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BMX Action june 1987: In 1981, Bob Morales met up with a rider by the name of Eddie Fiola, started up the ASPA (Amateur Skatepark Association) and began putting on a "King Of the Skateparks" series. Of course, for those who think you know the ending of this story, the ASPA eventually changed to the AFA. bob morales
Bob Morales, 1984.
AFA stands for American Freestyle Association.
Bicross magazine, juillet 1987: Le Freestyle Masters National de l'American Freestyle Association se déroule sur cinq épreuves et une finale. Chaque contest rassemble environ une cinquantaine de participants au sol et vingt à trente pour les rampes. Certains d'entre eux disputent les deux spécialités et concourent pour l'overall. C'est le classement du meilleur freestyler tant au sol qu'à la rampe. Il est réservé une journée par discipline. L'épreuve du sol se déroule en général la pmmière journée, les rampes le len.demain. Les catégories sont les suivantes, les experts 13 ans et moins, les 14-15 ans, 16-18 ans, 19 ans et plus et enfin les pros. Les pros n'ont droit qu'à une prestation. Elle dure quatre minutes pour l'épreuve au sol, trois minutes à la rampe. Aucun droit à l'erreur sinon c'est la catastrophe. Aucun repêchage possible. Cinq juges ont la responsabilité de noter la valeur des participants. Un contest de l'AFA est une authentique épreuve, avec le côté répétitif qu'implique un grand nombre de participants. C'est aussi pour tous les freestylers une occasion de se retrouver, de s'étalonner. La cotation et la compétence des juges, ne sont ni discutées ni remises en cause. Elles font autorité.
Parallèlement à ce championnat, se déroulaient des contests dans les skateparks: Upland et Del Mar, à l'issue desquels était décerné le titre de King of Skatepark. Dans les bowls des skatepark, les freestylers réalisaient des figures autrement spectaculaires qu'entre un banks et une small ramp. La fermeture de ces spots a laissé un vide dans une discipline en plein essor. Pour compléter ce que fait l'AFA, Ron Wilkerson organise les KOV sur d'authentiques Half-pipes.
Bob Morales and promoter Renny Roker put on the 1983 World Amateur Championships at the Burbank Equestrian Center in Burbank, California. The contest was held in conjunction with the last of the Jag World Championships of BMX.
In 1984, the American Freestyle Association (AFA) was formed and it held two major flatland and ramp events in California.
Executive Director: Bob Morales
Competition Director/Media: Don Hoffman
Secretary/Treasurer: Susy Q
AFA Summer Freestyle Championships, Venice Beach, CA, june 24th, 1984.
BMX Plus! october 1984: The contest was clearly a success end a major step forward for BMX freestyle. The number of riders and spectators indicated that a freestyle contest could attract enough public interest to justify the work involved in putting it on. Freestyle BMX may have a long way to go to even begin to approach the popularity of BMX racing, if, indeed, it ever will, but one thing is clear: with this event BMX freestyle competition moved forward one very big step.
Ron Wilkerson: When the first real contest happened in Venice Beach, most of the pros were there except for the ones who were on tour or injured. Venice was the first contest where I was competing in my area of expertise. I was so stoked! For so long we'd had to compete in other people's territories like skateparks just to get noticed. At Venice a lot of people thought I should have beaten Eddie. But I was just stoked that I came in second and got recognition.
Report, results, pic.
A full-fledged series developed in 1985 and a December final in Manchester, New Hampshire became the AFA's first truly national event.
AFA Masters round 1, San Diego, CA, January 26, 1985.
Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther, Hugo Gonzales, Dave Vanderspek, and Dennis Langlais were the only pros to compete in San Diego, although most of the pros were present.
Ron Wilkerson: Most of the pros were there, but they weren't competing. It was terrible for me as a competitor because they were all sittin' there watching me and it made me really nervous. I didn't do half as well as I would have if I'd been riding AGAINST them. It was good though, because there were people there and the guys competing were in the spotlight. Those guys were just sittin' back goin', 'Man, I should be out there.' In practice they'd get out and do a couple of airs or ride, just so that people would see them, then they'd get kicked off the competition area. It was bogus; you could tell they really wanted to compete. I also think it's important to our sponsors that we compete to get coverage and to be seen."
Freestylin' july 1985: Brian Blyther joined the pro ranks and won the pro ramp division at the first AFA Freestyle Masters Series competition in San Diego in January beating the likes of Wilkerson, Gonzales, Vanderspek and Dennis Langlais.
AFA Masters round 2, Pleaston, California, March 30-31, 1985.
Super BMX and Freestyle, july 1985: AFA hosted and GT/Dyno sponsored, this second Freestyle Masters Series contest held in th Northern California community of Pleaston. At this event Brian Scura proved he's not too old; Brian Blyther grabbed the gusto and walked away shaken but unharmed and Ron Wilkerson's error free ramp routine proved decisive.
Report, results, pics.
AFA Masters round 3, Venice Beach, CA, June 22-23, 1985.
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bmx plus 10 1985
Freestyle's heavy-metal maniac John "dizz" Hicks grabs mega-air at the Venice Beach Freestyle Masters on the cover of BMX Plus! october 1985.
AFA Masters, round 4, Huntington Beach, California, August 31-September 1, 1985.
Report, pics (4), results.
AFA Masters finals, Manchester, New Hampshire became the AFA's first truly national event, December 29-30, 1985.
Report, pic, results.
RAMPS: 1.Ron Wilkerson
FLATLAND: 1.Ron Wilkerson
OVERALL: 1.Ron Wilkerson
The AFA introduces the Masters Series, a nation wide contest schedule that will remain solid until early '89.
www.bmxtrix.com: The American Freestyle Association (AFA) was the sanctioning body for freestyle events both at the local level and the national level. The contests only had vert and flatland. The AFA required helmets for all classes including flatland. National events, the AFA Masters would draw hundreds of riders out. The AFA would have beginner, intermediate, expert, and pro levels broken into 4 age groups.13 and under, 14-15, 16-18, and 19 or older. One event had upwards of 120 entrants in the 16-18 expert flatland class. Flatland was HUGE. The best riders were expected to compete in both flatland and vert. Dennis McCoy was best known for his ability as a flatland rider.
AFA Masters round 1, march 22-23, 1986, in California at the Velodrome.
McCoy took on every top pro there is to capture the overall win in the pro class.
Report, pics.
AFA Masters round 2, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1986.
Report, results, pics.
AFA Masters round 3, may 24-25, Columbus, Ohio.
Report, results, pics.
AFA Masters round 4, New York, September 27 and 28, 1986.
Report, results ...
This contest was reported as the largest contest ever with over 300 entries.
AFA Masters round 5, National Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama, november 1986.
AFA Masters finals, Compton (Velodrome), CA.
Report, results, pic, video.
RAMPE: 1.Mike Dominguez 2.Eddie Fiola 3.Brian Blyther 4.Todd Anderson 5.Dennis McCoy
FLATLAND: 1.Dennis McCoy 2.R.L. Osborn 3.Martin Aparijo 4.Woody Itson 5.Rick Alison
OVERALL: 1.Dennis McCoy 2.Eddie Fiola 3.Ron Wilkerson 4.Rich Sigur 5.Ron Wilton
www.bmxtrix.com: A new rider was making headlines on the amateur scene at the AFA Masters events: A kid riding for Skyway by the name of Matt Hoffman. There was another rider that was dominating both the air and the ground in the pro class at most of the Masters events: A brand new pro by the name of Dennis McCoy.
AFA Masters round 1, february 1, 1987, West Palm Beach, Florida.
Report, results.
AFA Masters round 2, march 28-29, Oregon.
Report, pic (1), results.
Masters round 3, may 2-3, Austin, Texas
Report, pics (3), results.
AFA Masters round 4, sptember 5-6, Colombus, Ohio.
Report, pic (1), results.

Dave Mirra: My first competition was in Ohio in 1987, it was the AFA Masters Series. Back then I was sponsored by Haro and it was a flow deal, they gave me a few bikes and some parts and would pay for my food and lodging at the contests if I got there. For a 13-year-old that was awesome.
AFA Masters round 5, october 3-4, Wayne, New Jersey.
Report, reportage, pics (4), results ...
AFA Masters Finals at the Velodrome, CA., november 22, 1987.
This year's Masters finals had a record $12,500 pro purse.
Report, pics, video, results.

Pro ramps: 1-Mike Dominguez (DB)
19 and over expert ramps: 1-Dave Voelker (Dyno)
16-18 expert ramps 1.Gary Pollack (CW)
14-15 expert ramps: 1-Matt Hoffman (Skyway)
13 and under expert ramps: 1-Eric Evans(CW)

Pro flatland: 1-Martin Aparijo (GT)
19 and over expert flatland: 1-Rick Moliterno (Haro)
16-18 expert flatland: 1.Joe Gruttola (Haro)
14-15 expert flatland: 1-Park Carter (Mongoose)
13 and under expert flatland:1-Eric Evans(CW)

Pro overall: 1-Dennis McCoy (Haro)
19 and over expert overall: 1-Rick Moliterno (Haro)
16-18 expert overall:1-Gary Pollack (CW)
14-15 expert overall: 1-Matt Hoffman (Skyway)
13 and under expert overall: 1-Eric Evans (CW)
Bicross magazine: Tandis que l'ABA se lance dans l'organisation d'un championnat et que le KOV entame son heure de gloire, l'AFA apporte des modifications à son championnat qui passe de 5 épreuves en 1987 à 8 en 1988. Les catégories Expert voient leur nombre passer de 4 à 7: 13 ans et moins, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, et 19 et plus.
Autre changement, les catégories Expert qui sont dotées de finales. Auparavant, les contests A F A reposaient sur un run par styler, au terme duquel les classements du jour étaient établis. Cette année, le concours A.F.A comporte un run qualificatif, qui aboutit a une finale pour les cinq premiers de chaque catégorie Le run qualificatif détermine néanmoins le classement a partir du sixième.
Les Pros, eux, n'ont pas droit au changement et, comme par le passe leur sort se décide sur une manche qui cloture le contest, au sol le samedi soir, en rampe le dimanche soir Le même week-end.
AFA Masters round 1, Palmetto, Florida, january 9-10, 1988.
Reportage, results.
AFA Masters round 2, Oregon, march 19-20, 1988.
Report, results.
AFA Masters round 3, Tucson, Arizona.
Report, results, pics.
AFA Masters round 4, Austin, Texas.
Report, results, videos.
AFA Masters round 5, Wayne, New Jersey, 27-28 août.
Results, report, pic, videos.
AFA Masters round 6 Colombus, Ohio, september 24-25, 1988.
Report, pics, results, videos.
AFA Masters round 7 Carson California.
BMX Plus! november 1988: The American Freestyle Association has moved to Reynoldsburg, Ohio, just outside of Colombus, and Randy Loop has taken over as president. AFA founder Bob Morales still owns the organization, but Randy will be running it for him. Krys Dauchy has taken on the job of AFA secretary.
AFA Masters round 8 and finals, november 12-13, 1988, Wichita, KS.
Report, results, memories, pics, videos.
Greg Neal, Freestylin' #52: It wasn't too long ago that one institution, the AFA, had us driving, flying and burrowing accros state and county lines just to competewith 127 other guys (and girls) in one age group. But slowly, class registrations have halved and halved again, and following an ill-fated turnout at the Wichita finals last november, the AFA was forced to a temporary halt. 1989 was an iffy situation ...
After changes in the "front office", the AFA decided to rebuild and hold a flatland Masters Series after all, with an optional ramp Masters, depending on the site. (...)

Pro ramps: 1.
18 and over expert ramps: 1.
17 expert ramps 1.Jeremy Alder
16 expert ramps 1.
14-15 expert ramps: 1.
13 and under expert ramps: 1.

Pro flatland: 1.
19 and over expert flatland: 1.
16-18 expert flatland: 1.
14-15 expert flatland: 1.
13 and under expert flatland:1.

Pro overall: 1.
18 and over expert overall: 1.
17 expert overall: 1.Jeremy Alder
14-15 expert overall: 1.
13 and under expert overall: 1.
The AFA became flatland-only after losing its assurance policy to run ramp events.

Josh Marsele, www.vintagebmx.com: The only Pro to return for the '89 AFA season was DMC... the rest were all the 2nd generation of Pros, who busted their butts to progress themselves, Meng, Mervar, Brandt, Neuman, Castillo,... The ones only looking for coverage and sponsorships were no longer there.

www.bmxtrix.com: The AFA became a WAS instead of an IS as it held its last national series of contests.
AFA Masters round 1, 13-14th may 1989, Austin, Texas.
Report, pic (1).
AFA Masters round 2, Bristol, PA. june 1989
Dennis McCoy got first, Kevin Jones got second and Bill Neuman got third. The crowd thought Kevin should have won it hands down. I thought it was really close...but considering Kevin unveiled the hitchhiker and backpacker for the first time during his run and pulled them both.
Report, results.
AFA Masters round 3, Boise, Idaho.
AFA Masters round 4, St. Paul Armory in St. Paul, Minnesota..
AFA Masters round 5, Tarpon Spring, Florida.
Report, results.
AFA Masters finals, Los Angeles, California
Report, pics (2), full results.
1989 AFA Masters final results (flatland only):
Pro standings: 1.Danny Meng 2.Perry Mervar 3.Jeff Rugg 4.Bill Neuman 5.Dennis McCoy 6.Eric Emerson 7.Ruben Castillo 8.Kevin Jones
Masters standings: 1.Bill Nitschke 2.Craig LePage 3.Jay Jones 4.Pete Kearney 5.Danny Regenye
18 and over expert standings: 1.Jim Johnson 2.Bill Nitschke 3.Steve Mulder 4.D. Johnson 5.George Smoot
16-17 expert standings: 1.Josh Marsele 2.Brett Foster 3.Craig LePage 4.F. Arnwine 5.Trevor Meyer
14-15 expert standings: 1.James West 2.Jason Hugues 3.Josh Williams 4.Rene Moreno 5.Brian Miller
13 and under expert standings: 1.Matt Smith 2.Brent Clawson 3.R. Moreno 4.H. Tamashiro 5.Tom Haugen
GO #8 june 1990: The AFA is currently "in limbo" and rumors are flying about its fate. We've tried to get word on what's going on, but their phone has been disconnected...