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Sources: Cream, Ride BMX UK, Props, Carsten Conrad, Ride BMX US, Daniel Winqvist, Jason Shaffer, www.pedalbmx.com, thecomeupbmx.net, Albert Ocampo, ...
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Chris Moeller, aggrorag #10, summer 1989: Bicycle Street Riding is kind of an industry thing. The people at General started it, and then Hammer came along and they were really the ones who got it moving. They got the ball rolling. Hammer got it rolling, General started it and Fred Blood helped it out, with a lot of help from Hugo Gonzales 'cause he's in the circus. It's kind of an industry thing. They made it up. It's really fake. It sells a lot of bikes for General and Ozone.
50/50 grind From the skater lingo, grinding an obstacle (ledge, rail or lip) with pegs from the same side. More accurately called Double peg grind by bikers.
540 Flat 540 bunny hop Chad Kerley august 2004
720 The Ukrainian Alexander “Shurva” Rudenko did a 720 down a 7 set of stairs in october 2012.
backflip Treeride Backflip by Mark “The Gonz” Gonzalez in Ride US #28, 1996.

Bomb drop backflip, Dave Mirra, 2004.
bunny hop Very essential basic bike trick involving riding along and lifting both wheels of your bike off the ground pulling up on the front end of the bike and with the legs pulling the back end up.
Useful for getting on or over various objects.

Daniel Mini, Cream march 2003: Je n'aime pas trop parler de "bunny-hop" (saut de lapin), ce terme inventé par Woody Itson au début du freestyle fluo/flash/fun californien est à mon goût vraiment ridicule.

Bunnyhop decade by Daniel Tünte - august 2010.
Bob Haro drawing 1982.

Dave Vanderspek 1983.

Cream #20 march 2003

Bunnyhop- decade by Daniel Tünte august 2010.
crooked grinds Mike rooftop Escamilla was the first person to do a crooked grind in 1993 and the footage can be scene in the crdits of Dirty Deeds.
It's a double peg grind using opposing pegs, either the left front with the rear right or the right front with rear left. The bike stands over the rail in a slightly crooked position, hence the name.
curved wallride David Schilling (Smoker Dave), www.facebook.com, april 2011: In april may of 1999 issue of Ride BMX US magazine tommy pickering is firein' gonz's curved wall out in a sequence shot by losey. gonz had done the same wall previously in a ells vid.

Double wallride.
John Wold, june 2005: I saw the curved wallride trick mention and thought I'd pass one on... I called it the double wall ride "bank to elbow wall ride" and did it back in 1988 or 89. There was this crazy pyramid thing at MIT in Minneapolis and across the courtyard from it was this cool little bank to wall tucked in behind this little row of bushes. We would try to leave it for a "last thing of the night " cuz' at least one of us if not several would blow out a tube riding it. It was crazy you had to get hauling @$& then bunnyhop just a little bit to clear the top lip of this manhole like cover, then land in the grass, then another light bunnyhop onto the bank or you'd blow your tube on the edge (bricks!!!), then hit the wall and pull off. Well I had been staying on longer and as I'd come off slide into the other wall (it was at about a 15 to 39 degree angle from the main wall) thus scraping my elbow and shoulder and even the cheek a few times. so one day I think I might have said " I'm going onto the otherwall" or I just thought it and did it. I remember I did all the norm, but went faster right from the start, then as I came to the bank I went at it a little more to the right and at a little more angle. I hit the bank, pulled up for the wall and just let it ride. As I neared the point where we normally would pull off I stayed tucked into my bike and the wall and almost immediately pulled back a bit to basically do a quick tiny manual on the first wall, which let my front wheel almost smoothly transition onto the other wall. As I felt my weight pulling more back to the ground as the G-force mellowed out I pulled off and landed HARD with my front wheel landing in the grass and my back wheel barlely hitting any othe the brick on the bottom of the bank. MAN!!! I remember the looks from the other guys like " what the hell" and then we moved on.
Ruben Alcantara 1999
fakie wallride No Handed Fakie Wallrides Stefan Heilek 1988

Anthony Cico pulled a fakie wallride to tailwhip at the Baco Halloween jam in october 2005.
Smith wall ride to fakie BMX Now 1992
feeble Opposite feeble, Albert Ocampo, early 1988.
Albert Ocampo, april 2012: As far as I know, this is the first published photo of a grind on a bmx bike (summer 88, homeboy magazine which was shot probably 3 or 4 months earlier), predating the story of craig Campbell and Steve swope talking about sliding peg stalls in 1989.
Albert Ocampo : One of the most fun days I had growing up was going on this all-day street photo shoot for the summer 1988 issue of Homeboy Magazine. ,All my heroes from the time were there that day, and we drove all over southern california hitting spot after spot. i got to ride in R.L's duallie, which was like the highlight of my life at that point and got to ride with Spike Jonze, Chris Day, R.L., Craig Campbell, Marc McKee, Brian Blyther (who was driving a lowered gti and was doing 50-50s on curbs), Craig Grasso, and my friends Ryuji Hora and Nathan Shimizu. To top it off, I got a picture in the magazine (shot by Windy Osborn). I mean really, that was like my best day riding ever. I was also pretty excited when the magazine came out because I hadn't seen anybody else doing peg grinds yet—I remembered that day being the only person grinding while everybody else was footplanting or jumping off it or whatever.
Albert Ocampo early 1988.
flair Leigh also has landed a flair off a tree as of 2004.


Todd Lyons 1991.

Alistair Whitton 2002.
handrail Mat Hoffman 1989.
In 1990, 18-year-old Mat Hoffman blew the collective BMX mind by sliding a a double peg grind down a San Diego rail. At the time, handrails were being done by skateboarders, but Mat was the first to translate the handrail grind to BMX bikes.

Brian Tunney, www.expn.com, november 2009: Under the direction of Parrick and Shepherd, Homeless created two videos which would go on to become legendary in the realm of BMX videos: Highway To Hell, released in 1992, and Trash, released one year later and described as "A film based loosely on the handrail." Both broke new entirely new ground on the riding of the era, and I honestly don't have enough words in my vocabulary to explain why they are so integral to the progression of BMX riding. Mat Hoffman may have been the first rider to figure out how to grind a handrail, but it was the Homeless crew that opened up BMX's collective eyes to the possibility of what could be done on a handrail; something that is still being explored almost twenty years later.

Manual to handrail by Jay Miron, june 1993.

180° to fakie handrail, Ian Morris, 1993.
Autumn 1994, Standard's renowned flatlander Bobby Fisher is now pulling 180 hop to backwards peg-grind down an 8 steeper handrail on regular basis.
Matt Hoffman 1990.

Ian Morris 1992

Ride BMX US august 2000.
icepick Rich Hansen was doing them before Mat Hoffman invented them on vert.

Rick Moliterno is doing back peg grinds (icepick) down handrails 7 stairs long.

Danny Hickerson has done ice pick grinds up a rail to tailwhip out in 2004.

Big Daddy did a tailwhip to icepick and Brian Kachinsky a 180 to backward icepick down a rail at the Woodward Mongoose jam in 2012.
Laurent Bizet 1999
manual to 180 Adam Grandmaison, thecomeupbmx.net, march 2009: I think Brian Castillo invented the manual 180 in the 90’s but it remained untouched by all but a few for many years. Then trend setters like Brian Wizmerski and Oliver Leonard took it under their wings and began to do the trick out of almost anything. Often not even off a curb or into a wedge. Kids noticed, and kids will be kids, so the kids copied it. Pretty soon kids realized that the manual 180 wasn’t really that hard at all. And it got over-done. Really bad. Along the way a lot of really technical, amazing stuff happened that included the trick (Chase Hawk doing 360 nosebonk to manual 180’s over spines stands out in my mind). But like most tricks that get really big really fast, it quickly faded away. I recall a Ride BMX article on their website in which Chris Doyle said that he hated seeing manual to nowhere 180’s (or was it Taj? Or Aitken? It’s a distant memory) and it seemed like that really turned people off to the trick. Nowadays manual 180s are still really common, but their inbred “to nowhere” step child is rarely seen.
nose wheelie Josh "sponge" Diehl did X-up nose manual in 2012.
pedal grinds Jean Somsois 1989
pipe Eddie Fiola 1986.
really wallride 180 air onto a wall, landing on the wall facing the transition.

Invented by Ruben Alcantara in 2000.

At the 2004 worlds in Cologne, Gary Young did a downside whip to really wallride.
Ruben X-Games 2000.

Gary Young 2004.
rodeo grind Rodeo Grind invented circa 2000 by Ruben Alcantara. Ruben started in a feeble, then threw the bike sideways on a ledge and rode it out
smith grind A Smith grind is where your front peg is grinding and your rear tire is on the object you're grinding.

Leigh Ramsdell has done a backflip landing in a smith grind on a funbox.
tailwhip Bill Nitschke invented the bunny hop tailwhip in 1990, the whooper.

Danny Hickerson has done bunnyhop opposite tailwhips.

Dima MON Osokin did an hand-five to tailwhip, may 28th, 2011. cf. whooper.
Andrew Faris 2000.
tailwhip foot plant Vic Murphy 1988. One handed in Go august 1990
toothpick grind Rick Moliterno is doing front peg grinds (toothpick) down hanrails 7 stairs long.
uprail Ben Snowden Up-Rail to Frontflip at Woodward, april 2008.
www.vitalbmx.com, april 2008: Everyone's into doing up-rails these days, but Ben Snowden just did one that's flat out nuts.

Sean Sexton, Uprail toothpick hangover to 360 out, september 2009.
wall ride 1985: Hugo Gonzales pulls a fence spring at Upland...the first wallride?

Flat bunny hop to wallride by Nick Phillip in BMX Action 1985.
Hugo Gonzales 1985.

Pete Kearney 1989.

Ryan Lloyd 2012.
wall nosepick Ron Kimler ? Rob Ridge using his front brake on the cover of BMX Rider february 2004
wall ride to 540 Wallride to 540 out by Craig Campbell in 1989. Craig Campbell 1989.
wall ride to bikeflip Morgan Wade pulled a wallride to bikeflip in 2005.
wall ride to flair Wallride to flair Chad Kagy attempt 2002.
Flair to wallride by Matt Beringer in 2002
Dave Mirra was pulling them in 2003.
wall tap Walltap by Marcus Dheirten in 1992. Niels Thanild 2001.