at KOC (My favorite part cause the photoshop lost my film of the KOC and now I could see why I was there), Top Pro's at the Belgium Vertcontest or more BMX action at the Rampworx Jam this is your tape to buy.
The tape should be sponsored by GT cause they have a section of GT's Jamie Bestwick at Woodward and the first footage of the GT Eurotour with lots of crazy stuff from Lord Voelker, mr Shaw and other team GT guys.
Overall a very good tape with good music, good quality and I know Steve is gonna kill me for that 3-star rate but what the heck: We tell it like it is!!!!!!!!!

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: PENNSYLVANIA TRIP 2000 (clicked 05)

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: URBAN GAMES 2000 (clicked 05)

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: KING OF CONCRETE 2000 (clicked 05)
Released in 2001.
Second Clicked roadtrip visiting various parks and street spots
Alister Whitton profile
A quick trip to Woodward
Scenes from St Neots, Peterborough, Bury
Level Vibes contest
Ruben Alacantara treats
the Boneyard, and more
Released in 2001.
- 15 minute section from the Etnies Comp at Bike 2001 in Birmingham ( Heatons Flip to peg, Rubens manual, Jim's handplants, Jay Miron on vert, ...)
- Derby Jam (Robbie Marales huge gap to manual)
- King of Street Contest at the Birmingham.
Summer 2001: Steve Bartholemew stopped Clicked video magazine to do Compzine video.
April 2002: Clicked is no longer a VideoMagazine with strict deadlines and content - its just a banner name to release videos of euro bmx action.
This new video from Clicked - edited by Ben Foakes - features East Anglia sessions, the FBM / T1 contest from Austin Texas, Andy Ash, mix selections, Jamie Bestwick, Toledo Joe, Thomas Stellwag, Chris Pink, Sam Foakes, the Cologne PlayStation contest, and a whole load more. res
Editor: Steve Bartholomew
Rate: 1/2
Running time: 42:55 minutes

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2003: Clicked 08 shows how many good riders come from the UK. It's limited to Great Britain riders but this limitation doesn't affect the quality of the riding. With riders such as Ali Whitton, Jamie Bestwick, Mark Webb, Northern Jon and 30 others filmed at Woodward camp and over 10 UK spots, the DVD shows some great footage.
The editing is fresh, the music is good. The few image shots were great and adding a few more of those would be good. The trick after trick trick videos are a plenty and to give it an identity you have to look for different angles and add a few non riding shots here and there.
Since almost all of this footage is exclusive, Steve did not have to struggle for the best camera position at a contest to capture the big stunt. We might have had to wait for over a year for another issue of Clicked but it was worth the wait.

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: MARK WEBB INTERVIEW 2003 (clicked 08)
Editor: Steve Bartholomew.
Time: 45:45 min.
Distribué en France par Original Flava.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2003: I like the UK riding scene and this DVD shows why. No big time sponsored guys with attitudes but "unknown" riders like James Cox, Matt Williams, Buzzard, Lorenzo Reid, Fluff, Josh E and James Newrich, names you probably never heard of but that doesn't mean they can't ride. These guys are hitting the street spots with a lot of aggression and power but are technical riders too, James Cox rules! Flatland lovers will be treated with Jason Forde, Alex Vickers and others from the good ol' UK.
Proper bikes is covered with a Head Quarter session with Carlo Griggs, Gary Hall, Ben Manual etc and the KOC 2003 is filling the extra section on this DVD.
Clicked 9 is an awesome DVD and different from the "others", no major contests (except for the KOC extra), no major riders although they might be in the future but a no nonsense al round Street Park and Dirt film with a bit of Flatland.

Olivier Tourrel, www.agoride.com:
Sommaire: Retribution Clothing roadtrip et Clicked roadtrip (en UK), King of concrete 2003, visite chez IMG distribution (ProperBikes) et pleins d'autres sections diverses en UK.
Best tricks: 360 to manual to barspin 180 sur plat de fun box de Chris Russel, flip turdown de Ben Hennon, manual en sortant en decade de Mark Webb, abubaca sans frein to barspin sur plan incliné en street de James Cox (!), bunny tail whip de Gary Hall, whip en section de Chris Doyle, etc...
Mon jugement: Là c'est clair et net ! Pas de stars, ni de tricks "grand public", c'est underground ! Y'a 80 % de street qui déchire ! Et c'est newschool à bloc. Pour les fans de brakeless ou les fans de l'esprit FBM, là, c'est un régal. Mais pas d"énormes cascades à la Nyquist donc. A voir le Clicked roadtrip où sur une courbe en béton de 80 cm de haut (sans plateforme), le team tape des opposite look back, ou des over icepick facile.
Chris Russel est maître absolu en 360 manual to 180, ou half cab to manual to 180, etc... (j'ai jamais vu ça !). Bref, le montage dans tout ça ?? Et bien pas si mal que ça ; Disons que l'esprit de la vidéo est bien respecté. Le tout est à la sauce Anglaise donc, avec ciel gris, murets en briques rouges, parks en bétons, etc... Au bout de la vidéo on se dit que ça change du reste, comme contenu, c'est clair, mais que ça manque de variété dans l'ensemble. Vidéo pour amateur de riding "fashion" uniquement !

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: KING OF CONCRETE 2003 (clicked 09)

Edi, www.agoride.com, january 2005:
Réalisation: Steve Batholomew.
Disciplines: Street, dirt, mini-ramp, park, vert et flat
Support: DVD
Durée: 50 min
Au programme: James Cox Interview, Ronnie Surridge Interview, Welshsidebmx.co.uk Sessions, King of the Skatepark @ Epic, Bobby Colvin and Dino Boy Section, Inertia Promo Video (Lee Musselwhite and Paul Tout), Sessions and Contributions, Clicked Designs Team Section, Video adverts and new video trailers
Bonus: Bike 2004, Effraim Catlow and Sam Foakes Section, GT Jamie Bestwick Video
Distribution: Original Flava Distribution
Best Tricks: 360 to manual to 360 (funbox) de Ronnie Surridge, Hand plant (Vert) de Anthony Pill, 360 Double tailwhips (Redbull funbox!!!) de Jay Miron, Truck driver to icebonk (funbox) de Mark Webb, Opposite Aerial 270 to icebonk sur une courbe d'un mec inconnu (c'est difficile à expliquer mais ça pète), fakie to tailwhip en remontant une courbe de Monsieur Tobias "The German beast" Wicke à la bike 2004 (c'est dans les bonus) et un nose bump to tailwhip sur un volcano à Woodward de Josh Elkington.
Pour tout ceux qui voudraient un peu se rafraîchir la mémoire à propos du riding version BRITISH et qui ne savent plus que faire de l'argent que leur apporté Papa Noël ; la Clicked 10 semble incarner un bon compromis! En effet, ayant eu l'occasion de visionner une clicked auparavant, cette dernière ne m'avait pas laissé un souvenir impérissable et je dois dire que j'étais un peu septique quand à ce dernier volet. Cependant, je tiens à vous dire que je me suis trompé et que j'ai été agréablement surpris par cette dixième édition du vidéo magazine anglais.
Au niveau du montage, il n'y a rien à dire: c'est simple et efficace, les musiques sont bien choisies et elles vous feront vite oublier les paysages froids et humides cher à l'Angleterre. Pour ce qui est du riding, y en a pour tous les goûts et à toutes les sauces. Vous découvrirez des riders dont vous n'avez probablement jamais entendu le nom comme Ronnie Surridge et sa vision très particulière des 360 ou encore James Cox qui roule sans frein avec un slambar quasiment non coupé et envoie à peu près tout ce qu'il veut ou sinon Mark Webb qui m'a tout simplement mis une grosse gifle quand à son niveau avec notamment ses sections à Woodward.
A côté de cela, on retrouve les éternels star comme Mirra, Nyquist, Miron, Baz Keep, Gary Young ou encore Tobias Wicke mais cependant dans des contests dont on n'a rarement vu les images ailleurs avec par exemple un contest Redbull où la funbox ressemble plus à du saut en hauteur qu'à une table ou la bike 2004 où Chris Mahoney a enfin rentré son Double flip. A noter également la présence dans une des séquences d'un rider que l'on a peu l'occasion d'apercevoir, j'ai nommé Javier Ortega qui défonce en park avec son style bien a lui (à voir prochainement dans le DVD Fly bikes). Ce dvd fait bien plaisir aux yeux et aux oreilles et vous permettra de vous mettre à jour (bande d'inculte) quand à l'évolution du riding chez nos tendres amis les Rosbeefs.

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: RONNIE SURRIDGE INTERVIEW 2004 (clicked 10)

www.myspace.com/clickedbmxvideo: JOSH ELKINGTON SECTION 2004 (clicked 10)