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clint millar super bmx 01 1986 january 1986
Clint Millar on the cover.
Freestyle at the beach: AFA contest.
The twelve who pioneered BMX.
Haro's Sport test.
Clint Miller interview.
Freestyle rockin' at Rockville.
eddie fiola super bmx 02 1986 february 1986
Eddie Fiola on the cover.
1986 Kuwahara Scamp, Test
ABA FallNationals, Lake Elsinore,CA
1985 USBA GrandNationals, Dallas,TX.
Interview: Greg Hill
Special: Shreddin' at the Pipeline
...and much more!
pistol pete super bmx 03 1986 march 1986
Pistol Pete Loncarevich on the cover. Photo by Steve Giberson.
1986 Profile Prostyler test.
1985 ABA GrandNationals, OK City, OK.
Interview: Mike Dominguez.
How-to's: Flip Dismount, Boomerang, and more.
Special: BMX Champions, R.Anderson/C.Elliot.
04 1986 april 1986 (scanned by Christophe P. and shared by Simon 1101 - download)
Hutch's Woody Itson on the steps of the Treasury Building in Washington on the cover. Photo by Steve Giberson.
The filming of the movie Rad.
AFA's East coast freestyle finale.
Pros of the future.
Christmas with the NBL in Columbus,Ohio.
Haro's group oone RS3 test.
NFA : The Grandnational for freestylers in Maryland.
Martin Aparijo interview.
may 1986
Eric Carter (and Chris Lashua ?) on the cover,
Hutch's Super National
Eddie Roman Pictorial
70 Years of Bicycle Excellence: Kuwahara,
Dyno's Dynamic Duo
Tunes for your Bike
NBL's Bakersfield War
Styling on the ST ' Styler
super bmx 06 1986 june 1986
Woody Itson interview.
Mongoose's Californian.
1986 World Championship, a look ahead.
Gary Turner and his company.
super bmx 07 1986 july 1986
Jam at the 'Drome.
1986 summer buyers guide.
Taking it to the street: Freestyle teams summer tours.
NBL's Memphis classic.
BMX on the island.
Ground flying on the Cal Flyer: CW bike test.
Fifth annual racetrack directory.
Florida's easter tradition.
greg hill super bmx 08 1986 august 1986
Greg Hill on the cover,
1986 Profile Magnatanium Mini II, Test
AFA Masters, Tulsa,OK
NBL War of the Stars, Pittsburgh,PA
Interview: Stu Thompsen
Special: The Mongoose Factory Crew
Trick riders explode in Oklahoma,
...and much more!
september 1986
josh white super bmx 10 1986 october 1986
Josh White on the cover.
History of Hutch; how Rich Hutchins started the business, factory and warehouse shots and the Hutch Trickstar.
Kuwahara bravo test and spec.
Garry Ellis interview.
Racing Dixieland Murray world cup.
dany millwee super bmx 11 1986 november 1986
Danny Millwee on the cover.
Martin Aparijo test out the GT Pro Performer.
ABA Silver Dollar National, Reno, NeVada.
NBL War of the Stars, Pittsburgh,PA.
Interview: Shelby James.
Special: Skyway, How the mags are made ? Going into the factory.
Josh White and Pro talk with Ron Anderson,Tommy Brackens,and Pete Loncarevich.
tommy brackens super bmx 12 1986 december 1986
Tommy Brackens on the cover. NBL Grand National #9, Canada's world fair for freestylers, interview with Tommy Brackens the new world champion, Kuwahara Nova Titlist test, Hugo Gonzalez the world ramp champ, ABA Great Northwest national in Sumner Washington, Woody Itson tests the Hutch Exel bike, Choosing your mag wheels, Talk with 12 stars Clint Miller, Eddie Fiola, Pete Loncarevich, Woody Itson, Eric Carter, Eric Rupe, Ceppie Maes, Greg Hill, Mike Dominguez, Josh White, Danny Millwee, and Tommy Brackens, The World Championships, Why didn't Eddie Fiola win the freestyle world championship ?