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1972 DOB: May 7, 1972.
early years Carlo: I started riding when I was about 7. I saw Eddie Kid do a show in the late seventies and he was jumping on a bmx. It was cool. I started riding a Puch 'stunter' Murray with a big bouncy saddle, then a DiamondBack, then a GT, ...
I started riding seriously in 1983, that was just riding up ramps, crap ones round here. I built the first proper ramp at the beginning of '84.

Carlo: My first contest was the first Holeshot in '84. I don't know where I came, I didn't even qualify. That was in amateur.

Carlo: My next contest was that Edenbridge thing, the Kefford thing. I got sixth and just after that contest I got sponsored by Prolite.
1985 UK King of the Skatepark
Carlo:I won King of the skateparks, then the Holeshot thing came along and I didn't qualify for that again. Just after, I changed to Skyway.
Freestyle BMX #29 september 1986.

Carlo: BMX Beat which was a tv show in England was fun. Andy Ruffell and this sort of well known presentater Gaz Top where the hosts.

Under 14s UKBFA British Freestyle Champion.

Carlo:I entered 16 contests that year and I was also doing shows in between. It seemed kinda cool riding everyday but the contests were getting tireing towards the end of the year.

Carlo: I did a lookdown for the first time in a UK contest.
carlo griggs

www.oldschoolbmxdvds.co.uk: Old School BMX Carlo Griggs from BMX BEAT International 1986 .
1987 First trip to the states in 1987.
Carlo:I went to the U.S. for an AFA contest in West Palm Beach, Florida. I couldn't wait. All what I wanted to see was Mike Dominguez, he looked so good back then, but Dennis McCoy told me about some kid called Mat Hoffman he said he was about my age. Mat was 14 and he was better than all the other vert riders at that time.

Carlo:I went to the Pipeline skatepark in California just before they bulldozed it.

2nd place 14 ans vert @ 1987 BMX Freestyle Worlds, UK.
Matt Hoffman had a hard battle with teammate (Skyway) Carlo Griggs for first place.
Carlo:The Tizer worlds were OK. Mat came over for that and nobody had seen anyone ride a ramp like him in england at that time.

Carlo: At the end of that year, I went to America again. I stayed with Mat's family and Ron Wilkerson.

8th place expert @
2-Hip KOV round 4, Washington DC, october 1987.
Foreigner of the day: Carlo Griggs. A british kid who ripped it up with the likes of high airs and one-handed rockets.
Carlo:I rode the KOV contest at Washington DC. I tore my A.C.L at this contest and spent some time off my bike.

mackymc, www.youtube.com, december 2008: This is Carlo Grigg's run at Bmx beat in 1987...

carlo griggs
Carlo Griggs stretches a no-hander over foreign soil at the 2-Hip KOV round 4.

dennyd71, www.youtube.com, december 2007: Carlo busts out on the ramps at Holeshot in London 1987.
1988 1st place expert rampe @ KOV #1 and Megafree, Paris, France, march 1988.
Carlo Griggs britannique de 14 ans à peine, Lookback, les Turndown les plus stylés de toute la compétition, Rocket air et 540°.
Carlo: I got an invite for the Bercy MegaFree contest. I was 14 and riding with my heroes. Brian Blyther was getting 12ft smooth as you can get. The ramp was great Ron Wilkerson and the guys at bicross mag did a good job. I won.

Carlo: I had a manager for riding. At this time I was sponsored by Adidas. I was doing shows in the US. I was sick of it and I just wanted to come home and ride my ramp with my friends but I needed the money so I stayed for a while...

Carlo: I came back to England to ride the worlds. I rode ok and then went back to the US.

Cover: FAT #6

Carlo leave Skyway half way through 1988.

2nd place expert rampe (Mat Hoffman 1st) @ AFA Masters round 7, Colombus, OHIO, september 1988.

Carlo: I got bored of staying in hotels and not riding so I came back and rode for myself.
carlo griggs
Megafree 1

carlo griggs fat bmx
1989 1989 BMX Freestyle Worlds.
Carlo: I went to the worlds in Paris but crashed and hit my head hard and couldn't ride.

I spent the whole summer riding my ramp it was an amazing summer.
carlo griggs

carlo griggs
Worlds 1989.
1990 Carlo: I built a 32ft wide vert ramp and rode it hard until I had to get surgery on my right elbow in the middle of the summer.
1991 Carlo: I had surgery again for a broken hand and I had to have a frame built around it. I spent 4 months off my bike.

We had a contest at vert ramp in Pagham.

Interview: BMX Now #1 winter 1991.
Carlo: We did the interview over two days on the phone, so it may have been my brother on the phone. It wouldn't surprise me, some of the things that were said in there I never even said at all, they never even came out of my mouth !
1992 Carlo: I broke my scapular and colar bone. I had a long time off this time so I thought I would also get my elbow fixed properly.
No hander on the cover and interview in Ride BMX UK #5 june july 1993.

Carlo: From 1993 to 1997, I rode at home with my friends.

Carlo Griggs is appearing on the TV show You Bet! hosted by Matthew Kelly. This episode first aired in 1993.
carlo griggs ride bmx uk 06 1993

1997 Carlo is riding for 2-Hip.
1998 Carlo: I called Stephan Prantl from We The People and asked him if I could have a bike. Staying at home was now getting boring. I had a good ramp set up but a lot of the people I rode with where working full time.
1999 Carlo: I went to the US with Stephan and hung out for a couple of weeks. I got to see Miron do a 5 whip, it was good.
2000 Carlo: I did shows and stuff and entered a contest in Europe.

Carlo: I started Proper in august 2000.
I always wanted to make a good frames and parts that I trusted riding and I thought I might as well do my own company.
2001 Carlo Griggs was seen riding vert on a FLY bike at Bike 2001. He has still got the skills and he will show them at the Lake Perris CFB in California from 10-13 May.

4th place stuntmen vert @ 2001 CFB round #2, Perris, CA, may 2001.
England, Carlo Griggs showed us that he still has it. He rode so smooth and fluent with No-handers, 540s and other variations. It was great to see him ride again.

Carlo: I was realy enjoying riding. And riding better than I had before so I thought I was going to compete again. I rolled in at one contest and pretty much just rode home. I was bored of competing just burnt on it. I came back to England hung out for a while with my friends and I was pushing myself riding. I learnt double whips and I wanted to go to the Barcelona X-Games. Ride mag had been down for a few days doing photos and Mark Noble and I just hung out. When they left I was riding with Gary Hall when I crashed doing a 540. I was over 10ft out when my front wheel cliped on the way in it threw me to the flat bottom breaking eight bones including my pelvis. I spent six weeks in hospital and it was not fun.

Interview in Ride BMX UK #54 august september 2001.
2002 Carlo: I'm riding again. Everthing is fine. I did some shows and also did the World sports awards. They had a half pipe on stage in the Grimaldi stadium in Monaco. Phil Dolan was there.
2003 England's vert legend Carlo Griggs has been hooked up with more HARO Multisurface 3 tires. "It's the only tire I can ride with" says Carlo.
Carlo Griggs / IMG distribution 2003 (clicked 09)
2004 Carlo became a daddy he had a son called Luca.
2006 Carlo Griggs will be on the 2006 Props Mega Tour.